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Monopoly Go events and tournaments taking place today

Schedule of Monopoly Go's latest 2024 events.

Artwork promoting one of the limited-time tournament events in Monopoly Go, showing the Monopoly mascot walking on a red carpet.
Image credit: Scopely
19th July 2024: We added details on the latest Monopoly Go events.

If you love freebies then Monopoly Go gives players plenty of reasons to log in each day. The hit app has a rotating schedule of events and tournaments that refresh all the time.

Limited-time events and tournaments are held often that dish out cash, stickers and extra rolls - with the latter coming in handy if you've run out of Monopoly Go Free Dice Links. These are the main attractions, but there are also smaller-scale events that can last for a few minutes or a couple of hours, which offer temporary boosts that power up your progress.

If you need help trying to figure out what are the Monopoly Go events today then you've come to the right place. We've got details on the latest events and tournaments happening in Monopoly Go, along with information on past events.

Monopoly Go events today

There are three main events happening in Monopoly Go today. The first is Knightly Quest, which ends on Saturday 20 July 2024 and rewards players for landing on tiles with the Pickups icons. The Big Reward for the event is 7,500 dice rolls and a purple sticker pack. The second main event happening today is Craft Clash. The object of this tournament, which ends on Friday 19 July 2024, is to land on the Railroad tiles to begin a Shutdown or a Bank Heist.

Players get more points in Craft Clash if they successfully hit a landmark during a Shutdown, or if they bankrupt a player during a Bank Heist. Besides this, there is no Monopoly Go Partner Event taking place right now after the end of Ice Cream Partners.

But there is a Peg-E event running where players can use Prize Drop Chips to play a mini-game and win rewards.

Other Monopoly Go events

In addition to the main events, Scopely also holds smaller scale events each day in Monopoly Go. These events can last for just a few minutes or several hours.

These events can go live at different times of the day, with each day offering a different selection of events. You can find details on these different types of events below:

  • Board Rush: Earn extra rewards for completing a board in Monopoly Go.
  • Cash Boost: Temporary boost which lets players earn more money than usual.
  • Cash Grab: Mini-game that kicks in when you land on a Chance card, where players have to tap and collect as much money as possible.
  • Free Parking: Limited-time event which helps you earn more dice rolls.
  • High Roller: Massively increase the maximum roll multiplier.
  • Landmark Rush: Earn dice rolls and money for completing landmarks.
  • Mega Heist: Regular Bank Heists turn into Mega Heists that award huge amounts of money.
  • Rent Frenzy: Boards have more rent targets, giving players more chances to earn money.
  • Sticker Boom: Sticker Packs have an increased amount of stickers.
  • Wheel Boost: Get an extra wheel spin when you complete a set and land on a tile with a hotel.
  • Roll Match: Players have to roll a specific dice combination to win rewards. Multipliers can also be used to increase the amount of rewards.

Besides these events, there are also the Golden Blitz and Prize Drop events which run for longer. Golden Blitz lets you trade stickers with other players, and lasts most of the day when it's running. Whereas Prize Drop, which stays active for a few days, rewards players for collecting Prize Drop Chips and using them to play the Peg-E event mini-game.

Monopoly Go menu screens for the mobile game's Cash Grab and Wheel Boost limited-time events.
Daily events like Cash Grab and Wheel Boost offer players powerful limited-time boosts. | Image credit: VG247/Scopely

Previous Monopoly Go events

Here's a list of the previous events to take place in Monopoly Go. The list is in chronological order, starting with the event that ended most recently first.

Some events are held on multiple occasions, which is why the list below contains a few duplicates:

  • Tycoon Fair
  • Riviera Riches
  • Vacation Voyage
  • Riviera Riches
  • Tycoon Cookout
  • Firework Fortunes
  • Chef's Journey
  • All You Can Win
  • Ecological Escapade
  • Showtime Splendor
  • Ecological Escapade
  • Fortune Footrace
  • Mogul Of The Opera
  • Habitat Heroes
  • Highway To Fame
  • Fast and Luxurious
  • Boardwalk Bonanza
  • Martian Core Quest
  • Mars Metropolis
  • Cloud Cruisin
  • Winners' Avenue
  • Making It Big
  • Patriotic Parade
  • Captain's Quest
  • Map Of Fortunes
  • Cloud Cruisin'
  • Fortune Patrol
  • Scrap Yard Riches
  • Habitat Heroes
  • Chef's Journey
  • All You Can Win
  • Lucha Libre Loot
  • Fiesta Loca
  • Lucha Libre Loot
  • Full Bloom
  • Anniversary Auction
  • Railroad Rally
  • Boardwalk Bonanza
  • 1st Anniversary Bash
  • Go For Gold Gala
  • 1st Anniversary Bash
  • Sweet Relief
  • Altruistic Auction
  • Sphinx Scramble
  • Pillar Prize Tour
  • Palace Parade
  • Egg-cellent Easter
  • Easter Cupcake Craze
  • Road To Stardom
  • Monopoly Origins
  • Road To Riches
  • Full Bloom
  • Spring Awakening
  • St Paddy's Party
  • Shamrock Shenanigans
  • Winners' Avenue
  • Girl Power
  • Key To The City
  • Arctic Adventures
  • Habitat Heroes
  • Prize Leap
  • Moon Walkers
  • Galactic Adventures
  • Moon Walkers
  • President's Trail
  • Victory Campaign
  • Cupid's Cuties
  • Retro Love
  • Cupid's Cuties
  • Retro Love
  • Cloud Cruisin'
  • Prize Parade
  • Rodeo Riders
  • Lasso Loops
  • Winter Games
  • Ski Stars
  • Winter Express
  • Cold Snap
  • Equity Extravaganza
  • Road to Riches
  • Monopoly Origins
  • Snowy Creations
  • Heartfelt Holidays
  • New Year’s Eve Bash
  • Resolution Race
  • Fortune Countdown
  • Santa’s Sprint
  • Gifts All Around
  • Sleigh Race
  • Jingle Jam
  • Gingerbread Galore
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Twinkle Tree
  • Heartfelt Holidays
  • Uncharted Adventures
  • Bows and Bandits
  • Epic Myths
  • Blessed Feast
  • Cranberry Carnival
  • Creative Accounting
  • Tax Refund
  • Singles Night
  • Wall Street Wonders
  • Equity Extravaganza
  • Jungle Jam
  • Trick or Treat
  • Spooky Soiree
  • Bewitching Bash
  • Lasso Loops
  • Rodeo Riders
  • Pumpkin Prowl
  • Wilderness Retreat
  • Gizmo Gourmet

That's a wrap on our events and tournaments guide for Monopoly Go. For more on the hugely popular app, find out why Monopoly Go proves 'casual' mobile games are still a massive deal.

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