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December 2010 Archive

    1. "Delighted" Jacobson lauds OBE recognition
    1. New Uncharted 3 movies burn the house down
    2. Interview: Uncharted 3's cinematic lead, Taylor Kurosaki
    1. Harmonix completes MBO, goes indie
    1. Activision seeking $400 million in damages from West, Zampella, and EA as Black Ops exceeds $1 billion in sales
    1. First look at Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception in LA
    1. Christmas - we're (almost) calling it
    2. The VG247 Community Awards, 2010
    3. Bilson: inSANE trilogy will take 8-10 years to complete
    4. Chair details upcoming Infinity Blade DLC, teases potential Kinect version
    5. Dead Space: Aftermath dated, new trailer shows death, space
    6. Feature: What the hell happened to Tony Hawk?
    7. Chair's Ender's Game project canned
    8. Yakuza zombie release gets Japanese date
    1. New Homefront trailer features corpses, horror
    2. Kinect Sports gets free DLC, Kinect Joy Ride content in January
    3. Humble Bundle 2 offers stupid indie value
    4. ITV Player and 4OD now available on UK PS3s
    5. Mortal Kombat Kollector's and Tournament Editions announced, detailed
    6. Uncharted 3 gameplay demoed on Fallon
    7. Capcom pins down Dead Rising: Case West for December 27
    8. Del Toro's inSANE officially a trilogy, possibly a movie
    1. Minecraft enters beta, gets price hike, on December 20
    2. Crytek's Warface gets first video, is "major stepping stone"
    3. Prototype now available on 360 GoD, PSN version coming tomorrow
    4. CNBC: Angry Birds downloaded 50 million times
    5. The Elder Scrolls V confirmed for PC, PS3 and 360, will have new engine
    6. WoW Cataclysm sells 3.3 million in 24 hours to become "the fastest-selling PC game of all time"
    7. GT5 loading times halved with SSD installation, says Phil
    8. PS3 Mass Effect 2 getting demo next week
    9. Infinity Blade is fastest ever grossing App
    10. Amazon UK starts taking game trade-ins
    11. UK charts: Black Ops keeps top slot
    12. UK PS3s getting ITV and C4 streaming this week
    1. Mass Effect 3 confirmed for 360, PC and PS3
    2. Resistance 3 already playable start to finish, says Insomniac
    3. No DLC support for Hot Pursuit on PC
    4. Killzone 3 ad shows new footage
    5. Kratos confirmed for Mortal Kombat
    6. Turn 10 confirms Forza 4 will include Kinect support
    7. SSX website details Deadly Descents
    8. Thor: God of Thunder makes debut at VGAs
    9. Spike VGA 2010 winners - Red Dead Redemption scoops GOTY
    10. VGAs 2010 - everything in one place
    11. Portal 2 trailer focuses on co-op
    12. Batman: Arkham City trailer introduces Hugo Strange
    13. Forza Motorsport 4 announced for fall 2011
    14. SSX Deadly Descents announced
    15. Uncharted 3 dated for November 1
    16. Del Toro's Insane announced, releases in 2013
    17. Prototype 2 announced for 2012
    18. Resistance 3 dated for September 6, 2011
    19. Mass Effect 3 announced at VGAs
    20. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim announced at VGAs, releases next November
    1. "Surprise" world premiere to happen at VGAs, says Keighley
    2. Spike Video Game Awards 2010 liveblog is go
    3. Killzone 3 gameplay video shows off the ice level
    4. BioWare tells how the Sith Empire was reborn in new video
    5. Gears VGAs annnouncement postponed
    6. Cryptic releases Season 3 for Star Trek Online
    7. de Blob 2 screens and trailer released
    8. People Can Fly reveals one idea that didn't make it into Bulletstorm
    9. Spike teams up with Philo for tonight's VGAs
    10. DICE releases "pure gameplay" video for BFBC2 Vietnam
    11. NPD: Black Ops moved 4.9M on Xbox 360 and 3.1M on PS3 in November
    12. Highlander the Game officially canceled by Square
    13. Keighley: Uncharted 3 VGAs trailer "definitely not CG"
    14. Batman: Arkham City VGAs trailer will see new villain revealed
    1. Ubisoft releases 2011 gaming schedule, Altair's Chronicles HD on iPad
    2. Quake Arena Arcade finally hitting XBL next week
    3. Mass Effect 3 pops up for pre-order on EA Store
    4. Community Choice Classics Car Pack for Forza 3 hits next week
    5. Black aiming for "more rock and roll, spray and pray, slo-mo death, and glory" in his WWII shooter
    6. Rumor - Metal Gear Solid: Rising to be released in the US on July 3
    7. New track revealed for MotorStorm Apocalypse, sounds bonkers
    8. Fallout: New Vegas patch lands on PSN, hitting Steam and XBL next week
