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July 2024 Archive

    1. With Shadow of the Erdtree, Elden Ring is a classic and I hope they never make another one
    2. Zelda might be the star of the show in Echoes of Wisdom, but it turns out Link will be playable after all
    3. The dev behind mobile classics Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride is back with... an eldritch horror roguelike about exploring deepsea caves?
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 sequel's director only had one thought on his mind right before he was asked to helm it: "Am I getting fired?"
    5. Coin Master Free Spins
    6. Free Monopoly Go Dice Links
    7. Looking for a game that will make you feel really old? The OG Karate Kid movies are getting a side-scrolling beat-'em-up later this year
    8. Gym League codes
    9. Hunter Era codes
    10. Jujutsu Shenanigans codes
    11. Blade Ball codes
    12. Type Soul codes
    13. Larian explains how that particular Baldur's Gate 3 scene involving quite a raunchy bear came to be
    14. Nobody is very happy with The First Descendant, but it's still managed to hit 10 million players in a week
    15. The Phasmophobia hype might have died down, but if you never gave it a shot, you might want to pick it up before the price goes up
    16. Did you forget a Driver TV show was in the works? Me too, but it doesn't matter because it's been cancelled
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    3. Pokemon Go Promo Codes
    1. Still yearning for Bloodborne on PC? You're obviously out of luck for now, but you can help build a huge Elden Ring mod inspired by it
    2. Shadow of the Erdtree finally lifted the veil on one of Elden Ring’s biggest mysteries, and it’s properly mind-blowing
    3. Ro Ghoul codes
    4. Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo list: What are the best Bangboos for your teams?
    5. How to get Iron Ore in Once Human
    6. How to get Tin Ore in Once Human
    7. Tencent is coming for all your favourite FPS games, but the publisher's obsession with mobile will ruin every last one of them
    8. Once Human High Banks code
    9. How to get a motorcycle in Once Human
    10. Once Human PvP and PvE explained
    11. Captain America: Brave New World gets its first trailer, featuring a Red Hulk and moustache free Harrison Ford
    12. Once Human devs pledge to bring account-wide cosmetics by August, address seasonal reset concerns
    13. EAFC 24 Cheap 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89-rated players for SBCs
    14. The First Descendant devs respond to allegations they copied a bunch of Destiny 2 icons
    15. Helldivers 2's latest Major Order is finally letting its armchair General Brasches see if their battle plans would make Sun Tzu facepalm
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    17. Demon Blade codes
    18. Egg Empire codes
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    20. There's now an Elden Ring mod that swaps Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss for Hidetaka Miyazaki riding Patches, because why not
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    22. Pixel Heroes codes
    23. Loomian Legacy Codes
    24. Genshin Impact codes
    25. The First Descendant's first patch is here to end the Immunity Sphere dance - and don't worry about your broken builds
    1. Once Human players are saying no to violence, choosing to build beautiful homes instead
    2. Honkai Star Rail codes
    3. How to change worlds in Once Human
    4. Best Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Build
    5. Monopoly Go events and tournaments taking place today
    6. Monopoly Go Vacation Voyage rewards
    7. Kevin Costner's Horizon: Chapter 1 has flopped so bad that Chapter 2's theatrical release is now a question mark
    8. How to avoid the Xbox Game Pass price hike
    9. Once Human controller support explained
    10. Did you dare to go offline and live in the real world last night? Sucks to be you as you probably missed an entire Helldivers 2 Major Order
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    12. Locked codes
    13. Clover Retribution codes
    14. If The Acolyte gets more seasons, Darth Plagueis and Sidious might be part of the larger story
    15. Dragon Age: The Veilguard does contain some nudity, but Bioware's staying purposefully mum about manhoods
    16. Deadpool & Wolverine's two leads and director aren't denying the characters will be back for an Avengers movie
    17. Elden Ring's Igon actor says the role was a bit like doing Shakespeare, even if he had no idea what he was banging on about at first
    18. The Boys ending with a movie? Some cast members want it, but I'm ready to be done with this adaptation
    19. Zenless Zone Zero codes
    1. NBA 2K25 gets a release date, and it'll see NBA and WNBA players share a cover for the first time in series history
    2. 2022's best dystopian workplace drama finally gets a season 2 release date, but I don't know if I can wait for it
    3. All Bell Bearing Locations in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    4. How to beat Romina, Saint of the Bud in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    5. Where to find Verdigris Discus in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    6. Best Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku Build
