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April 2018 Archive

    1. Fortnite's Mysterious Comet is How Games Should Hype Events
    2. Bungie is finally releasing Destiny's Music of the Spheres
    3. The Legend of Zelda's encyclopedia looks gorgeous, arrives this summer
    4. Black Mesa gets "Xen Engine" update and Steam sale
    5. Remedy Entertainment's mysterious new game will be at E3 2018
    6. God of War studio has five more games plotted out
    7. Stardew Valley's multiplayer beta is here
    8. Fortnite streamer earns a staggering 43 kills in one match
    9. Techland acquires Call of Juarez rights, relaunches Gunslinger
    10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 leak reveals league expansion
    11. Cyberpunk 2077 primer - factions, classes, roles, world, and lore
    12. Red Dead Redemption 2's latest trailer is out Wednesday
    13. Fallout 4 mod brings the Terminator to your campaign
    14. CD Projekt RED will have an RPG at E3, let's guess what it is
    15. GoG offering The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Gwent Card Keg as newsletter signup offer
    16. God of War tops UK retail chart for the second week running, Nintendo Labo behind Far Cry 5 in third
    17. Let it Die publisher GungHo Entertainment has ten "new release pipelines", will show at E3
    18. The future of sports games is in the RPG
    19. The First Super Robot Wars You Should Play
    1. Nixxes Software working alongside Nvidia on Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC
    2. Monster Hunter World: how to get Dante's armor and weapon in Code: Red
    3. Destiny 2: Warmind will extend Exotic Masterwork perks and mechanics with catalysts
    4. PUBG: 15 people accused of developing hack programs arrested in China
    5. EA, Nintendo, Sony, Valve reported by Norway for not complying with EU consumer laws
    6. Monster Hunter World – here’s the current Event Quest Schedule for April 27 - May 17
    7. Fortnite: where to visit different taco shops in a single match
    8. Fortnite: where to search between a Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge, and a Red RV
    9. What's Your Favorite Superhero Game?
    1. The Video Game History of Every Major Hero in Avengers: Infinity War
    2. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, April 27-30
    3. Elite Dangerous Player Draws Game's Logo In-game by Flying Around for a Month
    4. Battlefield 1 update will make some rather large changes to Scouting class
    5. God of War Light Elf Outpost guide - How to open the chest and get the Pristine Scales of the Realm, Dust of Realms
    6. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass Includes 7 Tombs, 7 Outfits, 7's for Everyone
    7. Wild West Online is coming to Steam May 10
    8. Shadow of the Tomb Raider pre-orders give 48 hours early access, Season Pass detailed
    9. Here's an hour of Kratos saying 'Boy' in God of War
    10. Blizzard's unannounced shooter will have a PvP focus
    11. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft's Selfish Tomb Raiding is Bad
    12. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - hands-on with Lara's brutal, beautiful coming-of-age
    13. H1Z1 dev Daybreak announces layoffs after apparent ties to Russian oligarch surface
    14. Nintendo will reveal Switch Online service details early next month
    15. Nintendo dates E3 2018 briefing
    16. Black Sabbath, ELO, Bowie and Fat Joe: here's a playlist of all the songs removed from the GTA 4 soundtrack
    17. Shadow of the Tomb Raider first screenshots, trailer, various editions leak online
    18. How mechanics blend with story in God of War to make you care about Sad Murder Dad and his Boy
    19. Fortnite emergency broadcast: meteorites hit hard as comet theories abound
    20. Sony: 76 million PS4's sold, as hardware sales begin to slow
    1. Epic to continue pursuing its lawsuit against 14-year-old Fortnite cheater
    2. Sources: There are No Current Plans to Bring Fortnite Battle Royale to the Switch
    3. Xbox software and services revenue up 24%, gaming revenue up 18% to $345M
    4. SEGA "may consider" bringing Yakuza 3-5 to PS4 if there's enough demand
    5. Arma 3 is free to play on Steam this weekend
    6. Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion hits consoles and PC in July
