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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Igon quest guide

Igon’s quest nets you some pretty cool rewards, so be sure to spend some time with the screaming man.

The Tarnished stands at the Foot of Jagged Peak in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree is full of interesting characters for you to meet. One of them, who you’ll hear wailing and crying from a distance before you even see them, is Igon. This guy has clearly been through it, and his quest takes you on a perilous journey where you’ll wind up fighting multiple dragons.

And while fighting dragons isn’t the most exciting task (well, depending on the dragon really), Igon’s quest is a whole lot of fun. And if you fully complete it, you’ll pad out your inventory with some great rewards. So without further ado, here’s how to complete Igon’s quest in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Igon’s quest guide

  1. Speak to Igon at Pillar Path Waypoint
  2. Go through Dragon's Pit (follow the headless dragon statues southeast of Castle Ensis' front gate), to reach Dragon's Pit Terminus, and read Igon's message
  3. Go east of Dragon's Pit Terminus to the foot of Jagged Peak and defeat the Jagged Peak Drake
  4. Speak to Igon near the arena afterwards to receive Igon's Finger
  5. Visit the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion to the south of Dragon's Pit Terminus and speak to Dragon Priestess
  6. [Optional] Continue up Jagged Peak and defeat Ancient Dragon Senessax
  7. Continue further up Jagged Peak and defeat Bayle the Dread, summoning Igon inside the arena
  8. Return to the Foot of Jagged Peak and collect Igon's gear and Bell Bearing
  9. Return to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion to collect the Priestess Heart, Flowerstone Gavel, and check the altar to trade the Heart of Bayle

Igon Location 1

Igon’s quest kicks off when you run into him at Pillar Path Waypoint Site of Grace in Shadow of the Erdtree. This is just southeast of Castle Ensis’ front gate. You’ll want to go along the higher, upwards path to reach the Grace here, and Igon.

The location of Pillar Path Waypoint is shown on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Igon can be found by Pillar Path Waypoint. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Once you get close, you don’t need to worry about waltzing past Igon as you’ll hear him wailing a long time before that. Exhaust his dialogue here, rest again, and speak to him again. He’ll be begging to be spared and has clearly gone through it… Though, Igon does mention an interesting foe: Bayle the Dread.

Igon Location 2

Anyway, after speaking with Igon, you want to continue southwest and follow the headless dragon statues. There’s a chance you’ll be invaded by an Ancient-Dragon Man along the way, though he’s no trouble and doesn’t drop anything.

Eventually, you’ll come to a dungeon known as Dragon’s Pit. Press through here to run into the Ancient-Dragon Man again in non-Invader form (as well as an optional Magma Wyrm, fun!). Again, he isn’t too much trouble, and once felled, he’ll drop the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana. You’ll also be able to exit via the back of his arena, leading you to Dragon’s Pit Terminus.

On a small cliff-edge nearby, you can actually find a message from Igon that reads, “Bayle! O terror incarnate! Again I stand afore ye…” and once you read it, he’ll make a move from Pillar Path Waypoint.

The route from Dragon's Pit Terminus to either Bayle or the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion is labelled on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Head east to Jagged Peak Drake and Igon (and later Bayle). Head south to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Up ahead, you’ll come to a small pool and have the choice between going left (northeast) or right (south). It’s up to you what order you do things in, but we recommend heading left until you come to the Jagged Peak Drake, who is fighting another dragon.

Wait for Drake to kill the other dragon and then make your move. Once he’s been felled, you’ll get a Dragon Heart and some Dragonscale Flesh, and will be able to find Igon further up the path.

He’ll now call you a Drake Warrior and have a simple request. He wishes for you to summon him, using Igon’s Finger, once you finally come face to face with Bayle the Dread. Exhaust his dialogue and leave him to it.

Visit the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion

Now, before advancing any further with Igon’s quest, we recommend heading back to Dragon’s Pit Terminus and going south this time. You’ll soon come to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, where you’ll find the Dragon Communion Priestess.

The Tarnished faces the Dragon Priestess at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Speak to the Priestess here. She doesn't bite. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Much like Igon, she too desires that you seek out and kill this Bayle the Dread fella, as it appears he once went to war with her lord, Placidusax. If you opt to ‘devour Draconic essence’ from her, she’ll hand over the Ancient Dragon’s Blessing which lets you consume FP to boost all types of damage negation. It’s used upon consumption, but you can return to the Priestess and ask for more power at any time.

Igon Location 3

Now, with that done, return to where you fought the Jagged Peak Drake. It’s now time to scale the rest of Jagged Peak, which is a fairly linear path. Though, as you approach the summit, the platforming can become perilous as lightning strikes cover the area.

As you begin your journey, you’ll very quickly run into Ancient Dragon Senessax, and it’s entirely up to you if you beat them right now or not. You can run past them and to the back of their arena to continue scaling Jagged Peak, though the dragon does drop an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and Ancient Dragon Somber Smithing Stone if you’re in need of either.

Following Senessax, you want to continue clambering up the mountain. Once you finally reach the Jagged Peak Summit Site of Grace, your journey is almost over. Just up ahead, you’ll be meeting with Bayle the Dread, and he is a formidable opponent.

Bayle the Dread is one of the hardest bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree. He hits hard, moves fast, and of course, has the power of lightning and fire on his side. If you need some help tackling him, check out our guide on how to beat Bayle. We’ve provided some brief tips below, too.

Though, don’t forget about Igon. His summon sign can be found inside the arena, and he’s one of few summonable allies that has infinite HP during this fight, nor does his presence affect Bayle’s health pool. So, if you need a break to heal or apply buffs, you can take a step back while Igon takes the heat without worrying about his HP bar. He’s also pretty good at raising morale, as you’ll soon see.

As a result, and to conclude Igon’s quest, you’ll want to summon him during this fight. Be sure to equip a Boltdrake and Flamedrake Talisman if you have them, and try not to let up. You ideally want to aim for Bayle’s head where possible, which can be difficult with a summon taking aggro for you, but you can alternatively target his tail.

If you’re struggling, it might be worth making use of those Shadow Realm Blessings, and even using a Spirit Ash to help you pull off some more damage. It’ll take some perseverance, unless you’re one of those folk who can manage every boss as a Level 1 Wretch, but remain patient and you’ll get there. The rewards are worth it!

The rewards that can be received from Bayle's Heart at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree are shown
Which one will you pick? | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Finishing Igon's quest

After Bayle the Dread has been felled, you’ll get the Heart of Bayle which can be used at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion to receive either Bayle’s Flame Lightning or Bayle’s Tyranny. Then, if you return to where you last saw Igon near the Jagged Peak Drake, you’ll find him - unfortunately - dead. You will, however, get his gear, his Greatbow, and his Bell Bearing.

Last, but not least, if you return to the Dragon Communion Priestess at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, she’ll reward you with a Priestess Heart and the Flowerstone Gavel weapon. The Priestess Heart is particularly interesting, because if you remove all of your armor, it allows you - the Tarnished - to turn into a dragon. Neat.

That’s Igon’s - and coincidentally, the Dragon Communion Priestess’ - quests both wrapped up!

For more on Shadow of the Erdtree, take a look at Thiollier’s quest which is equally interesting. There’s also the Hornsent Grandam to meet, and Count Ymir.

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