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Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree Rewards

All the rewards you can get in the Christmas event.

Artwork for the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree Event showing a mother and her child by a twinkling Christmas tree.
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The Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event is live now, with a huge amount of rewards available for players to claim in the run-up to Christmas. The limited-time event ends on Christmas Eve, and rewards players for landing on specific squares on the board.

When you land on the Chance, Community Chest, or Railroad tiles you'll receive baubles, which you'll need to unlock new levels in the Twinkle Tree event. Each tier offers different rewards like stickers, cash, and Monopoly Go Dice. The top level rewards players with a five-star sticker pack and 7,500 dice rolls. That will keep you rolling for a while, or help you supercharge the amount of rewards you earn if you use a multiplier on your rolls!

If you want to claim the many rewards on offer, you've only got a few days to do so as the Twinkle Tree event ends at 7AM pacific time, 10AM eastern time, 3PM GMT and 4PM CET on Sunday 24 December 2023. If you're thinking of giving it a go, we've got the details on every reward you can get in the latest Monopoly Go event.

Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree Rewards

With over 16,000 rolls up for grabs, here's a list of every reward you can get in the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event:

Event Level Points Needed Reward
1 30 Stickers
2 40 25 Dice Rolls
3 45 Cash
4 175 115 Dice Rolls
5 50 Cash Grab
6 55 Stickers
7 65 Cash
8 400 230 Dice Rolls
9 70 Cash
10 90 Stickers
11 100 Cash
12 750 375 Dice Rolls
13 125 Cash
14 150 Stickers
15 175 Cash
16 1,200 550 Dice Rolls
17 175 Cash
18 180 Stickers
19 200 80 Dice Rolls
20 1,500 Holiday Tree
21 220 100 Dice Rolls
22 375 Cash Boost
23 300 Cash
24 2,500 1,000 Dice Rolls
25 400 Cash
26 650 Stickers
27 800 Cash
28 4,000 1,500 Dice Rolls
29 1,000 Cash
30 1,500 Stickers
31 1,700 Cash
32 8,000 2,850 Dice Rolls
33 2,000 High Roller
34 2,200 Cash
35 2,400 Stickers
36 2,800 300 Dice Rolls
37 7,000 Cash
38 3,000 900 Dice Rolls
39 4,000 Stickers
40 5,000 Cash
41 17,000 7,500 Dice Rolls and a Five-Star Sticker Pack

Details on the rewards each level offers were revealed in a post by X user @itsjakesm - a frequent poster in the New Monopoly Go Discord server.

That's it for our guide to the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event. If you want to read more of our coverage on the smash hit app, find out why Monopoly Go proves 'casual' mobile games are still a massive deal. Or, if you're looking for something completely different head on over to our pages on Honkai Star Rail codes, Genshin Impact codes, and Whiteout Survival codes to earn freebies in these other popular mobile games.

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