    7. God of War Muspelheim guide - How to get to the Realm of Fire and earn Smouldering Embers
    8. How to download and play Ring of Elysium in English
    9. Switch Sales Near 18 Million, with Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the Most Popular Titles
    10. Fortnite is now the largest free-to-play console game of all time
    11. Day of Infamy, one of the best WW2 shooters on Steam, is free to play this weekend
    12. Monster Hunter World patch 3.02 fixes Kulve Taroth quest bug, Wyvern Ignition elemental attack value
    13. Switch sales stand at over 17M units, Breath of the Wild now best-selling Zelda title
    14. PUBG's big PC test patch is here: re-balancing weapons and adding a new DMR, new vehicle and much more
    15. Kingdom Come Deliverance patch 1.4.3 brings new hair and beard styles to PS4 and Xbox One
    16. Steam reviews now have comments disabled by default
    17. God of War patch 1.15 brings UI fixes, more stability improvements
    18. Take a look at new Fortnite skins coming soon
    19. Belgium now says loot boxes are gambling
    20. PUBG Xbox One Miramar test server taken offline shortly after going live [Update: back up]
    21. The USgamer Podcast Gets Grumpy with Kratos in God of War
    1. Blockchain and You: What Does Blockchain Even Do for Video Games?
    2. "Cory Barlog Kept Punching Guys Forever:" The Making of God of War's Leviathan Axe
    3. Spider-Man pre-orders gain early access to Iron Spider Suit inspired by Avengers: Infinity War
    4. Sonic Mania Plus has a release date, check out Mighty and Ray in action
    5. God of War Guide: Witch's Cave puzzle solution - how to get back into the Witch's house and get the chest
    6. Beyond: Two Souls, Rayman Legends lead PS Plus lineup for May
    7. US PS Store Golden Week Sale: grab Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5, more at a discount
    8. 11-11: Memories Retold is a new story-driven game set during the First World War
    9. Fortnite: all vending machine locations
    10. Fortnite: Moisty Mire treasure map location
    11. Fortnite: where to search between Three Boats
    12. Fortnite: where to dance on 3 different dance floors
    13. Fortnite: Retail Row treasure map location
    14. Fortnite: Search the Hidden Gnome in different named locations to discover the creepy laughing
    15. Fortnite: Summit Mountain Peak locations
    16. PES 2018, State of Decay 2 coming to Xbox Game Pass in May - get first month for just $1
    17. Fortnite: where to search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards and a Crashed Bus
    18. Fortnite Anarchy Acres treasure map location
    19. Fortnite: where to search between a Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture and a Circle of Hedges, and ice cream truck locations
    20. Fortnite: all forbidden dance locations, where to search between pool, windmill and umbrella
    21. Hitman's best levels according to IO Interactive
    22. WoW Battle for Azeroth Beta has begun, first wave of keys have been sent out, more to come
    23. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery out today on iOS and Android
    24. Meta-shifting balance changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege with nerfs to Lion, Blitz and Vigil
    25. Fortnite’s clinger sticky grenades are being used as suicide bombs
    26. Far Cry 5 and Sea of Thieves best-selling games in US during March, according to NPD
    27. Nintendo Switch hack: "all Switch units in existence today are vulnerable, forever"
    28. "The gaming community is great at being complete f**king a**holes online," says Devolver co-founder