    9. X-Men Destiny gets teased
    10. Catherine's action finally gets a bit of detail
    11. Billy Joel hitting Rock Band next week
    12. Home is two years old, Sony celebrates with new games exclusively for the service
    13. Gameplay clips and screens pop up for Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll
    14. PS Move Heroes gets new gameplay screens
    15. NFS: Hot Pursuit gets Super Sports pack on December 21
    16. First Journey footage airs during GTTV, gets first trailer
    17. TDU2 trailer shows off homie's crib
    18. Entire Fight Night: Champion roster announced
    19. Rumour - PlayStation Phone video shows off benchmark
    20. New Move gun attachment, green DualShock 3 announced by Sony
    21. Activision downplays "controversy" surrounding Kobe in Black Ops ad, calls it "very hypocritical"
    22. FFXIV PS3 delayed, PC trial period gets extended, dev team restructured
    23. GT5 ships 5.5 million units worldwide, series surpasses 60 million units shipped
    24. Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider reboot: "Lara Croft as a sex object isn’t our goal"
    25. New VGA teaser hints that something Peace Walker this way comes
    26. Extended Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer really hits it home
    27. The 3rd Birthday does get shower scene after all
    28. Uncharted 3 gets first public demo next Monday on Fallon
    29. Mass Effect 2 PS3 gets January release date
    30. NPD November 2010: Industry up 8% as DS leads hardware, Black Ops moves 8.4 million units
    1. Rumor: BioWare VGA teaser is Mass Effect 3, has multiplayer
    2. Rumor: Planetside reboot to be revealed in March
    3. Kaos: Controversy over games is good if it involves an "intellectual debate"
    4. Microsoft feels there's "too many people with too much invested to let Apple win" in mobile
    5. Dead Space: Aftermath animated series being released on Blu-ray and DVD in January
    6. Civ V getting more DLC on December 16 with Spaniards ruled by Queen Isabella
    7. Here's what Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit looks like on iPad
    8. Uncharted 3 cover, artwork get out
    9. C. Viper and Storm confirmed for MvC3, four trailers released
    10. Uncharted 3 to be playable in "high-resolution stereoscopic 3D"
    11. Back to the Future site gets updated with episode information, George and Biff
    12. New Resistance 3 shots released thanks to folks who "liked" its Facebook page
    13. "If you're having no fun making your game then you're in trouble," says Hello Games boss
    14. Dead Space 2 gets a Necromorph killing trailer
    15. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception revealed in EW report, confirmed for 2011 - teaser inside
    16. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries gets new shots
    17. Resident Evil: Revelations - new shots
    18. New BioWare teaser shot shows first-person perspective, humans
    19. Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy gets couple new shots, fantastic art
    20. Under Siege out later this month
    21. World of Goo launching on iPad on December 16
    22. GAME holding Thursday Madness sale - Tron Evolution, NFS: Hot Pursuit, BioShock 2 for £8
    23. Broken Sword 2 gets remastered release on iPhone, iPad before Christmas
    24. EA: Battlefield 1943 raked in $16 million, $45 million for FIFA Ultimate Team
    25. Cypress Hill singer sues Rockstar over San Andreas likeness use
    26. Knights Contract gets February release
    27. Strong Bad's Cool Game hitting PSN, Mac
    28. RDR: Undead Nightmare launching in Japan on February 10
    29. DC Universe Online beta to be available to all US PS Plus users
    30. Activision: "Nothing but love" for Harmonix, key to revitalizing Guitar Hero is innovation
    31. Infinity Blade available now for iDevices
    32. Fan outrage persuades 343 Industries to continue Halo Wars stat-tracking
    33. Ultra-rumor: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm ending leaks out a year early
    1. Bulletstorm misunderstood as mindless shooter, says People Can Fly
    2. Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll hits PS3 in the US on February 8
    3. Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy gets a world map, Laguna Loire
    4. Bomberman Live: Battlefest finally hits XBLA
    5. LittleBigPlanet 2 video shows off what you can create with machinima tools
    6. Costume Quest DLC Grubbins on Ice hits PSN December 21, XBL today
    7. Dragon Age II may be "our most reactive game to date", says BioWare
