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Car Dealership Tycoon codes for June 2024

Get ready to wheel and deal.

Artwork for Car Dealership Tycoon showing a Roblox character in a sports car.
Image credit: Roblox, Foxzie
17th June 2024: We added new Car Dealership Tycoon codes.

Car Dealership Tycoon is a popular Roblox game that lets you build the car showroom of your dreams. You start off with an empty plot of land which you bit-by-bit build into a massive, sprawling dealership. Everything from the design of your showroom to the cars that go up for sale is down to you.

There's a wide variety of cars to choose from and each one is based on a real-life model, so you're sure to find something that you like for your showroom. Since you're building your dealership up from scratch you'll need plenty of cash, and that's where Car Dealership Tycoon codes will help. Codes offer players plenty of free cash and even free cars, which will help kickstart the development of your personal car haven.

Working Car Dealership Tycoon codes

  • Summer2024: $80,000 (NEW!)
  • HyperluxeLim: $80,000
  • SeasonXI: $80,000
  • Tiremarks: $80,000
  • 6-Years: $80,000
  • 100kMembers: $100,000
  • CarFactory2: $80,000
  • MoreUpgrades: $80,000
  • Challenges: $80,000
  • SeasonX: $80,000
  • Easter2024: $100,000
  • TunnelEcho: $80,000
  • Firefighters: $80,000
  • Khenori: $50,000
  • Maxrohaan: $50,000
  • Jonatan: $50,000
  • Killasfs: $50,000
  • IranRan: $50,000
  • Tstingray: $50,000
  • FOXZIE: $15,000

Expired Car Dealership Tycoon codes

  • ActiveWing
  • Airplanes
  • BikeSeason
  • 1.2MVotes
  • Xmas2023
  • Happy2024
  • SantasLand
  • 4NewRaces
  • CarTrailer
  • YouStink
  • Halloween2023
  • Spooktober
  • DragRace
  • MoreBikes
  • Motos
  • BackToSchool
  • HelloAugust
  • July2023
  • Towing
  • 1MilLikes
  • Challenge
  • Customers
  • Season5
  • 5thBday
  • Upgrades
  • CriminalVan
  • Foxzie250kSubs
  • 1Billion
  • 200Trophies
  • 4Years
  • 7Quests
  • 900MVisits
  • ATV
  • BarnFind
  • CarFactory
  • Crimes
  • Drifting
  • Eggs2022
  • FreeTruck
  • Helicopter
  • Hey2023
  • HyperDealer
  • Interiors
  • IWaitLong
  • MoreKits
  • NewBarn
  • OmgImPoor
  • Pumpkins
  • Season1
  • Season2
  • Season3
  • Season3Soon
  • Twitter50K
  • XmasIncoming

How to redeem Car Dealership Tycoon codes

Not sure how to redeem codes in Car Dealership Tycoon? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Launch Car Dealership Tycoon in Roblox.
  2. Click on the cog button at the top of your screen to bring up the Settings menu.
    Arrow pointing at the button players need to press to access the settings screen in Car Dealership Tycoon.
    Image credit: Roblox, Foxzie
  3. At the bottom of the Settings menu there's a textbox which says 'Enter code'.
    Arrow pointing at the codes screen in Car Dealership Tycoon.
    Image credit: Roblox, Foxzie
  4. Type a code into the textbox and press the green button next to it.

If you entered in a working code a notification will appear on screen letting you know what goodies you've claimed for free. But if you get an error message instead then that means the code is no longer working. Like other Roblox games, codes for Car Dealership Tycoon don't last forever so act quick if you see one you're interested in.

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