    7. When is the next Monopoly Go Partner Event?
    8. Are the new Xbox Game Pass tiers actually confusing? We investigate
    9. "We all dream of being able to one day make a Star Wars game" How Ubisoft locked down the Star Wars license for Star Wars Outlaws
    10. Nintendo wants to know who Emio is, and we're assuming until it's stated otherwise that they're just Mario's strangest villain yet
    11. Arsenal codes
    12. Hold the phone, Valve has created a fighting game for its DOTA 2 battlepass
    13. Fallout: London devs confirm the massive mod will need to downgrade your copy of Fallout 4, as the game's next-gen update "isn't stable enough"
    14. The stop-motion studio behind Coraline and producers of Into the Spider-Verse are... making a live-action film together?
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    16. Honor of Kings codes
    17. Re: XL codes
    18. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Moore quest guide
    19. Anime Heroes Simulator codes
    20. Spider-Man Noir looks to new girls and banshees in its first round of casting
    21. Is Once Human the next Steam survival hit? Close to 100k players suggests it might be
    22. New survival game Once Human's EULA says it might ask for your government ID, and you can guess how well that went
    23. Solo Leveling: Arise codes
    24. Project Baki 3 codes
    25. Helldivers 2's latest hotfix aims to free those trapped in infinite drop-in jail, as Arrowhead teases info on next warbond is coming "soonish"
    26. A Universal Time codes
    27. Sakura Stand codes
    28. Bikini Bottom needs saving once more, but the first trailer for The Sandy Cheeks Movie shows SpongeBob isn't the hero this time
    29. Palworld developer announces it's teaming up with Sony Music for exclusive merch, so here's hoping for a Lamball-fronted rap album
    30. Eddie Murphy wasn't lying: Shrek 5 is real, and it's even locked in its cast and a release date
    31. Black Clover M codes and how to redeem them
    32. Zenless Zone Zero Nicole builds
    33. Zenless Zone Zero Billy builds
    34. Xbox Game Pass is getting more expensive, as are day-one games for subscribers
    1. Everything we know about 2XKO (Project L) the Riot Games fighting game, and all character reveals
    2. You really don't want to miss out on this bloody, funny samurai anime from the creator of Assassination Classroom
    3. How to play Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer with friends
    4. Goodbye superhero movies, hello again westerns: Clint Eastwood classic A Fistful of Dollars is getting a remake
    5. How to claim all 180 free pulls in Zenless Zone Zero Version 1.0
    6. Zenless Zone Zero voice cast: Who are the voice actors in the English dub?
    7. 2XKO gets a new fighter with Braum, a hard-hitting defensive powerhouse
    8. Command & Conquer is back, and it makes me want to scratch my eyes out
    9. Buff and bloody men, Rome at war, and unfair stakes: Gladiator 2's first trailer has it all
    10. Monopoly Go Riviera Riches rewards
    11. Selling boss summoning items in Diablo 4 now makes more sense, and figuring out Tempered affixes categories is less confusing
    12. Zenless Zone Zero soars past $20 million in mobile revenue less than a week since its launch
    13. Best Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Build
    14. What's the best game you were happy to see the back of?
    15. Where to find Wing Stance in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    16. Where to find the Fire Knight’s Greatsword in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    17. How to get the Falx in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    18. What's next for Elden Ring's composer? A highly anticipated anime about making magic through art
    19. Don't worry, even Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead's CEO has joined the campaign against patching out its lifesaving mid-air salutes
    20. Zenless Zone Zero's first post-release character has been revealed, so start saving those master tapes
    21. Crunchyroll picks up more seasons of all your anime faves like Fire Force, Dr Stone, Apothecary Diaries and more
    22. Skibi Defense codes
    23. RAID Shadow Legends codes
    24. Dead by Daylight Mobile codes
    25. Apex Legends is set to to double its battle passes per season, and make them only available for real money - naturally, players are fuming
