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Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree Miquella’s Followers guide

Here’s your guide to all possible ally and adversaries at Enir-Ilim in Shadow of the Erdtree, as well as the rewards you'll get from defeating or helping each of them.

The Tarnished speaks with Needle Knight Leda in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware
UPDATE: We've updated this page with some additional links to our guides to help you out, as well as streamlining some of the information on this page, and have added some more information about each NPC's rewards.

There are spoilers ahead for the quests of Miquella’s Followers, as well as the events at Enir-Ilim, which is during the late-game of Shadow of the Erdtree.

Miquella’s Followers are a ragtag bunch from all over the Lands of Shadow in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree. And while they all have different motivations, they share one thing in common: a love for Miquella. Once in-game events transpire, however, this all changes, and your actions as a Tarnished can impact who shows up later down the line, and what their goals are.

Will they help you, or try to kill you?

While we have individual guides on Shadow of the Erdtree’s NPCs and their individual quests, here we’re going to talk about all the crucial points you come across that can determine which of Miquella’s Followers you have as an ally or adversary at Enir-Ilim in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree, and the rewards that they drop.

Shadow of Erdtree Miquella’s Followers quest guide: All Allies and Adversaries

At the very beginning of Shadow of the Erdtree, your interactions with Miquella’s Followers - Ansbach, Moore, Leda, Freyja, Hornsent, Dryleaf Dane, and Thiollier - don’t mean much.

It’s following the shattering of Miquella’s Rune, which happens in the eastern area of Scadu Altus (likely after you’ve explored Castle Ensis), that sees characters change their tone.

When it comes to the later fight at Enir-Ilim, it seems that Needle Knight Leda and Dryleaf Dane will always be adversaries no matter what quest decisions you make. Freyja, Ansbach, Moore, Thiollier, and Hornsent have a few different fates though.

Redmane Freyja

Anyways, let’s start with Redmane Freyja. After chatting with her before Belurat Tower Settlement, you'll later explore Shadow Keep’s Specimen Storehouse, where you’ll find Ansbach on the First Floor and Freyja on the Seventh Floor. If you speak to Ansbach and then to Freyja, then to Ansbach again about Freyja’s problem, Ansbach will give you a letter - Freyja’s Letter.

  • If you give the letter to Freyja, she will appear as an adversary at Enir-Ilim, and you will get her gear and Freyja’s Greatsword upon defeat.
  • If you do not give the letter to Freyja, she will not appear at Enir-Ilim.


Next, the Hornsent. There’s not really much to do with this guy other than feed him Scorpion Stew, but once Leda has her sights set on him, you can actually choose to invade him with Leda (or vice versa) in Shadow Keep’s main plaza.

  • Help Leda invade the Hornsent, and he will not appear at Enir-Ilim. You'll get his gear and his Falx.
  • Help the Hornsent invade Leda, and you will get Leda’s Rune and her Ash of War: Swift Slash from this fight. He will also be available to summon during a later boss fight in Shadow Keep, and will invade you at Ancient Ruins of Rauh.

Hornsent appeared as an adversary for me at Enir-Ilim without having helped him or Leda with invasions, and dropped his gear and Falx on death there too.

The Tarnished speaks with the Hornsent in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
The Hornsent is a peculiar guy. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Sir Ansbach

As for Sir Ansbach, you should also seek out an item known as the Sacred Rite Scroll in the Specimen Storehouse, which you can give to him. After Leda’s events with the Hornsent, she’ll now have her eyes set on Ansbach, and you should be able to find summon signs for both Leda and Ansbach on the First Floor of the Specimen Storehouse.

  • Help Leda invade Ansbach, and Ansbach does not appear as an ally at Enir-Ilim (or adversary). You’ll get the option to summon a Sanguine Noble Nataan instead. You'll also get Ansbach's gear and his Longbow.
  • Help Ansbach fend off Leda, and Ansbach can still appear as an ally at Enir-Ilim if you give him the Sacred Rite Scroll. You’ll also receive Ansbach’s Longbow and Leda’s Rune here, if you didn’t invade her already.


Next, there’s the thing-collector that is Moore. Following the shattering of Miquella’s Rune, he gives you a choice in dialogue.

  • Tell him to ‘put it behind you’ and Moore appears as an adversary at Enir-Ilim. He will drop his gear and bell bearing upon death.
  • Tell him to ‘be sad forever’ and Moore vanishes, not appearing as an ally or adversary at Enir-Ilim.


Last, but not least, is Thiollier. He has his own expansive quest to go on, which involves heading down to the Fissure at Cerulean Coast. Once you complete Thiollier’s quest and exhaust his dialogue (this has to be done before burning the sealing tree), which sees him invading you and dropping the St. Trina's Smile Talisman, he will be available as an ally to summon at Enir-Ilim.

It’s also important to note that Thiollier and Ansbach can both be available to summon as allies simultaneously. And following the grand fight at Enir-Ilim, you will also be available to summon them during the final boss fight. You'll then be able to collect both of their remaining gear following the fight.

So by that logic, keep Ansbach alive, give him the Sacred Rite Scroll, and complete Thiollier's quest before burning the sealing tree, you should be able to have both of them fight alongside you against Moore, Freyja, Leda, and Dane. That's provided you complete Moore and Freyja's minimal quest steps too - giving Freyja her letter, and telling Moore to 'put it behind you' - will see you fight against them both. Doing the opposite should see you fight just Leda and Dane.

Shadow of Erdtree Miquella’s Followers quest guide: All Rewards

Provided that you did not engage in any of Leda's invasions against the Hornsent or Ansbach, or did the 'right' thing of helping Hornsent at Shadow Keep and helping Ansbach at Specimen Storehouse, all of Miquella's Followers should be present during the battle at Enir-Ilim. Upon defeat, you can collect the following.

Do note that both Thiollier and Ansbach's gear cannot be looted until after the final boss.

  • Freyja's Greatsword and armor set - you can also get the Golden Lion Shield when giving her Freyja's Letter.
  • Leda's Rune and armor set - you will miss out on her Ash of War: Swift Slash if you do not invade her with the Hornsent at Shadow Keep.
  • Ansbach's armor set, Obsidian Lamina, and Furious Blade of Ansbach - you will miss out on his Longbow if you do not invade Leda with him at Shadow Keep. You can also invade him with Leda to receive it, but will not be able to get the rest of his gear.
  • Thiollier's Hidden Needle and armor set - you must complete Thiollier's quest to have him as an ally and receive these.
  • Moore's bell bearing, Verdigris Greatshield, and armor set - do not tell him to 'be sad forever' or you'll miss out!
  • Dane's Footwork and armor set - you can loot Dryleaf Dane's armor set elsewhere in the DLC, but you can only get Dane's Footwork after this fight.

For more on Shadow of the Erdtree, check out our recommended boss order, the Hornsent Grandam's quest, and where to get your hands on more Scadutree Fragments. You'll likely need them!

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