    29. Share your controller via Mixer and more with new April Xbox Update
    1. Destiny 2: Warmind – screenshots show off Exotics, Strikes, Public Events, story, more
    2. USgamer Lunch Hours: BattleTech [Done!]
    3. Fortnite Self-Refund feature: here's what you can and can't return - once it's back online
    4. Destiny 2: Warmind takes place on Mars, tells the story of Ana Bray and Rasputin
    5. BattleTech Review-in-Progress
    6. Here's a full play-through of the Detroit: Become Human demo
    7. Get Hitman, Inside, A Hat in Time, many more cheap in Steam's Games From Denmark sale
    8. Twitch Prime free games for May: Clustertruck, Gone Home, Psychonauts, more
    9. Far Cry 5’s latest event, Pickup Blowup, starts today
    10. God of War Treasure Map guide: Dead and Bloated
    11. Games With Gold for May include Metal Gear Solid 5, Vanquish, more
    12. Co-op shooter Strange Brigade gets August release date
    13. PUBG developer wants players to suggest a new name for Savage's Abandoned Resort
    14. God of War Inside the Mountain quest: Deer Head Statue, Heart of the Mountain Claw puzzle solutions, Hraezlyr guide
    15. Get Dark Souls Remastered at 50% off if you own Prepare to Die Edition on Steam
    16. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus release date announced for Switch
    17. Destiny 2: Warmind livestream - find out what's in store for Season 3 by watching it here
    18. Free-to-play battle royale shooter H1Z1 is coming to PS4 next month
    19. PS4 firmware update 5.53-01 is pretty small, doesn't require restart
    20. God of War's own developer wasn't always on board with director's one-shot concept
    21. Tencent is bringing Fortnite to China
    22. Fortnite Tier 100 challenges - How to get the High Octane glider
    23. Take a look at PUBG's new store UI, map selection in leaked footage
    24. Avengers Infinity War has been reimagined as a classic Japanese RPG for a new promo video
    25. "We're stealing stuff from everybody" - but Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey doesn't want to be labelled by genre
