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Action Adventure

An anime-faced Roblox character with a cowboy hat and ripped shirt against a background of purple lightning.

Anime Last Stand codes

Get rerolls, gems, emeralds and more in Anime Last Stand with these codes.
Three Wuthering Waves characters are shown in promotional artwork for the game. From left to right: Jianxin,  Rover (F), and Chixia

They Really Resonate | Wuthering Waves tier list and suggested team comps

A run-down of the best DPS, sub-DPS, and support characters in Wuthering Waves V1, plus our advice on how to put together the best team compositions.
Two anime-styled Roblox characters with square faces glare in close-up at the viewer.

Clover Retribution codes

Get free spins and stat resets in Clover Retribution with these codes.
Artwork for the Roblox game Card RNG, showing one character looking distraught with another holding a card looking happy.

Card RNG codes

RNG Roblox games are having a moment.
Artwork for the Roblox game Unknown RNG showing magical, star-like effects.

Unknown RNG codes

Boost your luck and roll for the rarest titles.