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Arm Wrestle Simulator codes for June 2024

Sculpt those guns and crush your opponents.

Artwork for Roblox game Arm Wrestle Simulator showing two characters arm wrestling with one crying out.
Image credit: Kubo Games
17th June 2024: We added new Arm Wrestle Simulator codes.

Arm Wrestle Simulator is a popular Roblox game that's all about arm wrestling. You start off having zero muscle mass and need to get buff quick if you want to stand any chance of beating the opposition. You'll build your character's strength up by hitting the weights and doing other exercises, and when you're ready you can take on other characters in arm wrestling matches.

If you need a hand getting beefed-up then make sure you redeem some Arm Wrestle Simulator codes to make pumping iron a little bit easier. Codes offer freebies like Wins, which can be used to purchase eggs that end up hatching Pets. These companions are crucial to your training in Arm Wrestle Simulator as they offer stat boosts, which help you sculpt your guns and get stronger much quicker.

Working Arm Wrestle Simulator codes

  • sharkattack: Stat boost (NEW!)
  • vacation: Stat boost
  • icecold: Stat boost
  • jazzclub: Stat boost
  • rewindtime: Stat boost
  • doubletrouble: Stat boost
  • tradeplazasoon: Stat boost
  • slimeonallpets: Stat boost
  • supermembership: Stat boost
  • magicworld: Stat boost
  • 800mvisits: Stat boost
  • onthehunt: Stat boost
  • quality: Stat boost
  • forging: Stat boost
  • 1MILLION: Selection of different boosts
  • 600mvisits: Stat Boost
  • SEASON4: Season Pass EXP and Hidden Surprise
  • rocket: Strength Stat and Win Boost
  • 5kreactions: Strength Stat Boost
  • 500MILLION: Win Boost
  • ITSHULKTIME: Strength Stat Boost
  • LIKES: Luck and Win Boost
  • bigupdatesoon: Strength Stat Boost
  • THANKSFOR400M: Strength and Win Boost
  • WEDNESDAY: Strength and Win Boost
  • FIXED: Strength Stat Boost
  • 200m: Strength Stat Boost
  • enchant: 3 Rebirths
  • pinksandcastle: 1 Spin
  • Leagues: Win Boost
  • noob: 1 Spin
  • Secret: 1 Sand Egg
  • gullible: 1 Win
  • axel: 50 Wins
  • Knighty: 4 Wins

Expired Arm Wrestle Simulator codes

  • eastereventstays
  • itschocotime
  • casting
  • nextweek
  • doitagain
  • flames
  • merryxmas
  • Greek
  • release

How to redeem Arm Wrestle Simulator codes

Here's how to redeem codes in Arm Wrestle Simulator:

  1. Launch Arm Wrestle Simulator in Roblox.
  2. Click the 'Store' button on the left of your screen.
  3. Arrow pointing at the Store button in Roblox game Arm Wrestle Simulator.
    Image credit: Roblox/Kubo Games
  4. When the 'Store' menu opens up look for a 'Codes' button in the bottom right. Click on it.
  5. Arrow pointing at the Codes button in Roblox game Arm Wrestle Simulator.
    Image credit: Roblox/Kubo Games
  6. This will open up a 'Codes' menu with a textbox which says 'Enter Code'.
  7. Arrow pointing at the codes screen in Roblox game Arm Wrestle Simulator.
    Image credit: Roblox/Kubo Games
  8. Type a code into the textbox and then press the 'Verify' button.

If the code you entered is active a notification will appear on screen letting you know what goodies you've claimed for free. But if nothing happens when you press 'Verify' then the code is no longer working. Codes for Arm Wrestle Simulator, like other Roblox games, are time sensitive so don't delay if you want to avoid missing out.

Looking for more fitness-themed games on Roblox? Then head to our Strongman Simulator codes page to earn freebies in another bulk-em up. For help with other popular Roblox games visit our Blade Ball codes, Blox Fruits codes, Anime Adventures codes and Untitled Boxing Game codes pages.

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