    26. Fortnite patch 3.6 adds Clinger sticky grenade, improves sniper and crossbow hit reg
    27. God of War 1.13 patch fixes bugs
    1. Happy Anniversary to Persona 3 FES, Which Needs a Remaster More Than Ever
    2. Night Trap is getting a Nintendo Switch re-release
    3. Overwatch's Symmetra is switching from support to defense
    4. Axe of the Blood God Figures Out Where Ni No Kuni 2's Story Went Wrong
    5. Miramar map testing arrives on PUBG for Xbox One this week
    6. PUBG reveals its first major esports tournament
    7. Destiny 2 gets Warmind teaser now, full-blown Twitch stream tomorrow
    8. There's Now an Official Fortnite Amazon Store
    9. How Realistic is Yakuza 6? Behind Japan's Long History of Crime Syndicates
    10. God of War Favours Guide: Second Hand Soul - Where to find the Volunder Mines and beat the Soul Eater
    11. Fire Emblem Heroes introduces a few new heroes
    12. This website breaks down how every game uses microtransactions
    13. What are the Top 5 Best PSN Games Under $10?
    14. Job listing promises FF7 Remake will "surpass the original"
    15. Detroit: Become Human demo coming tomorrow as game goes gold
    16. Why Detroit’s lead writer quit TV for interactive storytelling’s “extra weapons”
    17. Quantic Dream sues French media over toxic work condition reports
    18. Descent spiritual successor Overload comes out of Steam Early Access in May
    19. Detroit: Become Human doesn’t preach about discrimination - it makes you live it
    20. How to Make Big Money in GTA 5 Stock Market (PS4 and Xbox One)
    21. GTA Online Humane Labs Raid - GTA Online Heist Guide - Elite Challenges and Payouts
    22. Hearthstone director Ben Brode leaves Blizzard Entertainment
    23. Ninja's Vegas Fortnite event breaks Twitch viewing record
    24. God of War Guide: How to Break into the Hive
    25. God of War is already the biggest series launch in the UK
    26. Two Point Hospital looks like far more than just a high-definition Theme Hospital
    27. PUBG dev planning big weapon and attachment re-balance, making level 3 helmets care package-exclusive
    28. God of War 1.12 patch makes text a bit easier to read
    29. Valve buys Firewatch developer Campo Santo
    1. Here's a fun God of War video starring dogs
    2. Battlefield 1 players could soon see six new weapons added, per dataminers
    3. May Xbox update adds 120Hz refresh rate, Groups, capture trimming, more
    4. Darwin Project is now a free-to-play title on Steam
    5. Platinum Games really wants to bring The Wonderful 101 to Switch
    6. Valve loses appeal over ACCC ruling, must pay $3M fine over misleading refund policy
    7. New Doom film in the works at Universal Studios
    8. The Binding of Isaac spin-off The Legend of Bum-bo gets a teaser trailer
    9. The Witcher season one will feature eight episodes, pilot could air sometime in 2020
    10. Stormdivers is the new multiplayer game from Housemarque - watch the first teaser
    11. Resoman, The Trader and undead dinosaurs: Housemarque opens up about prototypes you'll never play
    12. RPGs can become much more "radical" but hardcore players are "resistant to change", says Obsidian
    13. What Four Games Would You Say Helped Define You?
    1. Capcom's pulling Puzzle Fighter off mobile stores and shutting servers down in July
    2. God of War Story Primer—All the Key Events in the Series Before God of War PS4
    3. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, April 20-23
    4. Gaming YouTuber Faces Two Years in Prison After Feeding Homeless Man Toothpaste-filled Oreos
    5. Nintendo Labo out today in North America, so here's Bill Nye
    6. 7 Dumb Things We Hope Are Possible with Nintendo Labo
    7. Ultra Shiny trademark filed by Pokemon developer Game Freak
    8. God of War First Boss guide: How to beat The Stranger
    9. Here's a glimpse at what early God of War demos looked like
    10. Get a free copy of Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign on Humble
    11. The Division movie to be directed by Deadpool 2's David Leitch
    12. Release date for survival horror game Agony announced with nightmarish trailer
    13. Overwatch map Rialto has made it on the PTR following delay, together with Hanzo's rework
    14. God of War will be the biggest exclusive debut on PS4, says analyst
    15. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey gameplay looks like Assassin's Creed with apes
    16. PUBG's Metal Rain event mode lets you call in an air-dropped armoured UAZ
    17. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer resembled Overwatch at one point, but Treyarch scaled back similarities following feedback - report
    18. Kingdom Come Deliverance: "We wanted to make Red Dead Redemption with a sword"
    19. God of War review - one of the best games of the generation
    20. God of War reviews round-up, all the scores
    21. Fortnite is coming to China
    22. Synthetik: satisfying top-down action by way of tactical shooters
    1. God of War's Strong Reviews Complete Sony Santa Monica's Return From the Brink
    2. Videos for The Crew 2 show off transforming mechanic, 12 minutes of gameplay
    3. VR Spring Sale on Steam knocks up to 90% off over 900 titles
    4. WH40K: Inquisitor - Martyr delayed to June, devs promise to work "90+ hours a week" to get it done [Update]
    5. World of Demons is a mobile title from Platinum Games coming this summer
    6. There are "absolutely insane conspiracy theories" about Kingdom Come Deliverance development, says Warhorse co-founder
    7. Fortnite Mobile has earned $25 million on iOS in less than a month
    8. Rupture now available to all Battlefield 1 owners, Shock Operations coming this summer
    9. PES has lost the exclusive UEFA Champions League license
    10. Dutch Gaming Authority calls out loot boxes, finds four games in violation of Better Gaming Act
    11. Monster Hunter World Kulve Taroth Siege Guide: how to start the Kulve Taroth quest, tips for battle and getting the all-new loot
    12. Everspace dev paid thousands to influencers who were "s**t at playing the game"
    13. An underground cave system, new vehicles and weapons are in the works for PUBG's Savage map
    14. Twitch is being blocked in Russia - reports
    15. God of War side quest guide: Lost and Found - where to find the lost toys
    16. God of War Guide: How to get past the spiked ceiling in the River Pass
    17. God of War Tips - How to save, how to parry, when to use Spartan Rage
    18. Fortnite v3.5.2 server crashes being investigated
    19. Map selection is finally coming to PUBG
    20. PUBG Xbox One free weekend is now live
    21. Fortnite update 3.5 brings LMGs, 50v50 mode
    22. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass teased, full reveal coming at E3 2018
    23. Get double XP in Fortnite Battle Royale this weekend
    1. The USgamer Podcast Mourns the Loss of Kazuma Kiryu and Call of Duty Campaigns
    2. The Fallout of EA's Loot Box Controversy is Still Being Felt Throughout Gaming
    3. Remembering The Time Barbara Bush Helped the Super Mario Bros Save America
    4. For Honor players can download an all-new training mode tomorrow
    5. Battlefield 5 battle royale currently in the prototype phase at DICE - report
    6. Pokemon Go's May Community Day event is all about Charmander
    7. Sea of Thieves patch 1.0.4 adds legendary ship customization, reduces latency instances, more
    8. Knights of Light is an ambitious, Witcher-inspired RPG from a small Egyptian team
    9. Revamped Xbox Live Avatars and customization shown off in leaked video
    10. The Witness - Windmill Movie Theater Hexagon Puzzle Solutions
    11. Suda51 wants to make No More Heroes 3 after Travis Strikes Again
    12. Overwatch gets surprise Competitive 6v6 Elimination mini-season
    13. Monster Hunter World update 3.0 brings a host of quality-of-life improvements alongside Kulve Taroth content
    14. Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is an iOS action game for Japan
    15. We could see a new Wave Race on Switch, says series producer
    16. An upcoming PUBG event mode will involve an armoured UAZ
    17. Fortnite's Guided Missile is going away for a while, weapon equip animations to be improved in future update
    18. Sonic Mania update adds extra stage transitions, a new boss and other new features
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will lack a campaign, possibly feature Battle Royale - report
