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Dragon Soul codes for June 2024

Super Saiyan your character with these codes.

A Dragon Ball Z inspired character in the Roblox game Dragon Soul.
Image credit: VG247/NovaІy
5th June 2024: We added new Dragon Soul codes.

Dragon Soul is a Roblox game inspired by the iconic anime series Dragon Ball Z. The action RPG lets players take control of their very own martial arts superhero like Goku, as they progress through the game's story, fight enemies and bosses, and learn new special abilities to make their character as powerful as possible.

If you've come across a fearsome foe you just can't beat, and need a hand leveling up, you can always redeem a couple of Dragon Soul codes to help you out. Codes offer freebies like EXP boosts as well as the in-game Zeni currency, which is crucial for developing your character. Zeni is so important as it's used to purchase new Forms to power up your character, including the iconic Super Saiyan transformation.

Working Dragon Soul codes

  • GARO: 1 Sansu Bean (NEW!)
  • boostspack: Boost rewards
  • 200klikes: Rewards
  • 180klikes: Rewards
  • DragonBallsComingSoon: Zeni boost for 30 minutes
  • Twitch/fuegowave: 2k Zeni
  • 160klikes: 5k Zeni
  • 125klikes: Mastery boost for one hour
  • RADRIBBON: 2k Zeni
  • 100KLIKES: EXP and Zeni boosts for 15 minutes
  • dragonsoul: EXP boost for 30 minutes

Expired Dragon Soul codes

  • 20klikes

How to redeem Dragon Soul codes

Not sure how to redeem codes in Dragon Soul? Here's a step-by-step guide for redeeming codes in the Dragon Ball Z-inspired game:

  1. Launch Dragon Soul in Roblox and then select 'Play' on the main menu.
  2. Once you drop in-game press the 'M' key to bring up the in-game menu.
  3. Arrow pointing at the button players need to press to access the codes menu in Dragon Soul.
    Image credit: VG247/NovaІy
  4. Select the 'Codes' button at the bottom of the menu that pops up.
  5. Type a code into the textbox in the 'Codes' menu and then press the 'Claim' button.
  6. Arrow pointing at the codes menu in the Roblox game Dragon Soul.
    Image credit: VG247/NovaІy

If the code you entered is active, a notification will appear at the bottom of the codes menu saying 'Successfully claimed'. The notification will let you know what goodies you've received, and above the codes menu another message will also appear, going into more detail about what the code contains. If you get an error message instead that says 'Code does not exist or expired', then that means the code is no longer working.

That's it for our list of Dragon Soul codes! If you want to nab freebies for some of Roblox's most popular games, then head to our pages for Blade Ball codes, Blox Fruits codes, Peroxide codes, Jujutsu Chronicles codes, Anime Champions Simulator codes and Untitled Boxing Game codes.

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