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Once Human Codes for July 2024

Here’s your one-stop shop for Once Human codes.

The player character aims their gun at a deer in Once Human
Image credit: Starry Studio
15th July 2024: We checked for new Once Human codes.

Starry Studio’s sci-fi survival game, Once Human, has launched on Steam for free, and for those of you who love lining your pockets with even more freebies, you’re in luck. Codes are available for Once Human that will net you all manner of useful resources, or even skins.

Dished out on Twitter and via streams from content creators and the developer, Once Human codes can bag you items like in-game currency such as Energy Links and Activators that’ll heal you, amongst other items. Without further ado, here are all of the latest Once Human codes, and how to redeem them.

All Active Once Human codes

  • cdym4mxdnh: 200 Energy Link, 2 Sanity Gummy
  • hyd7my66rt: 200 Energy Link, 2 Activators
  • OnceHumanIGP: 300 Energy Link, 2 Activators, 1 Adrenaline Shot
  • OnceHuman0710: Camouflage vehicle skin
  • fcnx8nhxj7: 300 Energy Link, 2 Activators, 1 Adrenaline Shot
  • OH000007: 300 Energy Link, 2 Activators

One of the codes in our list is from the YouTuber, IGP. Other YouTubers and streamers have their own respective codes, but these can only be redeemed once, and redeem the same rewards. The other codes are OnceHumanTBG, OnceHumanJRpt, OnceHumanMMOB, OnceHumanLG and ONCEHUMANKFBT.

Expired Once Human codes

There are no expired Once Human codes.

How to redeem Once Human codes

To redeem Once Human codes, you must have completed a portion of the tutorial mission, Eve of Evolution. After fighting the Level 5 Siren and being sent into the New World, you will then be able to redeem codes.

When you’re ready to redeem a code, do the following:

  1. Open the main menu using the Escape key.
  2. Select ‘Shop Event’, and select ‘Events’.
  3. Press ‘X’ to open up the code redemption menu, which is in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. The Events menu, where players can redeem codes in Once Human, is shown
    Image credit: VG247/Starry Studio
  5. Input your code and press Enter to redeem it.

For more on Once Human, take a look at our guide to controller support. If you fancy trying something different, instead take a look at our guide to the best survival games.

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