    2. USgamer Stream: SpyParty [Done!]
    3. Ben Brode on How Blizzard Will Keep Hearthstone's Metagame Fresh in the Wake of Witchwood 's Release
    4. Ubisoft will host its E3 2018 presentation on June 11
    5. A Yakuza Primer: Everything You Need to Know About the Series Before Yakuza 6
    6. GTA Online players will try to outrun the cops this week in The Vespucci Job
    7. PUBG PC gets flight path marker, custom games spectator mode, new weapon skins in test patch
    8. Dark Souls: Remastered delayed to summer on Switch
    9. Hellblade dev donates $25,000 to Mental Health America after selling 50,000 Xbox One copies in a week
    10. God of War PS4 pre-load date and unlock times revealed
    11. God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit Become Human appear to no longer be on sale on Amazon
    12. Ubisoft's AI assistant Sam seems to think Watch Dogs 3 is in development
    13. After parts of Mass Effect: Andromeda's story were left untold, BioWare vows to focus on Anthem's world and story
    14. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life review - a successful series finale that embraces its quirks
    15. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life reviews round-up - all the scores
    16. Yakuza 6: Clan Creator character codes guide
    17. Light Machine Guns are coming to Fortnite
    1. Shenmue Remains a Cult Classic and a Cautionary Tale
    2. Students are using Fortnite to ask dates out to prom
    3. Horizon Chase Turbo trailer is a great callback to retro racing games
    4. No Man's Sky release date for Xbox One leaked
    5. PUBG releases patch notes for Round 2 of Savage playtest
    6. PlayerUnknown is looking forward on PUBG roadmap, eSports, and more
    7. Get Over Here: Meeting the Faces of Mortal Kombat, 25 Years Later
    8. The Good Life gameplay trailer shows consequences of your spying
    9. Hearthstone: The Witchwood cards, decks, keywords, monster hunt, and more
    10. Falke joins Street Fighter 5 as the latest DLC addition next week
    11. Disgraced Donkey Kong champ denies cheating allegations
    12. No, Shenmue 1 HD isn't adding a time skip option
    13. GOG puts over 150 of its most wishlisted games on sale
    14. Street Fighter 5's fan-made 'Mysterious Mod' has ideas so good Capcom should steal a few
    15. Underworld Ascendant's trailer takes us to some deep, dark places
    16. Cliff Bleszinski calls out Fortnite studio over alleged employee poaching
    17. EGX Rezzed 2018: VG247's top five games from the show
    18. Combat is flashy and bombastic in new Code Vein gameplay trailer
    19. Far Cry 5 gets cracked after 19 days
    20. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom Guide
    21. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - Best Skills for Evie and Jacob
    22. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 9: Shall We Dance? Guide
    23. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Leveling and Skills Guide
    24. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank - Lucy Thorne, Philip Twopenny Guide
    25. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 7: All's Fair in Politics Guide
    26. "It’s clear to us that players see the company differently than we do," says EA
    27. PUBG's Savage 4x4km map returns to testing today, sign-ups now open
    28. Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer shows off 80's LCD games-inspired mini-games
