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US Pokemon fans will have to wait to watch Horizons on Netflix, as the new anime catches a delay

It's just a short delay, though.

Those of you over in the US looking forward to the English dub of Pokemon Horizons will have to wait a while longer, as Netflix has delayed the upcoming anime.

Back in November, The Pokemon Company announced that US fans could finally check out the new Pokemon anime protagonist Liko when Horizons, the new series that leaves Ash behind, when it would arrive on February 23. Well, The Pokemon Company shared an update on the official Pokemon Twitter account that the new season has been delayed to March 7, roughly a couple of weeks later than originally planned. Thankfully it's only a short delay, though why it has been is anyone's guess, as Pokemon Horizons has been available in English since it arrived in the UK through BBC iPlayer last December..

"We know fans around the world are looking forward to local debuts of the highly-anticipated, new animated Pokémon series - and it's almost here!" reads the statement from The Pokemon Company about the delay. "Get ready for adventure with Liko, Sprigatito and friends in the world of Pokémon!"

It's been all round not a great week for Pokemon anime lovers, as The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon TV, its app that let you watch a lot of the Pokemon anime, is shutting down later this year. While it didn't have every season available at once, it was one of the easiest ways to watch the anime, but now you'll have to watch it across eight streaming services, which is a bit ridiculous honestly.

In the world of Pokemon video games, however, Scarlet and Violet finally wrapped up this week as the game received one final update in the form of an epilogue. It should be noted that if you want to experience this epilogue, you do have to have beaten both parts of the DLC, so keep that in mind even if you did recently get the update.

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