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Artwork for the Roblox game Hunter Era showing two anime-inspired Robloxified characters.

Hunter Era codes

No need to hunt for codes with our handy guide.
A character in the Roblox game Admin RNG using a command.

Admin RNG codes

The Roblox RNG trend strikes again.
Two anime-styled Roblox characters with square faces glare in close-up at the viewer.

Clover Retribution codes

Get free spins and stat resets in Clover Retribution with these codes.
A Roblox character slashes a sword, which causes a swishing animation to appear, in the Bleach-inspired game Peroxide.

Peroxide codes

Clean up the competition in the Bleach-inspired game.
Artwork for the Roblox game Anime Switch showing two Robloxified anime characters fighting.

Anime Switch codes

Switch up your luck with these handy Roblox codes.
Artwork for the Roblox game Card RNG, showing one character looking distraught with another holding a card looking happy.

Card RNG codes

RNG Roblox games are having a moment.
Artwork for the Roblox game Locked, showing an anime character wearing a football kit, looking at a ball in the air.

Locked codes

Get free Yen and build the perfect anime footie star!
The header image of Z Piece in Roblox.

Z Piece codes

How to redeem Z Piece codes in Roblox.
The header image for Re: XL in Roblox.

Re: XL codes

How to redeem Re: XL codes in Roblox.
Artwork for the Roblox game Rock Fruit, showing some anime-inspired Robloxified characters.

Rock Fruit codes

And how to redeem Rock Fruit codes in Roblox.
The player receiving a free Vari from a code in Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy Codes

Working Loomian Legacy Codes offer experience boosts and free exclusive Loomians!
Artwork for the Roblox game Rivals, which is from a first-person perspective, showing a player pointing a rifle at two characters.

Rivals codes

Blox-person shooter.