    29. EVE Fanfest skips Iceland in 2019, but it could take place in your own home
    1. A Way Out sold more than 1 million copies in just over two weeks
    2. Terraria: Otherworld development has been cancelled
    3. No Biomutant or Darksiders 3 at E3 this year because football
    4. SEGA Ages retro titles coming to Switch, SEGA Mega Drive Mini announced for Japan
    5. EVE Online, Project Nova, and the future of CCP
    6. PS Store Flash Sale: take up to 70% off spooky titles like Outlast 2, Until Dawn, more
    7. Shenmue 1 & 2 are being re-released this year for PC, PS4, Xbox One
    8. Who's Your Favorite Dad in Video Games?
    9. The Top 5 Legendary Weapons in RPG History
    1. Nick Arcade Let Kids Watch Other Kids Play Video Games, and That's All That Mattered
    2. First content update for Sea of Thieves is The Hungering Deep, and it's out in May
    3. These Super Bomberman R videos show off characters exclusive to PC, PS4 and Xbox One
    4. Next BioShock game currently in development at "top-secret" 2K Games studio
    5. Football Manager Touch 2018 has been released for Nintendo Switch
    6. Star Wars Battlefront 2 update brings playable Ewoks, Crystal microtransactions return - patch notes
    7. Capcom registers Onimusha trademarks in several countries
    8. The Walking Dead and PUBG are teaming up for a Twitch stream this weekend
    9. Skyrim Special Edition is free to play on PC and Xbox One this weekend
    10. God of War is a visual showcase on PS4, but frame-rate will drop below 30fps - report
    11. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice walks away with 5 BAFTA awards
    12. Fortnite’s biggest streamer is twice as popular as the UFC’s biggest star
    13. Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider suit confirmed for Spider-Man PS4
    14. Co-op horror game The Blackout Club is one of the most exciting releases of 2019
    15. Skyforge Overgrowth expansion goes live, adding new hybrid class, nightmare difficulty, more
    16. This weekend's PUBG event mode is War
    17. Fortnite update 3.5.1 slows down weapon swapping, fixes Replay System crashes
    1. Dragon Quest XI's Battle to Win a New Generation of Fans is Becoming Urgent
    2. Rainbow Six Siege has over 30 million players across all platforms
    3. EVE Online: Into the Abyss - free expansion adds solo PvE Abyssal Deadspace territory, Mutaplasmid modules
    4. Billy Mitchell stripped of all high scores and banned by Twin Galaxies
    5. You can play Fortnite right now on PC despite the servers being down - here's how
    6. God of War Reviews Make it Highest Rated PS4 Exclusive of All Time
    7. Nintendo eShop update: Don't Starve Switch Edition, titles on sale for under $10
    8. South Korea fines 3 big publishers over loot boxes
    9. Siegfried returns in Soulcalibur 6 - see him in action
    10. Fortnite: Search 7 chests in Snobby Shores
    11. Vermintide 2 has sold over 1 million copies, console beta slated for spring
    12. Watch the EVE Online Fanfest 2018 keynote here
    13. The Division patch 1.8.1 brings Xbox One X enhancements, new Global Events and Legendary missions
    14. EVE Online FPS spin-off Project Nova resurfaces, but it won't be connected to EVE Online at launch
    15. PS4 firmware update 5.53 is out now
    16. Miramar hits PUBG Xbox One test server later this month with new weapons and vehicles
    17. There's a touching tribute to Metal Gear Solid in Ghost Recon Wildlands' Splinter Cell mission
    18. Fortnite Server Status - update: it's online but 50vs50 v2 has been delayed to next week
    19. Call of Duty WW2 Shadowed Throne Easter Egg Guide
    20. Destiny 2's second expansion is called Warmind, out May 8
    21. Call of Duty WW2 War Machine review
    22. Major PUBG PC patch changes blue zone speed and damage, removes clothes spawn
    23. Fortnite Week 8 Challenges - here's everything you need to do to earn extra XP and Battle Stars
    1. The USgamer Podcast on the Radical Heights of Overwatch: Retribution
    2. How Destiny 2 Can Win Us Back
    3. Jade Raymond on Building Motive Studios and Chasing the Holy Grail of Narrative Games
    4. Warcraft 3's huge update leaves PTR, adds widescreen support
    5. Ability to share Overwatch progress between platforms is discussed often at Blizzard
    6. Drake will include Fortnite in song lyrics if a Hotline Bling emote is added to the game
    7. Michael Ironside initially turned down the role of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher
    8. This trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead introduces us to Maya
    9. Get Tooth and Tail, Endless Space 2 and more in the Humble Strategy Bundle
    10. PlayStation Plus double discounts are back on the PS Store - save 60%-80% off
    11. Here's a look at Funky Kong gameplay in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze for Switch
    12. Dauntless looks like Fortnite via Monster Hunter, heading into open beta in May
    13. Radical Heights debuts with just 1k more peak players than LawBreakers, despite being free
    14. Vampyr minimum, recommended, 4K/60fps PC specs revealed
    15. Radical Heights questions answered: Can you play duo, are there bots, how to fix the green screen error
    16. Stardew Valley multiplayer will be ready "in about a month"
    17. The Witcher 3’s PS4 Pro patch is live
    18. God of War's Immersion Mode turns off all unnecessary HUD elements
    19. Radical Heights' new cash system is a great addition to battle royale, but this early build is rougher than you might expect
    20. Fish head outfit, satellite glider and other ridiculous cosmetics datamined from Fortnite patch 3.5.0
    21. Fortnite's new patch reintroduced the double pump exploit and broke guided missiles
    22. A new kind of ransomware wants you to play PUBG before it unlocks your files
    23. Rockstar plans to replace music removed from GTA 4 due to expired licenses
    24. Steam's new privacy settings bring an end to Steam Spy
    25. Fortnite V3.5 patch notes: Replay System, Port-a-Fort, 50v50 v2
    26. Fortnite gets a pop-up fort with the new Port-a-Fort
    27. 19 more original Xbox games to get the Xbox One backwards compatibility treatment
