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Once Human controller support explained

Once Human does not have controller support, but there is one — unreliable — way you can try to fix it.

The player character aims their gun at a Siren enemy in Once Human
Image credit: Starry Studio

Once Human is the latest free-to-play post-apocalyptic survival adventure to release on Steam, but it hasn’t been without its fair share of launch issues, which developer, Starry Studio, looks to be addressing as quickly as it can. One issue that plenty of players have been running into is regarding controller support for Once Human, or rather, a lack of it.

To help you wrap your head around Once Human’s controller support, we’ve explained below when you can expect the game to have it, and some temporary fixes you can try in the meantime.

Once Human controller support explained

As you might’ve already gathered from the ‘Controllers Not Supported’ message that appears on Once Human’s page in your Steam library, Once Human does not have official controller support right now.

In the games launch FAQ, Starry Studios has shared that, “Due to ongoing technical adjustments, Once Human does not support controllers and Steam Deck at launch. Our development team is actively working on changes to bring controller support as soon as possible. We expect to complete this by August.

So, it appears that controller support is a part of Starry Studio’s plan, but the developer hasn’t quite had time to add it yet due to other technological adjustments. Those hoping to play Once Human on controller will have to wait until August when Starry Studios hopefully has more news.

During the beta for Once Human, some players were able to get controller support working by running Steam as administrator and then selecting a community layout of buttons from the controller settings on Steam.

YouTuber, Derpie Dawg, runs through the temporary solution in this video, which many have reported does not work with the full version of the game (it also did not work for me when testing). Though, it appears some commenters have had some luck with it, so it’s worth trying!

Aside from that, some players are unfortunately going to have to wait a short while for controllers to be supported. This isn’t great for the game's accessibility, so hopefully Starry Studios adds controller support sooner rather than later.

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