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What to do with Scorpion Stew in ER Shadow of the Erdtree

Mmm, a stew with a foul odour… Here’s what to do with Scorpion Stew.

The Tarnished stands in the Belurat Tower Settlement Storeroom in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

If you’re here, then chances are you’ve been chatting to Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree’s Hornsent Grandam, who is one of few characters that doesn’t actually want to kill us for a change. In fact, this Grandam is quite the sweetheart, gifting us Scorpion Stew on a regular basis.

Now, it might be a stew comprised of Spider Scorpions that gives off a foul odor, but this hasn’t stopped the Tarnished so far. And this Stew is actually rather helpful in a pinch, or can be used to net you some crafting resources. Without further ado, here’s what to do with Scorpion Stew in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree.

What to do with Scorpion Stew in Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of the Erdtree’s Scorpion Stew is a consumable that is gifted to you by the Hornsent Grandam in Belurat Tower Settlement’s Storeroom. You’ll gain access to this room after retrieving the Storeroom Key from the Settlement, and it is closest to the Small Private Altar Site of Grace.

The location of the Small Private Altar Site of Grace at Belurat Tower Settlement is marked on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
The closest Grace to the Hornsent Grandam is the Small Private Altar. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

The first time you speak to the Hornsent Grandam, she’ll give you the Watchful Spirit Incantation. If you visit her at regular intervals after that, however, she will give you Scorpion Stew. Even later, she gives you Gourmet Scorpion Stew if you keep checking in with her.

The description of the Scorpion Stew, gifted by Hornsent Grandam, in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

When consumed, Scorpion Stew will boost your Physical damage negation while also restoring HP slowly. Gourmet Scorpion Stew has the same but improved effects. So, the main use for this is as a consumable to use before or amidst a tough battle, but there is one more use.

You can, alternatively, give the Scorpion Stew to the Hornsent NPC. If you do, he’ll give you three Furnace Visage in exchange, which can be used to craft Hefty Furnace Pots. One of which, you’re going to need later at a place known of Ruins of Unte.

As far as we’re aware, gifting the Scorpion Stew to Hornsent does not affect any dialogue from the Hornsent or the Hornsent Grandam, nor does it impact their respective quests.

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