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Monopoly Go proves 'casual' mobile games are still a massive deal

Turns out that people love spending money on Monopoly.

Monopoly Go artwork showing the Monopoly mascot with his pet dog walking along a corridor, which has framed pictures of the mascot.
Image credit: Scopely

Never count casual gamers out, as Monopoly Go! has apparently managed to generate $1 billion in revenue in seven months.

As reported by Forbes, Monopoly Go developer Scopely has shared that the latest mobile take on the classic (and oft-hated) mobile game has raked in a staggeringly large $1 billion in the seven months since its launch. According to Scopely this yet, this happens to be the fastest a casual game title has hit such a figure. It's obviously not the first mobile game to earn $1 billion, though Scopely says that figures from confirmed that no other casual mobile game managed to do so as fast. The game has apparently been downloaded over 100 million times, with Scopely sharing a few statistics from players since its release.

Players have passed go more than 40 billion times for one, have sent more than 150 million friend invites, and gone to jail six billion times, which sounds about right. What doesn't sound right is that nearly two billion games have been completed. I'm sorry, some of you actually finish your games of Monopoly? Sure, it's a mobile take with some slightly unique features, but I have to admire the level of commitment to a game that wasn't even designed to be fun.

Monopoly Go was released back in April, and like most iterations of Monopoly, you can buy properties, build houses and hotels, and pull chance cards. You can play with friends too, and play mini-games like the Community Chest, or you can take part in tournaments and other events.

Of course, if you're one of the 100 million people that downloaded and even still play the game, you're probably after some Dice Rolls. In a game like Monopoly, they're pretty important, and they're an even more important in-game currency in Monopoly Go; luckily, we've got a guide for you compiling all Monopoly Go Dice Links.

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