    26. As the manga approaches its end, My Hero Academia: You're Next finally locks in a US release date
    27. Demon Piece and Fruit Seas codes
    28. When is the next Golden Blitz event in Monopoly Go?
    29. Wahey, Elden Ring's DLC has now been beaten on dance pad, following a seven hour long boogie-off with its big final boss
    30. Agatha All Along hopes to bewitch you into forgetting how long ago WandaVision came out in its first trailer
    1. Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster is resurrecting the original game’s beloved licensed music tracks
    2. Helldivers 2 players have finally found an in-game quirk they don't want Arrowhead to patch out - lifesaving mid-air salutes and hugs
    3. Cities: Skylines 2 still isn't faring all that well, as its console ports get indefinitely delayed
    4. Move over GTA Online, Cyberpunk 2077 has an in-development multiplayer mod that proves its worth with a 20-player Night City
    5. Subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online? Never got round to Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope? Aren't you lucky, because it's free to play this week
    6. Black Myth WuKong may not be a Soulslike, but there are still plenty of ‘Miyazaki moments’, don’t worry
    7. How to transform the Stone-Sheathed Sword in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    8. How to get inside the Ruins of Unte in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    9. Elden Ring fan-made anime - fanime if you will - gets a teaser trailer featuring plenty of bosses we know and love
    10. Love Zenless Zone Zero? Get creative and prove it to the developer, and you could stand to win $3000 in cash
    11. Where to find Impenetrable Thorns in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    12. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Best Bloodfiend’s Arm Build
    13. Where to find Bloodfiend’s Arm in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    14. Reaper 2 codes
    15. How to wish in Zenless Zone Zero
    16. The Zenless Zone Zero community is working hard to make Devil May Cry style combos work
    17. Forget Kingdom Hearts 4, Disney’s new 2D pixel art RPG will hopefully fill the Mickey-shaped hole in your heart (even if it is with gacha)
    18. Ultra UnFair codes
    19. Baldur's Gate 3 developers commemorate "lift-off" on what's next by revisiting the same dungeon they cleared during that RPG's final push
    20. Monster Ghoul codes
    21. Bladers Rebirth codes
    22. Weapon Fighting Simulator codes
    23. Ultimate Tower Defense codes
    24. Anime Fighters Simulator codes
    25. Arm Wrestle Simulator codes
    26. Bloodborne on PC gets a step closer, but not from PlayStation
    27. Huge new Witcher 3 mod lets you take on the Wild Hunt as a customisable witcher, witcheress, or sorceress - complete with spellcasting
    28. Project Mugetsu codes
    29. Block Mayhem codes
    30. Ultimate Football codes
    31. Anime Crossover Defense codes
    32. One Fruit Simulator codes
    33. Drive World codes
    34. Card RNG codes
    35. Pet Catchers codes
    36. Tapping Legends Final codes
    37. Dragon Soul codes
    38. Admin RNG codes
    39. Anime Champions Simulator codes
    40. The First Descendant may have copied a lot of Warframe’s systems, but now the community is accusing the developer of lifting barely-altered Destiny 2 icons, too
    41. Stardew Valley's Baldur's Gate 3 mod team hopes to let you romance pixelated Astarion later this year - in a seasonal outfit, too
    42. Disney Dreamlight Valley codes
    43. Whiteout Survival codes
    44. Attack on Titan Revolution codes
    1. Manor Lords publisher doesn't think devs should be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks" just to regularly update a game
    2. Sorry, the creators of LA Noire aren't working on a new game after all
    3. Bleach Rebirth of Souls is a new arena fighter based on the classic anime, proving the genre isn't dead yet
    4. You might have hated it in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but Pokemon Go has teased a much-disliked feature for its 8th anniversary
    5. Mihoyo has another hit on its hands, as Zenless Zone Zero hits 50 million downloads not even a week into its release
    6. Fallout: London still doesn't have a release date, but the mod team promises "the end is in sight"
    7. What's next for Final Fantasy 14? A mobile port from Tencent, if a new report is to be believed
    8. A year after it was released, Exoprimal updates are coming to an end
    1. Hypercharge: Unboxed is the relaxed shooter I'd have put hundreds of hours into back in the early 2000s
    1. The best Zenless Zone Zero Anby builds
    2. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Walkthrough
    3. Peroxide codes
    4. ER Shadow of the Erdtree Ancient Ruins of Rauh Walkthrough
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    6. Midnight Racing Tokyo codes
    7. Untitled Attack on Titan codes
    8. The Acolyte shows the limits of TV in the streaming era
    9. Jujutsu Chronicles codes
    10. Motorcycle Mayhem codes
    11. Zenless Zone Zero: How to claim free characters
    12. “It lets us really lean into the things that we excel at” - Avowed’s developers on choice, consequence, Game Pass, and those early Skyrim comparisons
