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Where to get the O Mother gesture in ER Shadow of the Erdtree

Here’s where to find the O Mother gesture needed to gain passage to the Hinterlands in Shadow of the Erdtree.

The Tarnished performs the O Mother gesture in front of the tree where it is found in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree is packed with secrets for keen Tarnished to uncover, especially given its smaller, denser map. Much like the base game, some solutions - and rewards - hide in plain sight, but can be easily missed given some obtuse prerequisites that aren’t always straight-forward.

One such instance involves the O Mother gesture, which grants the Tarnished passage to a secret area known as the Hinterlands. It’s an area you don’t want to miss out on given the lore you can find, and the nearby Finger Ruins that are tied to Count Ymir’s quest. Without further ado, here’s where to get the O Mother gesture in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Where to get the O Mother gesture in ER Shadow of the Erdtree

The O Mother gesture can be found in Bonny Village in Shadow of the Erdtree.

This area is to the east of Moorth Ruins, and is accessed via a small gap in the ruins that leads to an underground network which ultimately spits you out at Bonny Village.

The location of the O Mother gesture in Bonny Village is marked on the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map
Here's where you'll find the gesture. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

To get to Moorth Ruins, you’ll need to clear Castle Ensis and defeat boss, Rellana. Alternatively, you can skip Rellana via the Fort of Reprimand. Both routes will give you passage to Scadu Altus, with Moorth Ruins being a short walk east of the Highroad Cross that is at Castle Ensis’ exit.

Here, you can speak with Dryleaf Dane if you want to. Then, follow the path straight into the ruins, keeping your eyes peeled for passages in the ruins that lead underground. There are two, with the smaller entrance being the safer one to take, as you’ll likely die from fall damage when jumping into the large opening.

Go through this cave network to then reach Bonny Village. Across the bridge to your right, you can fight some Spider Scorpions and visit Bonny Gaol. Across the bridge straight ahead, you can venture further into Scadu Altus and visit Cathedral of Manus Metyr or the Church District. To our right (the north), however, is where we want to go for the O Mother gesture.

Keep right and head to the northernmost point of the village, where there is a spiral tree. There’ll be a headless statue gesturing in front of that holds the O Mother gesture.

The O Mother gesture can then be used at the statue of Marika by Shadow Keep Back Gate Site of Grace, just before where you fight Commander Gaius. This will reveal a hidden passage that’ll take you to the Hinterlands. Here, you can visit Shaman Village and the Finger Ruins, as well as fight it out with an iconic duo.

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