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Latest Loomian Legacy codes

Working Loomian Legacy Codes offer experience boosts and free exclusive Loomians!

The player receiving a free Vari from a code in Loomian Legacy
Image credit: Llama Train Studio/VG247

Loomian Legacy is a turn-based, monster-catching RPG, much like Pokemon, where you collect a party of six Loomians to take on the Battle Theatres in each town and city you visit. All the while, you are also tasked with solving a mystery that threatens the whole region of Roria.

Loomian Legacy Codes are designed to help you do just that. If you’re in need of extra experience points or a powerful, exclusive Loomian, then there just might be a working code for you. But be careful. Loomian Legacy Codes are only active for a short period of time, so make sure you activate them immediately once you find one, and check back regularly for more!

Working Loomian Legacy Codes

  • Recharge: 3 UMV Batteries and 5 Boost Tokens
  • LetsDive: 5 UMV Batteries
  • EggKingTreasure: 10 Boost Tokens
  • JollySendoff: 10 Boost Tokens

Expired Loomian Legacy Codes

  • BeMine
  • NewYearNewCode
  • NewYear2024
  • Yay100k
  • Sw1mWithMe
  • Get10Tokens

How to redeem Loomian Legacy Codes

The easiest way to redeem Loomian Legacy Codes is by using your Loomiwatch in-game:

  1. Complete the introduction and receive your first Loomian
  2. Press the shopping basket icon at the top of the screen
  3. Press the “Codes” box
  4. Enter the code text where it says “Redeem Code”, then press “Redeem”
A player accessing the Loomiwatch code redemption screen in Loomian Legacy
Image credit: Llama Train Studio/VG247

When are new Loomian Legacy Codes released?

Most of the time, new Loomian Legacy codes are distributed for two reasons: celebration and compensation. If a promised content update is late or the game experiences downtime, there’s often a new code to welcome players back into the game and get them restarted on building their Loomian Legacy.

Alternatively, when new Loomians are released, or new content focuses on specific Loomians, there’s often a code dishing out a reward related to them. These can come in the form of visual reskins, mounts and other goodies.

Where are new Loomian Legacy codes announced?

Loomian Legacy is developed by a team called Llama Train Studio. As the official source of everything to do with their game, they announce new Loomian Legacy Codes on both their Twitter account and in their Discord channel.

If you follow Llama Train Studio on either platform, you will be notified not just of what the new code is, but how long it lasts and what you actually get for inputting it into your game.

Like many Roblox game codes, Loomian Legacy codes only last for a short time, so it’s important to stay up-to-date. But now that you can actually redeem codes via your Loomiwatch in-game, it’s easy to get the rewards.

What are Loomian Legacy Codes?

Loomian Legacy Codes are special, limited-time bonuses distributed by the game’s development team, Llama Train Studio. From your Loomiwatch, they allow you to access free Loomians, experience boosts and other useful items distributed directly from the development team!

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