    28. Red Dead Redemption looks insane using Xbox One's enhanced backwards compatibility - here's a bunch of screenshots
    1. GTA 4 is Going to Lose Some Licensed Songs but Rockstar Has Replacements
    2. Persona 5: The Animation Has a Chance to Right the Wrongs of its Predecessors
    3. Call of Duty: WW2 - The War Machine live on PS4, Divisions overhaul available on all platforms
    4. Overwatch Retribution event is live - here's the patch notes, highlight intros, skins, more
    5. USgamer Stream: Radical Heights [Done!]
    6. Destiny 2 hotfix is live alongside the Weekly Reset
    7. Far Cry 5 Arcade Dawn event is live: earn the Vector .45 ACP, matching outfit as a reward
    8. Overwatch Retribution Fills in the Gaps in the Game's Lore
    9. GTA Online: earn double on Gunrunning Sell Missions this week, Target Assault Races bonuses extended
    10. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 coming to PC and consoles in July
    11. Pokemon GO Kanto Week starts today, runs through April 16
    12. Due Process is a SWAT and Rainbow Six-inspired shooter that brings back the planning phase
    13. Far Cry 5 Glitches and Funny Moments - Boomer Goes Flying
    14. Xbox Spring Add-on Sale kicks off with over 200 items on discount
    15. Radical Heights won't have female characters at launch
    16. Blighttown looks smooth in new Dark Souls Remastered Switch footage
    17. Retail listing has Kingdom Hearts 3 down for release in October
    18. Episode free passes - how to read more chapters and stories
    19. Ghost Recon: Wildlands free weekend details revealed, 67% off sale confirmed
    20. Dark Souls Remastered PC display and graphic options revealed
    21. Far Cry 5 tops PlayStation Store downloads in US, Europe
    22. Overwatch Retribution skins for Mei, Hanzo, Doomfist, Winston teased ahead of today's event
    23. Massive surprise game announcements expected this month at prestigious Dubrovnik developer conference
    24. PUBG Xbox One patch adds new crate, optimises performance, fixes bugs
    25. Extinction review roundup - all the scores
    26. Axe of the Blood God Wraps Up PAX East!
    1. System Shock remake dev returns to its "original vision"
    2. Resident Evil 7 just passed 5 million sales
    3. Radical Heights removes Founder's Pack bonus cash before release
    4. Dataminer finds over 100 shinies within Pokemon GO
    5. Sam Fisher is sneaking into Ghost Recon Wildlands today
    6. EA never forced BioWare to use the Frostbite engine
    7. Far Cry 5's next live event, Arcade Dawn, starts today
    8. After 4 years, The Forest is leaving early access
    9. New God of War Trailer shows off progression system and customisable armour for Kratos
    10. Overwatch League player suspended indefinitely over new allegations
    11. LawBreakers dev launching a new Battle Royale game tomorrow
    12. A new Mythical Pokemon has been revealed in Ultra Sun and Moon
    13. State of Decay 2 trailer is about resource-crafting and zombie-throwing
    14. Surviving in the Storm Circle: why Ali-A flipped from COD to Fortnite
    15. WIN! 5 pairs of super pass tickets for EGX Rezzed
    16. Far Cry 5 title update 4 out for PS4 and Xbox One
    17. Ex-GTA producer Leslie Benzines has claims dismissed in lawsuit against Take-Two
    18. GTA 5 is the most profitable entertainment product ever
    1. Monster Hunter World – here’s the current Event Quest Schedule for April 6-26
    2. Destiny 2: Iron Banner 6v6 delayed, weapon slot changes in the works
    3. Call of Duty: WW2 Divisions overhaul ditches Primed, adds unlimited sprint
    4. Metal Gear Survive event based on Metal Gear Solid 3 starts April 10
    5. These Monster Hunter World videos show upcoming collaboration events and DLC
    6. Final Fantasy 15 content plans include standalone Comrades, four Episodes in 2019, new PC features
    7. What's Your Most Replayed Game?
    1. Crusader Kings 2 is free on Steam for a limited time
    2. Spider-Man's web swinging looks fast, fluid, and very fun
    3. Sam Fisher teased for Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation
    4. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, April 6-9
    5. The Walking Dead Final Season's First Details Include Unscripted Zombie Fights
    6. Sea of Thieves matchmaking update in the works, will include invite-only option
    7. Fortnite mobile has made over $15 million in less than a month
