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Horizon Chase Turbo trailer is a great callback to retro racing games

Horizon Chase Turbo is the spiritual follow-up to Cruis'n World we didn't know we wanted.

It wasn't until watching the Horizon Chase Turbo trailer that I realized how limited Racing games have become lately. Oh sure, we still have racing titles - but they're all either hyper-realistic Forza-styled games or Mario Kart retreads with almost nothing between those extremes. What happened to the Cruis'n and Crazy Taxi's of the gaming world?

Thankfully, Horizon Chase Turbo is more than willing to pick up the slack. This game is a gorgeous looking tribute to arcade racers of days gone by. The visual style bears a strong resemblance to 16-bit racing games, despite its the 3D graphics, while multiplayer matches seem to be entirely local affairs.

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Horizon Chase Turbo does offer a single-player mode, where players travel the world to compete in high-speed races. And if your car flies off the road? It's nothing to worry about, just respawn and drive away again. Assuming you haven't already landed on your tires.

What's more, Horizon Chase Turbo will be arriving soon, with a PC and PlayStation 4 release date on May 15, 2018. Console launches for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are planned later in the year.

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