    8. First trailer for Night of the Sacrifice released
    9. Check out the intro and a cool looking user-created Wolfenstein level for LBP2
    10. Initial orders for Level-5's Ni no Kuni on DS hits 600K
    11. Anarchy mode in Bulletstorm is "not like Nazi Zombies where you just have to survive", says Bleszinski
    12. Japanese hardware charts Nov. 29-Dec.5: Monster Hunter fever moves over 323K PSP units
    13. Dead Space 2 demo confirmed for December 21
    14. Japanese software charts Nov. 20 - Dec. 5: Monster Hunter 3rd and Tales of Graces F take top two spots
    15. X-Men Arcade hitting XBLA on December 15
    16. Bulletstorm previews reveal two of the multiplayer modes
    17. New Portal 2 clip to air during VGAs this weekend
    18. Two Worlds II gets firm release date for US
    19. Suzuki: Shenmue III concept "already exists"
    20. More possible characters for Mortal Kombat 2011 leaked from MK9 website
    21. Batman: Arkham City teaser is a go
    22. TDU2 video feautres lots of racing
    23. MAG getting version 2.10 today, adds multiqueue feature
    24. Report - UK console install base now at 32.4 million
    25. EU PS Store update, December 8 - Alien Breed 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves
    26. Media Molecule opening up LBP2 beta to Plus members
    27. You can shoot while moving in Resident Evil: Mercenaries
    28. Pachter "disappointed" in lack of Call of Duty online sub service
    29. Google launches Chrome Gaming App Store, features EA titles
    30. Max Payne 2 latest GFW title to go to 99c
    31. Activision: Tony Hawk brand has "Michael Jordan-esque staying power"
    32. FF Agito XIII will have "unique" multiplayer system
    33. Rumour: PSP2 graphics comparable to early PS3 titles
    34. US PS store update, December 7 - Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, Kung-Fu Live, MGS
    35. Namco Bandai shares Jump Festa line-up
    36. EA: The Old Republic is "a 10 year opportunity"
    37. Kratos to appear in Mortal Kombat PS3
    38. Rumour - New SSX in development at EA Canada, will bring the series "back to its roots"
    1. City Interactive has four FPS games currently in development
    2. EA Games label president believes the non-online games model "is finished"
    3. THQ and ngmoco release Star Wars Imperial Academy for iPhone and iPod Touch
    4. Multiplayer for Dead Space 2 was the "most requested" feature from fans
    5. Steam Treasure Hunt has you completing objectives for free games
    6. Super Meat Boy gets super special edition and super cover art
    7. Codemasters files lawsuit over Jumpgate Evolution delays
    8. CD Projekt chats about the game engine in latest Witcher 2 dev diary
    9. Suzuki: "Game providers have to shift their focus" on visuals to creativity
    10. WH40K: Dark Millennium Online will be more "actiony" than other MMOs, says Vigil
    11. AC: Brotherhood video shows unlockable Raiden skin
    12. Second round of closed beta testing starts December 17 for Rift: Planes of Telara
    13. Resistance 3 shots and art land ahead of Saturday's gameplay reveal
    14. TFU2 Endor Bonus Mission trailer makes us feel bad for the Ewoks
    15. WH40K: Space Marine screens show orks dying horribly
    16. GameStop to offer PowerUp Card in its European stores
    17. Batman: Arkham City teaser video hits MSN Games tomorrow
    18. Nintendo downloads inlcude Fluidity, Wolf of the Battlefield, more
    19. EA's Chillingo to publish The Witcher: Versus on the App Store
    20. Warriors of Rock takes us back to the 90s
    21. SNK adding NEOGEO Station to PSN December 21
    22. Sony adds Quests to PlayStation Rewards Program
    23. Samurai Warriors 3Z and Xtreme Legends to be delayed slightly in Japan
    24. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime gets first video, new screens
    25. Blizzard's Pearce: Retail "has things to offer that we can’t offer digitally"
    26. Rumor: Raven Software developing stealth-based Bond game, taking focus off X-Men Origins sequel [Update]
    27. Creative Assembly pondering Total War on consoles
    28. Dissidia 012, 3rd Birthday confirmed for spring in Europe
    29. Blizzard: We don't "have enough bandwidth" for Warcraft IV
    30. Report - The Agency releasing in second-half 2011
    31. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved getting new DLC today
    32. Direct2Drive holding Atari sale this week
    33. echochrome II releasing on December 21
    34. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl is 99 cents at GFWMP