    8. New DayZ engine coming to PC "in a couple of weeks" according to lead producer
    9. Ali-A's top 5 Fortnite tips
    10. Beat 'em up Raging Justice is out in May - watch new character trailer
    11. PUBG's Savage map is a fun distraction, but it's just that
    12. EA Sports UFC 3 free trial available for PS4 and Xbox Live Gold members this weekend
    13. Firewatch is coming to Nintendo Switch this year
    14. Far Cry 5 week 1 sales estimated to be 5 million copies
    15. Vermintide 2 patch 1.0.5 makes the game less punishing
    16. The battle for retro perfection with Analogue's Super Nt: a SNES for the modern age
    17. Building a battle royale mode in Ghost Recon Wildlands is impossible right now, says developer
    18. Spring Blossom Fest is now live in Monster Hunter World
    19. Deckard Cain joins Heroes of the Storm roster: All talents and abilities
    20. PUBG Corp. is suing the maker of Knives Out, Rules of Survival
    1. LawBreakers development suspended as Boss Key moves on to new projects
    2. Don't Starve Switch Edition releases on the eShop next week
    3. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is coming to consoles this summer
    4. Street Fighter board game launches on Kickstarter, smashes funding target in 24 hours
    5. Rainbow Six Siege devs to make "toxicity management a priority"
    6. Nintendo on the Challenge of Post-Release Support, and More Tales of Arms’ Development
    7. Spyro Reignited Trilogy officially announced, coming to PS4 and Xbox One in September
    8. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth release date set for August
    9. Sea of Thieves patch increases ship respawn distance to combat griefing
    10. Why streamers are leaving PUBG to play Fortnite
    11. Pokemon GO Earth Day event will reward players for cleaning up trash along the coastlines
    12. There's now a new way to encounter Pokemon Go's Legendaries thanks to recent quest update
    13. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery release date is April 25, Michael Gambon returns as Dumbledore
    14. PUBG PC patch quietly adds a new custom game mode: War
    15. Government gender pay gap database reveals large disparity in UK game industry
    16. Overwatch League All-Access Pass includes emotes, skins and ad-free Twitch
    17. Tequila Sunrise is PUBG's new limited-time event mode
    18. Overwatch Retribution PvE mission starts next week
    19. The Division developer Massive is working on a battle royale game - report
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    6. Spider-Man locked at 30fps on both PS4 systems, Mary Jane is playable, more details
    7. Spider-Man release date, post-launch plans, Collector’s Edition, more announced
    8. Hitman: Definitive Edition coming to retail in May for PS4, Xbox One
    9. Removal of Steam Machines from Steam homepage "based on user traffic"
    10. Fortnite content update 3.4 brings Vending Machines, tonnes of weapon balance changes
    11. Far Cry 5's first Live Event, Well Done, is now available
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    12. Legendary Pokemon Entei and Raikou will be available for Pokemon Sun and Moon starting April 4
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    14. We played Dark Souls Remastered and weren't allowed into Blighttown
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    16. Mad Max Scrap, History Relics, Scrotus Insignia, Water Sources, Fuel Cans - Collectibles Guide - All Locations
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    19. World of Tanks launches new alternate-history story campaign, Spoils of War, exclusively on console
    20. Twitch Prime free games for April include Steamworld Dig 2, Tales from the Borderlands, more
    21. Darkstalkers costumes and major balance changes hit Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition today
    22. Fortnite mobile is finally available on iOS without the need for an invite
    23. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is permanently removing microtransactions, War Chests
    1. Happy Anniversary to Final Fantasy VI, Square Enix's First RPG for Adults
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    17. Valve made a big change to CS:GO item trading, and many players are not happy
    18. PUBG's 4x4km map, Codename: Savage, starts testing today