    13. Rival gacha game sends in-game mail on Zenless Zone Zero release day that subtly takes shots at HoyoVerse’s similar character designs
    14. Dead by Daylight codes
    15. Witcher 3 modder resurrects the boat races CD Projekt cut from the base game, just in case you want to give Roach a break
    16. Tower Defense X codes
    17. Summoners War Chronicles codes
    18. Legend of Mushroom codes
    19. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree’s mute final boss appears to have cut dialogue that’d have seen it break its eerie silence
    20. Oh good, the Diablo 4 boss with the worst timing has a new variant
    21. Helldivers 2 players might be getting some fresh weaponry from the first game soon, cue a bunch of memes about anti-tank mines
    22. Stop what you're doing, a speedrunning dog just won a game of NES baseball by slamming a walk-off home run at SGDQ 2024
    1. Anime Quest codes
    2. Anime Realms Simulator
    3. Moto Trackday Project codes
    4. The best Elden Ring DLC Spirit Ash summons
    5. Cate Blanchett has a very reasonable explanation for why she's in the Borderlands movie
    6. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League might be a dead game walking, but you're still getting more content
    7. The Acolyte's mystery oceanic planet isn't a connection to The Last Jedi, but there's a better alternative
    8. The Horizon Zero Dawn series we'd completely forgotten about has reportedly been cancelled for now
    9. Battlefield 2042 is hosting a Dead Space crossover event which would've been useful to both games a year ago
    10. How to get Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration rewards
    11. Zenless Zone Zero: Should you play as Belle or Wise?
    12. Zenless Zone Zero Agent list: All characters in Version 1.0
    1. Man jailed for carrying Legend of Zelda Master Sword replica in public, prompting suspicions that Ganondorf runs the Warwickshire fuzz
    2. Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree Miquella’s Followers guide
    3. Kunitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess could be this summer’s best sleeper hit, and you can play it right now
    4. Don't expect any more Marvel's What If...? after season 3, as a studio exec calls it "the completion of a trilogy"
    5. How to add Epic Games titles to your HoYoPlay Launcher on PC
    6. ER Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Order guide
    7. Worried about Superman leaks? James Gunn says not to: "I'd never shoot a big spoiler outside in the middle of the city"
    8. Where to find the Euporia in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    9. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Best Euporia Build
    10. Toy Defense codes
    11. Is The First Descendant’s monetization actually as bad as everyone is saying? An investigation
    12. Oh boy, Helldivers 2's latest Major Order might lead to Super Earth getting its mitts on a "powerful interplanetary battle station"
    13. Untitled Boxing Game codes
    14. Fishing Simulator codes
    15. First F1, the World Cup, and golf – now esports: gaming’s biggest ever sports-washing tournament starts today
    16. Fallout 76 "mix-up" seemingly sees fan artwork used in Atom Shop, fan somehow finesses this into official work for Bethesda
    17. Fruit Battlegrounds codes
    18. The First Descendant players foolishly attempt to change the conversation from jiggle physics to thick armoured dudes
    19. Doodle World codes
    20. The Boys' Antony Starr shares why Homelander just can't stop gulping down so much milk
    21. Horrors RNG codes
    22. Z Piece codes
    23. Zack Snyder's Justice League refuses to die, even as James Gunn remains busy with establishing the new DCU
    24. AFK Arena codes
    25. Elden Ring ace casually kicks off a one-handed level one Shadow of the Erdtree run by battering boss mid-snack
    26. There's one simple, but kind of silly, reason why the One Piece anime is getting a remake
    27. DOORS codes
    1. ER Shadow of the Erdtree Midra's Manse Walkthrough
    2. Anime Odyssey Simulator codes
    3. Helldivers 2 might be getting a fresh hotfix with more performance fixes this week, but 'no sulking if there isn't one'
    4. How a Baldur’s Gate 3 modder who’d never played a "known" roguelike ended up turning Larian’s RPG into one
    5. Blade Runner 2099 plot details are still being kept quiet, but its cast is locked in as filming kicks off
    6. Skibidi Tower Defense codes
    7. Basketball Legends codes
    8. The Acolyte showrunner took a surprising cue from Elden Ring for the Star Wars show's big bad
    9. Zenless Zone Zero has an uncapped framerate, so adults with overpriced PCs can flex how good the mobile game looks to their married friends
    10. Best Elden Ring Spirit Ashes and locations
    11. All Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Painting Solutions
    12. Where to get the O Mother gesture in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    13. The creators of Cardcaptor Sakura once made a manga that combined magical girls, mechs, and alternate realities, and for its 30th anniversary its getting a brand new anime
    14. Believe it or not, Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6 have more in common than just gorgeous urban drip
