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The Witness - Windmill Movie Theater Hexagon Puzzle Solutions

Activate the windmill theater in The Witness with this complete guide to the Windmill move theatre hexagon puzzle.

After spending some time wandering around the island of The Witness, you will discover the puzzle area within the windmill. The windmill contains a series of hexagonal puzzle panels, and their solutions are scattered in various locations throughout the island. This Witness Guide to the Windmill and Hexagon Puzzles will show you each hexagonal puzzle solution, as well as how to find them.

These hexagonal puzzle solutions each activate a movie clip that plays within the windmill theater. For this guide we are going to assume that you have already completed the game, as the puzzle panels leading to some of these hexagonal solutions seem to be intended for advanced puzzle solvers. Check out our guide on all of the puzzle solutions in The Witness if you need help activating laser beams to finish the game.

We’ve listed the hexagon puzzle solutions based on the order in which you will likely find them as you traverse the island, rather than the order that they appear on the theater panels. However, you can locate most of these in the order you wish.

The Challenge hexagon solution is last, since the Challenge requires you to have activated all of the lasers on the island. If you do not wish to locate each hexagon solution for yourself, you can simply skip to the last image on this guide to see all six solutions on the windmill theater panel.

Hexagon Solution 1: Near the Start

The first hexagon puzzle solution is found just after you exit the castle at the beginning of the game. As you follow the trail toward some early puzzles on the island, look for a solitary door on the left with a puzzle panel on the front. This panel features a segregation puzzle that contains white and black dotted tiles. The white dots can be hard to see, so feel free to check the solution below if you need help. Enter the room and draw the line on the podium box to reveal the first hexagon solution.

Hexagon Solution 2: Beyond the Desert Ruin

The Desert Ruin is pretty easy to locate, as it is one of the only structures found in the arid desert biome. Go past the Desert Ruin and head toward the shore. Locate a staircase leading down to a door tucked beneath the cliff. Solve the Tetris puzzle using the solution below, and solve the box inside to discover the next hexagon solution.

Hexagon Solution 3: Deep in the Jungle

Locate the Monastery just past the Town, and head into the nearby Jungle. As you enter the Jungle, go left up the staircase. Follow the path as it curves left at the waterfall. Here you will encounter two gates: one to the Monastery garden, and the other to a cave entrance.

Solve the puzzle panel to the cave gate by using some nearby tree roots up the hill as your clue. Your solution should look like the one below. Enter the cave, and solve the line switch on the box to reveal the hexagon solution.

Hexagon Solution 4: Inside the Shipwreck

If you have sailed around the island on one of the many boats, you may have noticed the shipwreck off the coast of the Treehouse puzzle. The hexagon solution is found deep within a lower floor of the wreckage. To reach the shipwreck, you must first complete the platform puzzles on the far side of the Keep. There is a stairwell on the far corner of the Keep that exits out to a hill leading to the shipwreck.

Walk across the rusted ship and locate a staircase on the far side of the shipwreck near its left corner. Enter the broken hole in the wall, and descend down the stairwell to find a puzzle panel on the wall. This panel uses a combination of sound cues and mirroring. It’s tricky, so solve it with our solution and enter the watery chamber. Unlock the box using the line switch to reveal the dark hexagon solution.

Hexagon Solution 5: At the Back of the Mountainside

There are several paths that lead to the back side of the Mountain, but the Bunker path is the easiest to navigate. Head through the Jungle and go uphill toward the Bunker. Follow the path past the Bunker as it curves around the Mountain.

Continue toward the large winged statue. Look for a doorway in the Mountain just before the path becomes snowy. Enter the short hallway and solve the puzzle panel on the door using the solution below. The door opens to a nice view of the ocean, as well as the box that contains the next hexagon solution.

Hexagon Solution 6: Upon Completing the “Challenge”

This hexagon solution can only be found by completing the Challenge puzzle. The Challenge consists of a series of random puzzles that must be solved within a certain amount of time. You must also have all of the laser beams activated on the island in order to access the Challenge. Since the Challenge puzzles are random, we cannot explain the solutions, as your puzzles will differ from ours. The most we can do is tell you how to locate and begin the Challenge for yourself.

Once you’ve activated all of the laser beams, head to the top of the Mountain. Solve the floor puzzles to unlock the staircase leading down into the Mountain. Take a few steps down the staircase, then look up at the yellow box to complete the line switch underneath. Head downstairs, and complete the Mountain puzzles until you reach a statue sitting on the floor.

Solve the puzzle panel to open a hole in the cave wall nearby. This hole leads down a hallway to a chamber that contains a music box. Activate the switch on the music box to begin the Challenge puzzle series. When you successfully complete the Challenge, you will reach a room with a box inside containing the last hexagon solution. If you want to avoid the trouble of the Challenge, simply jot down the hexagon solution shown below.

Once you have discovered all six hexagon solutions, you can input them on the movie theater panel inside the windmill. Unlock the entrance to the windmill using the solution below, and continue down through its corridors until you reach the door to the theater. We've included the solution for the door as well.

You must fit each hexagon solution into the main panel beside the door. As you input each one, they will activate a movie clip on the screen that you can stop or start using the corresponding panels.

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