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Where to get Wolverine's claws in Elden Ring

Stalking the Gravesite Plain in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree you find Logur, Beast Claw, who looks mighty familiar...

The Tarnished tracking down Logur, Beast Claw in Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: FromSoftware/VG247

Despite its unique vibe, Elden Ring is a product of its inspirations. It simply wouldn’t exist without the sprawling history of The Lord of the Rings, the dark fantasy of Berserk, or the body horror of Junji Ito, just to name a few examples.

However, while these influences are plain to see in Elden Ring, its developer, FromSoftware, is usually quite light on direct references to other media. But in Shadow of the Erdtree, there’s a wandering mini-boss who seems to break that tradition.

Logur, who wields the ferocious beast claws, stalks the southeast of the Gravesite Plain, searching for prey and unsuspecting travellers in the forest.

A wildman called Logur with metal claws? That’s got to be a reference to Logan, right? Like Wolverine from the X-Men? What’s he doing in Elden Ring? With that windswept mane of untamed hair it can’t be anyone else!

If you can track this Wolverine-alike down, we’ve heard that his Beast Claws can make light work of Bleed-weak bosses, while their super-fast strikes can also quickly inflict other statuses.

Where to find Logur and his Wolverine beast claws

A map screen showing the location of Logur, Beast Claw in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: FromSoftware/VG247

To fight Logur, the Beast Claw, start at the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace and ride southeast, into the forest to the south of the Church of Consolidation.

In roughly the middle of the forest, look for the distinctive red name tag of an NPC invader.

Pretty much as soon as you see Logur, the fight begins!

How to beat Logur, the Beast Claw

My tip for all NPC invaders, like Fire Knight Queelign, and not just Logur, is aggression. Since they tend to have relatively manageable health bars, you can rush down many invaders and stagger them if you keep up the pressure.

The Tarnished fighting Logur, Beast Claw in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: FromSoftware/VG247

If you let them dictate the pace of the fight and afford them too much space and respect, then they can pull out overpowered Ashes of War or annoying jump attacks which deal a huge amount of damage.

Rely on your own powerful Ashes of War and press your advantage when you do land a hit. If you catch Logur with an attack, you should be able to follow it up with more in a combo relatively safely.

However, with that said, don’t get greedy. If you get caught standing next to an invader with no stamina, then they can turn the tables and flatten you with a massive combo of their own.

Once you deplete his health, he’ll have one flask to heal with. But when he stops to take a sip you have a great chance to close the distance quickly and take it as an opportunity to strike.

The Tarnished collecting the Beast Claw from Logur in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: FromSoftware/VG247

As his spirit fades away, you'll be able to pick up his signature weapon and wield its primal fury for yourself. The quick strikes allow you to build up Bleed and other statuses quickly, but you need to be a strong roller to operate at close range all of the time!

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