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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Walkthrough

The Lands of Shadow can be a dark place indeed... unless you have this Shadow of the Erdtree walkthrough!

The corrupted Scadutree looming over the skyline of the Lands of Shadow in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
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Update: There's still more to find in Elden Ring! We've updated this page with new builds, a walkthrough of the last main area and more guides to help you complete Shadow of the Erdtree, including new DLC weapon and spell locations!

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is an amazing expansion and one of the best DLCs of all time. However, just like the base game, its dense world map is packed with secrets and side paths, while its quests are full of subtle triggers and difficult decisions.

This Shadow of the Erdtree DLC walkthrough covers all of the bases to guide you through the Shadow Realm, while keeping spoilers to a minimum so you can preserve the best moments of this special experience and keep them for yourself.

If you just want an even lighter touch guide on how to progress, we also have a page on where to go first in Shadow of the Erdtree which just covers the early game. Or if you’re more focussed on the massive enemies you get to face, rather than Shadow of the Erdtree’s enigmatic storyline, we also have a page dedicated to Shadow of the Erdtree’s boss order.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Needle Knight Leda at the Cocoon of the Empyrean Site of Grace and start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
  2. Explore the Gravesite Plain, ride past the Furnace Golem, then rest at the Three-paths Cross of Miquella and speak to Redmane Freyja and the Hornsent
  3. Go west to the Main Gate Cross of Miquella and speak with Ansbach and Moore
  4. Complete Belurat, Tower Settlement and defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, then speak to the Hornsent Grandam here using the Storeroom Key
  5. Cross Ellac Great Bridge, speak to Thiollier (at the Pillar Path Cross of Miquella) and complete Castle Ensis, defeating Rellana, Twin Moon Knight
  6. Go back to the front of Castle Ensis and head east to Dragon's Pit, then start Igon's quest and visit the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, as well as Hidden Charo's Grave
  7. Speak with Needle Knight Leda and the Hornsent at the Highroad Cross of Miquella in Scadu Altus
  8. Speak with Dryleaf Dane at Moorth Ruins (east of Highroad Cross) to unlock the Dryleaf Arts
  9. Investigate the main plaza of Shadow Keep, riding the coffin in the basement to the Abyssal Woods
  10. Complete Midra’s Manse before returning to Scadu Altus and explore the Rauh Base to get the top left map fragment
  11. Travel through Moorth Ruins in the east of Scadu Altus, through Bonny Village, to start Count Ymir’s quest at the Cathedral, then make your way through the Church District of Shadow Keep
  12. Explore the Specimen Storehouse, opening routes to the Hinterlands via the O, Mother statue and the West Rampart
  13. Defeat Messmer the Impaler at the top of Shadow Keep, as well as the two other bosses attached to this area
  14. Visit the Finger Ruins in the Hinterlands and Cerulean Coast to complete Count Ymir's quest
  15. Visit The Fissure in the Cerulean Coast to complete Thiollier's quest, and round off Igon's quest if you haven't already
  16. Explore the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, burn the Sealing Tree and enter the end-game

Shadow of the Erdtree guides

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