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Shooter: Third Person

The player looks at the landscape surrounding their Iron River base in Once Human

Return To Human | Once Human Tips and Tricks

Here are all the tips and tricks that we wish we knew before playing Once Human.
The player stands outside of their territory and faces their base in Once Human

Moving House | How to move territory in Once Human

Found a pristine patch of land with your name written all over it? Here’s how to move your base in Once Human.
The player looks at a Lucky Cat on a rooftop in Once Human

Good Fortune | All Lucky Cats in Once Human

Find four Lucky Cats across Chalk Peak for the opportunity to find some treasure in Once Human.
The player aims their weapon at an enemy Deviant in Once Human

Staroid Restrainer | Once Human Prime Wars explained

If you fancy a little camaraderie in Once Human, try your hand at Prime Wars.
The player faces a production facility at Blackfell Refinery in Once Human

Acid Farm | How to farm Acid in Once Human

Here’s how to farm Acid, and how to start your very own Acid farming operation in Once Human.
The player looks at a wooden building with a cultist flag at the Believer's Colony in Once Human

Cult Activity | Once Human Lost in Madness walkthrough

The Cultist’s Treasure Map — which kicks off the Lost in Madness ques — marks an unknown location in Once Human. Here’s where to find it!
The player character aims their gun at a deer in Once Human

Free Energy Links | Once Human Codes

Here’s your one-stop shop for Once Human codes.
A group of undead enemies are shown inside a facility in Once Human

Shopping Trip | Once Human High Banks code

Looking for the passcode to the crate in High Banks? Here it is.
Broken down and abandoned vehicles are shown in artwork for Once Human

Mary’s Motorcycle | How to get a motorcycle in Once Human

You can travel across Once Human’s map much quicker with a motorcycle, so here’s how to get one.
A group of zombies shown in a cornfield in Once Human

Quick Trip | How to change worlds in Once Human

Hoping to play Once Human with friends, but haven’t spawned in with them? Here’s how to change worlds.