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Reverse 1999 codes for July 2024

Grab your RE:1999 freebies here.

Artwork for the mobile game Reverse 1999 showing a female anime character wearing a top hat looking deep in thought.
Image credit: VG247/Bluepoch
27th June 2024: We added new Reverse 1999 codes.

Reverse 1999 is a free-to-play strategic RPG for Android, iOS and PC. Made by Chinese developers Bluepoch, the RPG boasts a fascinating card-based combat system, and stylish visuals that wouldn't seem out of place in a Vanillaware game. Not to mention an in-depth, time-travel story that will transport players to anime versions of different periods in history - including London in the swinging 60s.

To get new characters to join you on your adventures, you'll have to use the game's gacha-style Summon system, and that's where Reverse 1999 codes can help. Exchange codes offer a range of freebies, including the crucial Clear Drop currency which is needed to pull for new characters. Besides Clear Drops, codes offer other useful resources like Dust and Sharpodonty, which you'll need to level up your characters.

Working Reverse 1999 codes

  • BouquetandBeauty: 30 Clear Drop, 10k Sharpodonty, 10k Dust, 2 Fine Insight Packages (NEW!)
  • EchoesOf1999: 30 Clear Drop, 10k Sharpodonty, 10k Dust, 2 Enlighten II (NEW!)
  • BoldandFortune: 30 Clear Drop, 10k Sharpodonty, 3 Moment of Dissonance, 1 Picrasma Candy (NEW!)
  • MysteryAdventure: 15k Sharpodonty, 20k Dust, 2 Enlighten II (NEW!)
  • FestivePresent: 1 Picrasma Candy, 1 Delicate Insight Package, 2 Enlighten II (NEW!)
  • WorldinTheSuitcase: 50 Wilderness Shells, 3 Moment of Dissonance, 20k Dust (NEW!)
  • MainStoryUpdate: 12k Dust, 10k Sharpodonty and 3 Moment of Dissonance
  • 5YRBRF9: 19,999 Dust, 19,999 Sharpodonty and 3 Fine Insight Package
  • 1999GIFT: 50 Clear Drop and 19,999 Dust

Expired Reverse 1999 codes

  • RE1999GlobalMusicAwards
  • 1999OST
  • AprilFish
  • 6
  • StarBright
  • DipaFestival
  • Shamane
  • 6000000
  • StarLight
  • 9LRC9ZN

Reverse 1999 Discord bonuses

Discord invite screen for Reverse: 1999
Image credit: Bluepoch/Discord

The developers Bluepoch are also giving out a few freebies to players who get verified on the official Reverse 1999 Discord. This includes 60 Clear Drops, 4,000 Dust and 2 Simple Insights packages. Bluepoch also have giveaways on the Discord, so it's worth checking in to see what happening every so often.

How to redeem Reverse 1999 codes

If you want to redeem a code in Reverse 1999, you'll need to complete the opening tutorial of the game, which introduces you to the combat system and story. Once you complete the opening stage in the story mode, which is called '1st 01 Wretched Brats', you'll be able to redeem an exchange code.

Once the code function unlocks, there's a few steps you need to follow to access the code menu. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch Reverse 1999 on your device.
  2. On the main menu, select the button at the bottom of the left bar menu.
  3. Arrow pointing at the button players have to press to head towards the codes screen in Reverse 1999.
    Image credit: VG247/Bluepoch
  4. A new menu will then pop up with a few different options. Choose 'Settings'.
  5. Arrow pointing at the button players have to press to access the Settings screen in Reverse 1999.
    Image credit: VG247/Bluepoch
  6. This will take you to another menu screen. Press the 'Go' button next to 'Exchange Code Reward' in the 'Account' tab.
  7. Arrow pointing at the button players have to press to access the codes menu in Reverse 1999.
    Image credit: VG247/Bluepoch
  8. A menu with a textbox will then appear. Type in a code and then press the 'Confirm' button'.
  9. Arrow pointing at the codes menu in Reverse 1999.
    Image credit: VG247/Bluepoch

If the code you entered is active, an animation will appear on screen and you'll see all of the in-game goodies you've just claimed for Reverse 1999.

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