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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order, Team Star Base & Titan Order Walkthrough

This order walkthrough will help you decide the exact best sequence to tackle the Gyms, Bases, and Titan encounters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The brand-new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gym order isn't the only surprise waiting for you in the region of Paldea.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the first truly open-world Pokemon games, going above and beyond to give trainers a new level of freedom in how they approach their adventure. That can only mean one thing: you’re left alone to figure out what order to tackle the game’s various challenges in.

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Scarlet and Violet feature three core mission strands - Gyms, Bases, and Titans - each with a number of objectives to complete. The interesting change this time is that you can tackle the objectives in any order you like - the choice is yours.

However, there is no level scaling in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This means that each piece of content is curated for a specific difficulty level and a certain amount of progression through the Paldea region. Technically, you can sequence break, of course, but you’ll need to be a skilled Pokemon player to do it.

If you want to know where to go first and what to do, however, this guide will help show you the ‘natural’ order to complete each of the tasks in the game, divided up by each of the main mission strands. For an optimum order, try to complete at least one non-gym task in between each gym encounter, if not more.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Walkthrough Order

Best Gym Order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While you can tackle them in any order you like, gyms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are otherwise quite similar to other games in the series. They range from beginner gyms where the Pokemon are low level, to high-end gyms that will really test your mettle.

The only difference is that you can head straight to the hardest gym from the start of the game - if you’ve got a death wish, that is.

Each gym is again themed around a Pokemon Type, though beware that the final Pokemon of each Gym Leader throws you a curveball.

Each Gym Leader's "ace" Pokemon will not be of their themed type, but once they use Terastallize on it - which they always do - it will become the gym’s themed type. Just be aware that, when that third Pokemon comes out, it might not be immediately weak to whatever you’re brought to the party.

Here’s the ideal Gym Order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  1. Cortondo Gym - Bug: Despite being found in the South Province (Area Two), the Cortondo gym leader Katy has the lowest-level Pokemon of the Gym Leaders in Scarlet and Violet, at just level 14 and 15:
    • Nymble (Lv. 14) - Bug-type
    • Tarountula (Lv. 14) - Bug-type
    • Teddiursa (Lv. 15) - Normal-type, Bug Terastallize
  2. Artazon Gym - Grass: Artazon is is found in the East Province (Area One). It’s home to the Grass-type Gym, and Gym Leader Brassius uses three Pokemon at around Level 16/17:
    • Petilil (Lv. 16) - Grass Type
    • Smoliv (Lv. 16) - Grass/Normal Type
    • Sudowoodo (Lv. 17) - Rock Type, Grass Terastallize
  3. Levincia Gym - Electric: Live Streamer Iono can be found in Levincia, the seaside town that connects the green and rocky areas of the East Province (Area Three). Her four Pokemon are all around Level 23:
    • Wattrel (Lv. 23) - Electric/Flying Type
    • Bellibolt (Lv. 23) - Electric Type
    • Luxio (Lv. 23) - Electric Type
    • Mismagius (Lv. 24) - Ghost-type, Electric Terastallize
  4. Cascarrafa Gym - Water: The Water-type Gym and its leader Kofu can be found in Cascarrafa, between the West Province (Area One) and West Province (Area Two), right next to the Asado Desert. This gym features three Pokemon around level 30:
    • Veluza (Lv. 29) - Water/Psychic Type
    • Wugtrio (Lv. 29) - Water Type
    • Crabominable (Lv. 30) - Fighting/Ice Type, Water Terastallize
  5. Medali Gym - Normal: In the West Province (Area Three) you’ll find Larry, the Normal-type Gym Leader in the town of Medali. His three Pokemon are all around level 35:
    • Komala (Lv. 35) - Normal Type
    • Dudunsparce (Lv. 35) - Normal Type
    • Staraptor (Lv. 36) - Flying/Normal Type, Normal Terastallize
  6. Montenevera Gym - Ghost: Montenevera can be found just north of the Glaseado Gym, in the Glaseado Mountains area of the map. Ghost-type leader Ryme uses four Pokemon that are in the low 40s:
    • Mimikyu (Lv. 41) - Ghost/Fairy Type
    • Banette (Lv. 41) - Ghost Type
    • Houndstone (Lv. 41) - Ghost Type
    • Toxtricity (Lv. 42) - Electric/Poison Type, Ghost Terastallize
  7. Alfornada Gym - Psychic: You’ll find the Psychic Gym nestled in the South-West of the map, at the town of Alfornada. Gym Leader Tulip uses Pokemon around level 45:
    • Farigiraf (Lv. 44) - Normal/Psychic Type
    • Espathra (Lv. 44) - Psychic Type
    • Gardevoir (Lv. 44) - Psychic/Fairy Type
    • Florges (Lv. 45) - Fairy Type, Psychic Terastallize
  8. Glaseado Gym - Ice: Found in the Glaseado Mountains region in the northern area of the map, Grusha heads up the Ice-type Gym, which features four Pokemon with levels in the high 40s:
    • Frosmoth (Lv. 47) - Ice/Grass Type
    • Beartic (Lv. 47) - Ice Type
    • Cetitan (Lv. 47) - Ice Type
    • Altaria (Lv. 48) - Dragon/Flying Type, Ice Terastallize

Team Star Base Order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

After Gyms, your next mission series is Starfall Street, named after the nefarious Team Star, who are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s rival team, continuing the legacy of Team Rocket and countless others.

These encounters are interesting, made up of an assault on the base that involves quick-fire Pokemon battling out in the overworld, followed by a boss encounter with the head of each team squad’s leader.

Defeating all five leaders will finish the main thrust of the Starfall Street Mission strand. As ever, each base and boss has a set level, meaning there is a best possible order to approach them in. That is as follows:

  1. Dark Crew & Boss Giacomo: Find the Dark Crew base in the West Province, near Cascarrafa and Medali. Boss Giacomo is Level 21.
  2. Fire Crew & Boss Mela: Mela is found in the East Province (Area Three), and uses Fire-type Pokemon. The boss encounter is Level 26.
  3. Poison Crew & Boss Atticus: Atticus is found in Tagtree Thickett, which is near the East Province (Areas Three) and north of Zapapico. The battles are Level 32.
  4. Fairy Crew & Boss Ortega: Ortega and her Fairy-type Team Star gang is found in the far north of the map, at the North Province (Area Three). The bosses here are Level 50.
  5. Fighting Crew & Boss Eri: Found towards the North-East of the map, the Team Star Fighting Crew base is the highest level - you’ll be facing off against Pokemon around Level 55.

Path of Legends: Titan Pokemon Order for Scarlet & Violet

The third and final of the main storylines in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is around the mystery of Titan Pokemon - giant Pokemon that you must track and battle.

Each one of these Titan Pokemon you defeat advances the story, but also unlocks a new skill for your rideable Legendary Pokemon including swimming, gliding, sprinting, and jumping higher.

  1. Stony Cliff Titan - Klawf, Level 20
  2. Lurking Steel Titan - Orthworm, Level 36
  3. Open Sky Titan - Bombardier, Level 42
  4. Quaking Earth Titan - Great Tusk / Iron Treads (Donphan)
  5. False Dragon Titan - Tatsugiri / Dodonzo, Level 48

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