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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Codes for July 2024

Never miss out on a Pokemon freebie with our full list of codes.

10th June 2024: We added new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet codes.

As is the case with most modern Pokemon titles, Mystery Gift Codes have once again returned in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Mystery Gift function allows players to retrieve various Pokemon-themed gifts and freebies in-game, and typically, The Pokemon Company will dish out codes and free goodies for months to come.

Working Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Below, we have listed all known active Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

Code Reward Expires
NA1CTR1CKR00M Porygon2 10 June 2024
GYARAD0S2023SG Gyarados 30 June 2024
L1KEAFLUTE Cetitan 31 August 2024
SWEET0RSP1CY Sweet Herba Mystica or Spicy Herba Mystica 30 September 2024
L1K0W1TH906 Liko’s Sprigatito 30 September 2024
TEAMSTAR Fighting Tera Type Revavroom 31 October 2024
D0T1STPARTNER Dot's Quaxly 30 November 2024
WEARTERASTALCAP Terastal Cap 30 November 2024
SEEY0U1NPALDEA Chest Form Gimmighoul 30 November 2024
Y0AS0B1B1R1B1R1 Pawmot 28 February 2025
G0TCHAP0KEM0N 30 Quick Balls 28 February 2025
SUPEREFFECT1VE Expert Belt 28 February 2025
NE0R0T0MC0VER Neo Kitakami Rotom Phone Case Unknown
Via internet, requires Area Zero DLC Mythical Pecha Berry Unknown

Expired Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Below we have listed all the expired Mystery Gift codes for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

Code Reward
987W1THSPECS Flutter Mane
FAKE0UTEU1C Iron Hands
Via internet 10 TM223 (Metal Sound)
Code given with purchases of the Area Zero DLC on Nintendo eShop Hisuian Zoroark
NEWM00N1SC0M1NG Darkrai
LA1CPHANT0M4CE Dragapult
NATSUN0T0KKUN Red Poké Ball Picks, Bananas, Butter, Peanut Butter
LEVELUP Rare Candy
REV1VE Max Revive
CATCHBYBALL A variety of Pokeballs
GETY0URMEW Random Tera Type Mew
DARKTERA0006 Dark–Tera Type Charizard
THA12022CHAMP Shiny Grimmsnarl
SH1NYBUDDY Shiny Lucario
TERATYPECHANGE 50 Fighting Tera Shards
TREASUREHUNT Nuggets, Rare Candy, Friend Ball
PAULEU1CW1N Shiny Arcanine
PLAYD0UBLE TM028 Bulldoze, TM086 Rock Slide
PTCCHAMP10N2122 East Sea Gastrodon
22SEN10RCHAMP Bronzong
GETG0LD Gold Bottle Cap
Receive code via Pokemon HOME Ultra Ball Canvas Backpack
ROCKANDBATON TM132 Baton Pass and TM116 Stealth Rock
ENJ0YBATTLE TM082 (Thunder Wave) and TM087 (Taunt)
OC1CV1CT0RGAV1N Jiseok Lee's Palafin
LETSTERA TM171 (Tera Blast)
M0RESPEED 10 Carbos
L0VEL0VEL0VE 2 Love Balls
1STCHAMPSV Poison Tera Garganacl
Available to Nintendo eShop purchases from before February 28, 2023 Adventure Set
T0KUSE1STUDY Ability Capsule
Redeem using ‘Get via Internet’ Pikachu (Flying Tera Type)
READY4RA1D 20,000 League Points
HAJ1ME0R1G1NAL 10 Peanut Butter, 10 Prosciutto, 10 Hamburger, 10 Cream Cheese, 10 Noodles and 10 Rice
1TSUPT0Y0U Comet Shard, Star Piece or Stardust
G0FR1ENDLYSH0P Comet Shard, Star Piece or Stardust
MAKEWA2AMACH1NE Comet Shard, Star Piece or Stardust
ENJ0YG0URUMET1 Comet Shard, Star Piece or Stardust
BEFASH10NLEADER Comet Shard, Star Piece or Stardust
HAPPYH0L1DAYS 50 Ice Tera Shards
SANDW1CH Random Sandwich Ingredients
BANANACREAM Random Sandwich Ingredients
HAMCHEESE Random Sandwich Ingredients
SALTV1NEGAR Random Sandwich Ingredients
PEANUTBUTTER Random Sandwich Ingredients
T0MAT0SL1CE Random Sandwich Ingredients
LETTUCEBAC0N Random Sandwich Ingredients

How to unlock Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Gone to redeem a Mystery Gift Code, only to realise that you don’t yet have access to the function? Well, you need to complete find yourself a Pokemon Centre first.

Fortunately, you’ll find one during the tutorial of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, around an hour or two into the game depending on your pace. Once you’ve visited the Centre and healed up your Pokemon, you’ll finally gain access to the Poke Portal in your menu.

The Poke Portal option is shown in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet menu
Please ignore the dumb nicknames I gave to my 'mons.

How to redeem Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

After having unlocked the function, you can redeem away. You will, however, need to be connected to the internet to redeem any Mystery Gift Codes.

Press ‘X’ to open your menu, and select ‘Poke Portal’. From the next menu, shown below, you can select ‘Mystery Gift’. From here, you’ll then have four options to choose from.

The Mystery Gift option is shown in the Poke Portal menu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The first option, ‘Get via Internet’, will bring you to a list of all available gifts. This is where you’ll find the early order bonus of Flying Tera Type Pikachu. If there’s further gifts to redeem after that, you’ll need to repeat these steps!

The second option, ‘Get with Code/Password’ is as it sounds, and will require you to enter a code to redeem your Mystery Gift. Our third option, ‘Check Mystery Gifts’ will present you with a list of the Mystery Gifts you have redeemed so far, in case you’re uncertain as to what you’ve redeemed already.

Finally, the last option of ‘Check Poke Portal News’ will bring you to all the latest news that The Pokemon Company has to share regarding Mystery Gift Codes.

Redeeming your Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is as simple as that. For more help with your Paldean adventure, be sure to check out how to breed your Pokemon, and which order you should approach each Gym, Team Star Boss, and Titan in.

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