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Card RNG codes for June 2024

RNG Roblox games are having a moment.

Artwork for the Roblox game Card RNG, showing one character looking distraught with another holding a card looking happy.
Image credit: Gamebad Studios
11th June 2024: We added new Card RNG codes.

Card RNG is a luck-based Roblox game where you’ll open packs of cards and try to earn the rarest cards possible to beat NPCs in card battles. As you earn rarer and rarer cards, you’ll make it to new worlds and defeat each world’s boss (and, most importantly, get to flex your rarest card to other players).

If you want to level up your Card RNG experience, you can use Card RNG codes to grab a handful of free potions, which will either boost your speed or luck. These codes are normally shared in the game’s Discord server by developer Gamebad Studios, but we’ve gone ahead and rounded up every current and expired Card RNG code right here.

All working Card RNG codes

  • !code QUICKMIGRATE: Potions (NEW!)
  • !code REWARDS: Potions
  • !code 7kLIKESTY: Potions
  • !code 5KISALOT: Potions
  • !code 6000CHERRIES: Potions
  • !code GALAXY: Potions
  • !code FUSIONHAA: 1 Speed Potion, 3 Event Speed Potions, 3 Event Luck Potions
  • !code COMPENSATION: 1 Speed Potion II
  • !code 3000: 3 Event Luck Potions
  • !code THREEFIVE?: 1 Event Speed Potion
  • !code FOUR:O: 2 Event Luck Potions
  • !code YEAR2500: 2 Event Speed Potions, 2 Event Luck Potions
  • !code ONEPOINTFIVE: 3 Event Luck Potions
  • !code NBA2K: 3 Event Speed Potions
  • !code CRYSTAL: 4 Event Speed Potions, 2 Event Luck Potions
  • !code QUARTERBACK: 3 Event Luck Potions
  • !code FULLK: 3 Event Speed Potions, 3 Event Luck Potions
  • !code HALFAK: 5 Event Speed Potions, 10 Event Luck Potions
  • !code FOHUNNEDMOMMYDAY: 1 Event Speed Potion, 1 Event Luck Potion
  • !code 300ISCOOL: 2 Event Speed Potions
  • !code WOWZERS200: 3 Event Luck Potions
  • !code 100LS: 3 Event Luck Potions

All expired Card RNG codes

  • !code NURTURE
  • !code SPIDER
  • !code RANKED

How do I redeem codes in Card RNG?

Not sure how to redeem codes in Card RNG? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Launch Card RNG in Roblox.
  2. Open up the chat box.
  3. A screenshot from Card RNG in Roblox showing the chat icon.
    Image credit: VG247/gamebad studios
  4. Type your code in the chat (make sure to include “!code “ before the code or it won’t work!).

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