    35. WoW: Cataclysm launches worldwide - CE gets unboxed, Blizzard talks about next expansion
    36. GT5 gets update 1.03, includes mechanical damage
    37. RedSpot Games announces new Dreamcast title on German TV
    38. Live Deal of the Week sees Arcade price-drops, Avatar goodies
    39. PS3 gets Firmware 3.55, adds nothing
    40. Latest BioWare VGA teaser is a red herring
    41. Killzone 3 dated for February 24 in Japan
    42. Tomb Raider info comes stumbling out of GI
    43. Giant multiplatform New Vegas patch submitted for certification, finally nearing release
    44. OnLive releases iPad app, planning subscription-based movie service for 2011
    45. Investigate these new L.A. Noire screens
    1. Neil Patrick Harris to host VGAs
    2. Four Oddworld games hitting Steam this year
    3. Square announces Tomb Raider
    4. First premium DLC pack for NFS: Hot Pursuit announced
    5. Off-screen KZ3 video shows massive boss fight
    6. GAME holding Monday Madness sale - £99 GT5 Sig Edition, £20 Medal of Honor, more
    7. Microsoft denies Kinect shortage claims
    8. Rumour - Split-screen for Killzone 3 shown in preview code
    9. UK charts: Black Ops overtakes GT5 to top spot
    10. Flatout video for Wii shows stunt mode
    11. Microsoft not looking at Home-like service for 360
    12. 1UP begins Shenmue Week, world weeps
    13. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ships 2 million in Japan
    14. Pachter: PSP2 will be "dead on arrival"
    15. No MvC3 demo due to schedule reasons, says Capcom's Svensson
    1. Thrustmaster teases official GT5 wheel, could cost $500
    2. Dead Space 2 demo before Christmas? "You never know," says Papoutsis
    1. Gilbert wishes he'd made "battling a little more intellectual" in DeathSpank
    2. Samurai Warriors Chronicle screens are action-packed
    3. No-skin Kagaku-kun getting his very own DS game
    4. LOTRO getting Radiance revamp in Q1 2011, and lots of other good stuff
    5. Darkspore video shows off multiplayer
    6. Swords and Soldiers gets Move support on PSN, 20% off on Steam
    7. Red Faction:Origins film to be released in May instead of March
    8. Second Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit patch in the works for PC
    9. Valkyria Chronicles III changes detailed by SEGA
    10. MUA2 DLC to be pulled forever on December 31
    11. Assassin's Creed survey asks about possible innovations for next iteration
    12. UDK game The Spire gets teaser trailer
    13. DualShock 3 controller looks pretty in pink
    14. Final Fantasy XI December update raises the level cap
    15. More updates planned for Black Ops on PC
    16. MAG v2.10 expected to hit next week
    17. Report: 250GB Xbox 360 stock to normalize after Christmas
    18. L4D2 updates: Uncrownable Witch, user created Mutations, Hard Eight
    19. Yakuza 4 Akiyama character trailer and screens arrive
    20. "The industry is a lot healthier than just what NPD is reporting," says THQ's Farrell
    21. Only way to beat COD is to "make a better game," says Riccitiello
    22. New "Murder Your Maker" teaser trailer shows scenes and screens from Prototype
    23. Rumor: More PlayStation Phone videos leak out, bare all
    1. SOE considering a "Cataclysm " of its own for EverQuest II
    2. Rumor: Next Angry Birds update coming in time for Valentine's
    3. Civilization IV's opening theme nominated for a Grammy
    4. Catherine boxart for PS3 and Xbox 360 is rather awesome
    5. Homefront gets second dev diary
    6. Dynasty Warriors 7 shots are a bit dramatic
    7. Queen track packs with keys, harmonies and Pro upgrades coming to Rock Band 3
    8. Monty Python Facebook title The Ministry of Silly Games now in beta
    9. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam getting unlockable Operation Hastings map
    10. LBP2 won't support 3D, says SCEA
    11. Deus Ex: GOTY PC 80 MS points at GFWMP
    12. Team Fortress 2 gets public beta for new features
    13. FFXIII, MW2, GoWIII big winners at PlayStation Awards
    14. Ubisoft combats Michael Jackson DS piracy with vuvuzelas
    15. Evil Ryu, Oni Akuma confirmed for SSFIV arcade
    16. Sony includes built-in PS2 with Bravia
    17. Ghostbusters 360 finally gets a patch after a year-and-a-half
    18. First Back to the Future trailer is go
    19. Twisted Pixel announces Ms. Splosion Man for autumn 2011
    1. Def Jam Rapstar and Atlantic Records want to give you a recording contract
    2. Moto Racer 2 and Alien Shooter land on
    3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja - Storm 2 ships over one million units worldwide
