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Good news, Roblox job-seekers - a virtual IKEA is now hiring meatball servers

Just make sure you can answer the question: "If you were a pixelated IKEA furniture, which one would you be and why?"

The virtual IKEA in Roblox.
Image credit: Roblox/IKEA

Ok, we all know Roblox as the home of many weird and wacky things you might not expect, and here's the latest of those - the horrors of working at Swedish flat-pack furniture store IKEA. Yep, ten lucky people will soon be hired by IKEA to run a virtual shop selling virtual Tillslag trestle tables, and if you're over 18, you could be one of them.

Don't worry, you will be paid for pausing your pursuit of a Takeshi's Castle assault course world record in order to join the retail workforce.

"The Co-Worker Game" is the name of this IKEA venture and it's a virtual store that's set to open in the game on June 24, with the aim of allowing "players to immerse themselves in the working world of IKEA" (thanks, TheGamer). Basically, the goal is giving people a taste of what it's like to work in a real IKEA, at least in terms of what you do and what the career progression is like.

Before the shop opens though, IKEA - not Roblox itself - is hiring ten co-workers to run this virtual store in the game. You'll be glad to hear that - in line with Roblox's policies about not employing minors, which came under fresh scrutiny earlier this year following some controversial comments by Roblox Studio head Stefano Corazza - the jobs are only available to over 18 year olds in the UK and Ireland. The pay? Well it's a £13.15 / €14.80 hourly rate, which IKEA says is exactly what it pays to workers in its real world London stores. These Roblox jobs are remote too, which is cool, I guess.

As for what your duties will be if you get hired, well, it may depend on whether you get assigned to the virtual store's showroom or bistro, but "helping people choose their furniture, serving meatballs, having the chance to win exclusive UGCs, and much more" are on the list.

If that sounds like your big blue bag, you'll need to submit an application between now and June 16, 2024. If your CV and answers to a questionaire - which asks pretty existential stuff like "How do you feel about being turned into pixels?" and "If you were a pixelated IKEA furniture, which one would you be and why?" - are deemed good enough, you might make it to the interview stage, which is taking place virtually between June 14 and June 18, 2024.

So yeah, that's a thing. If you like Roblox, you can also check out our regularly updated codes pages for everything from Elemental Dungeons Simulator to Pet Catchers.

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