    15. When is the next Monopoly Go Peg-E event?
    16. Fresh off beating Shadow of the Erdtree, Elden Ring players have one last request for FromSoft - unleash the boss rematches
    17. Stellar Blade's jiggle physics haven't hit Steam yet, but The First Descendant has stepped up to fill that slightly sus void
    18. Which games have aged like a fine wine, and why is everyone so mad at our guest host?
    19. Starfield modding project to create a whole Elder Scrolls-themed planet "has been canceled", but the poster behind it says it wasn't just trolling
    20. "A homage to Children of Men that fits the weird Warframe world" - Warframe creative director speaks on latest narrative rollercoaster
    21. Want to play Zenless Zone Zero as soon as possible? You can get ahead of the queue on mobile and PC, but it’ll cost you on PS5
    22. Kaiju No. 8 season 2 hasn't been confirmed, but the kaiju anime will be getting a sequel of some sorts
    23. The First Descendant immediately shoots up the Steam charts, and could even pose a threat to Elden Ring soon
    24. Best Elden Ring armor sets with locations
    25. Harley Quinn spin-off Kite Man: Hell Yeah! gets a streaming release date, and yes, this is a real show, apparently
    26. Anime Defenders codes
    27. Tarisland codes
    28. Hellboy: The Crooked Man looks a bit cheap in its first trailer, but the horror vibes might just save it yet
    29. Resident Evil 7's director is helming a new Resi game in development, and it sounds like the goal is simple - scare your pants off
    30. Anime Impact codes
    31. Car Dealership Tycoon codes
    32. Watcher of Realms codes
    1. Elden Ring DLC spells: Best Sorceries and Incantations
    2. Best Elden Ring weapons for early and late game
    3. As Helldivers 2 slides down to about 10% of its player number peak on Steam, those left are torn as to how Arrowhead should try to right the ship
    4. Best Elden Ring Incantations for early and late game
    5. Sega's new Crazy Taxi is taking the open-world and massively multiplayer route, even if that sounds like someone took a wrong turn somewhere
    6. Despite the radio silence, the Metal Gear Solid movie is still in the works, apparently
    7. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Best Sword of Night Build
    8. Best Elden Ring Spells and Sorceries for early and late game
    9. Yeet a Friend codes
    10. Bien joué! Guilty Gear Strive developer Arc System Works opens French office
    11. Nintendo has a cunning plan to beat the inevitable Switch 2 scalpers - make an absolute buttload of consoles
    12. Dress to Impress codes
    13. Hoops Life Basketball codes
    14. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's big bad final boss has now been dooted to death using a saxophone
    15. Modders have unearthed a cut Witcher 3 scene that probably would have made you all hate Yennefer
    16. George R.R. Martin uses Elden Ring TV series/movie rumours to toy with our emotions worse than Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss
    17. The creator of Silent Hill doesn't mind if Slitterhead is his final game, because his "last mission" is to set up young developers' futures
    18. Bee Swarm Simulator codes
    19. Where to use Thiollier’s Concoction in ER Shadow of the Erdtree
    20. Mortal Kombat 1 player wins $565 at tournament, smashes $3,000 light
    21. After making a heap of money with Mugen Train, the Demon Slayer anime is wrapping things up with a trilogy of movies
    22. Wuthering Waves codes
    23. The best PlayStation Plus games on PS4 and PS5 in 2024
    24. The best Game Pass games on Xbox and PC in 2024