    4. Wii Speak being phased out unless consumer demand increases
    5. PSA: Final LBP2 beta testing hits this month, more invites coming
    6. Rock Band: Reloaded now available on the App Store
    7. Mass Effect 2 looks like it runs rather well on a netbook when using Gaikai
    8. Rift beta trailer tries to lure you in
    9. Half of Microsoft's 25 million Xbox Live members have Gold subs
    10. Digital offerings on PC contribute $750 million to EA's current revenue
    11. Coming soon to XBLM: Army of TWO: The 40th Day, NBA Collection, BFBC2
    12. Voice chat functionality coming soon to Dead Nation
    13. Third zombie-related VGA teaser image looks Prototype-related
    14. DDO and LOTRO players can win 100K Turbine points
    15. Angry Birds Seasons out now
    16. OnLive's $10 per month flat-rate game plan launches January 15
    17. Coming soon to US PS Plus - Sackboy Prehistoric Moves, Sam & Max, more
    18. SEGA gets Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston for Thor: God of Thunder
    19. Valkyria Chronicles III opening gets out
    20. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime revealed in USA Today report
    21. Ignition US confirms move from LA to Texas
    22. Kirby's Epic Yarn gets February 25 European launch
    23. Livingstone: Kane & Lynch "not going to disappear"
    24. Fight Night: Champion videos show the story of Andre Bishop
    25. Take Two won't do an Activision in annualising big titles
    26. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' final episode gets Xmas Day release
    27. Valkyria Chronicles III CE features a cup
    28. Xbox 360 turns five in Europe
    29. EA Sports MMA takes a sales beating, but sequel still a matter of "when," not "if"
    30. Pachter: Kinect and Move to hit 8 million in 2010, over 20 million in 2011
    31. White Knight Chronicles PSP gets trailered
    32. GT5 gets save back-up update this month
    33. PETA releases Super Tofu Boy, gets added into Super Meat Boy PC
    34. Uncharted movie to include "family dynamic," "heads of museums" being brought to "justice"
    35. First Resistance 3 gameplay gets VGA showing next weekend
    1. Monster Hunter Portable 3 looks to be a hit in Japan day one
    2. Crystal Dynamics wants you to choose which new character pack comes first for Lara Croft
    3. Riccitiello calls Dead Space 2 "scarier" than the original
    4. Force Unleashed II screen shows an Ewok getting electroshock therapy
    5. Cradle of Civilization map packs for Civ V now available on Steam
    6. Koei Tecmo releases some nice Dynasty Warriors 7 character renders
    7. Konami releases PS3 patch for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    8. Crysis 2 gets the novel treatment in March with Crysis: Legion
    9. NFS Shift 2: "We won't add 1000 irrelevant cars", says lead designer
    10. Ubisoft to publish Rift: Planes of Telara in Europe
    11. Japanese hardware charts Nov. 22-28: PS3 sales double thanks to GT5 bundle
    12. Japanese software charts Nov. 22-28: Gran Turismo 5 moves over 430K units
    13. Namco Bandai apologises for Enslaved: Pigsy's Perfect 10 PSN DLC troubles
    14. Witcher 2 video is a rather awesome pre-order enticer
    15. MS has "nothing to announce at this time" regarding Halo 1 remake
    16. Coming soon to PS Plus: Assassins Creed, Abe’s Exodus, Costume Quest and DLC bundle
    17. Xbox 360 Live Activity for week of Nov 22 - Call of Duty games claim top 15
    18. Activision: Facebook and mobile don't provide a large opportunity for customer growth at the moment
    19. EU PS Store update, December 1 - Dead Nation, Assassin's Creed, Edge
    20. Trials HD Big Thrills pack now available from Live
    21. Farmville renamed Farm Village for Japanese release
    22. Rumour - PSPhone spotted Greek video
    23. Lionhead deploys massive Fable III title update
    24. Blizzard issues more StarCraft II bans
    25. Microsoft shows off Live Rewards program
    26. The Fight: Lights Out gets title update, new DLC
    27. Inafune opens new blog, says he wants to "challenge things" and "exceed his former self"
    28. White Knight Chronicles: Dogma Wars gets Japanese release in February
    29. Square announces Jump Festa line-up, no mention of Versus, Agito
    30. Nintendo counting on "late adopters" to reinvigorate Wii sales
    31. Kazunori: GT5 to get mechanical damage update this month
    32. Super Meat Boy out now on PC
    33. EA: Tiger Woods needs to end his losing streak for parternship to "make sense"
    34. Sega announces Binary Domain