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Artwork for the Roblox game Demon Blade showing a Robloxified version of a character inspired by the anime Demon Slayer.

Demon Blade codes

Build the perfect Slayer with these codes.
A Roblox character slides across the ground in Type Soul.

Type Soul codes

Type codes for Type Soul rewards.
Artwork for the Roblox game Haze Piece, showing a Robloxified anime character facing off against a dragon.

Haze Piece codes

Get free loot to help you sail the high seas!
Artwork for the Roblox game Horrors RNG, showing a silhouette of a Roblox character surrounded by a sinister red glow.

Horrors RNG codes

The RNG trend gets the horror treatment.
Artwork for the Roblox game Card RNG, showing one character looking distraught with another holding a card looking happy.

Card RNG codes

RNG Roblox games are having a moment.
Two anime-styled Roblox characters with square faces glare in close-up at the viewer.

Clover Retribution codes

Get free spins and stat resets in Clover Retribution with these codes.
A Roblox character dressed as an American footballer approaches the viewer holding a football.

Ultimate Football codes

Get free coins and cosmetics in Ultimate Football with these codes.
Artwork for the Roblox game Unknown RNG showing magical, star-like effects.

Unknown RNG codes

Boost your luck and roll for the rarest titles.
The player receiving a free Vari from a code in Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy Codes

Working Loomian Legacy Codes offer experience boosts and free exclusive Loomians!