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ER Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Order guide

Here's our Shadow of the Erdtree boss order guide, detailing who's optional, who's required, and the best progression route.

Messmer the Impaler is shown in key artwork for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: FromSoftware
UPDATE: We have updated this page with some links to our guides to help you out, as well as some additional details on where to find each boss.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree stands proud as one of the best-reviewed FromSoftware expansions of all time. Not just that, it’s actually the highest-rated DLC of all time, ever, from any developer. And it comes as no surprise really, given that this small package has what is basically an entire game stowed away inside it.

Go hard or go home, I guess! Shadow of the Erdtree has a lot of depth to it, and with depth comes impressive, challenging boss fights. The good news for keen Tarnished is that this DLC boasts over ten of them, but what is Shadow of the Erdtree’s boss order, and who’s optional or required? We explain everything in this guide.

Given that this guide lists all Remembrance bosses in the game, both optional and required, here’s your warning: there are spoilers ahead for boss names and where to find them.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Order guide: Which bosses are required or optional?

If you wanted to complete Shadow of the Erdtree by only doing the required bosses in Elden Ring’s DLC, the foes you need to fell are as follows.

Shadow of the Erdtree required boss order

  • Messmer, the Impaler - found in Shadow Keep's Dark Chamber.
  • Romina, Saint of the Bud - found in the western half of Ancient Ruins of Rauh.
  • NPC adversaries at Enir-Ilim - found just after the Cleansing Chamber Anteroom Site of Grace in the area.
  • Promised Consort Radahn - found in the arena right after the NPC battle at Enir-Ilim.

Shadow of the Erdtree optional boss order

That said, the DLC boasts a whole range of optional bosses for you to fight, and each of them adds to the story of Elden Ring in some shape or form - defeating some bosses even gives you items to help with later bosses! If you want to defeat every Remembrance boss in the Lands of Shadow, we recommend the following order. Though, a few of these bosses can be done whenever you fancy.

  • Divine Beast Dancing Lion - found at the end of Belurat Tower Settlement.
  • Rellana, Twin Moon Knight - found at the end of Castle Ensis.
  • Golden Hippopotamus - found at Shadow Keep's Front Gate.
  • Scadutree Avatar - Tree-Worship Sanctum, beneath Shadow Keep. You can get here via an elevator found in the Church District, after lowering the water level. This boss gives you a useful item for defeating Radahn later.
  • Commander Gaius - found at Shadow Keep Back Gate. Head to the top of the Specimen Storehouse to track him down.
  • Messmer, the Impaler - found in Shadow Keep's Dark Chamber. You can get to him from the Seventh Floor Site of Grace.
  • Putrescent Knight - found at the end of the Stone Coffin Fissure.
  • Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame - found in Manse Hall, which is tp the south of Abyssal Woods.
  • Bayle the Dread - found at the very top of Jagged Peak.
  • Metyr, Mother of Fingers - found in the Finger Ruins of Miyr, and is only accessible at the very end of Count Ymir's quest.
  • Romina, Saint of the Bud - found to the west of Ancient Ruins of Rauh.
  • NPC adversaries at Enir-Ilim - found after the Cleansing Room Antechamber Site of Grace.
  • Promised Consort Radahn - in the arena following the NPC battle at Enir-Ilim

The latter half of that list - between Messmer and Romina - are all bosses in easy-to-miss areas, so the order you do them in is entirely up to you. Though, I recommend beating Putrescent Knight and completing Thiollier’s quest before you fight Romina.

The rest of the list is organised based on area, and when you’ll likely reach them. Putrescent Knight and Bayle’s arena are easily accessible from the beginning of the game, but Metyr, Mother of Fingers means completing the Count Ymir quest in Scadu Altus and beyond. Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame also requires quite the trek into Abyssal Woods, so you’ll run into these two later down the line.

On top of that, it’s worth noting that while Bayle is accessible from the start of Shadow of the Erdtree, he is tough as nails. I haven’t had much issue with many bosses in the Lands of Shadow, but my attempts at fighting Bayle, honestly, have taken five years off my lifespan. Be sure to pay a visit to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion - and chat with both Igon and the Dragon Priestess - before giving the fight your all.

Aside from that, good luck and have fun!

For more on Shadow of the Erdtree, here's our guide on how to duplicate Remembrances in the Realm of Shadow, as well as where you can find plenty of Larval Tears in the DLC! And if you're thinking of a respec, why not check out our Dryleaf Arts build?

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