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August 2022 Archive

    1. Ubisoft has postponed its plan to take some of its older games offline [UPDATE]
    2. Genshin Impact Tree of Dreams and World of Aranara quest
    3. God of War Ragnarok will feature a "whole new suite of moves"
    4. Pokemon Go's Season of Light will see the debut of the Legendary Pokemon Cosmog
    5. PlayStation Plus September games are Need for Speed Heat, TOEM, and Granblue Fantasy Versus [UPDATE]
    6. The Last of Us Part I review – A PS5 remake that shines above most
    7. Genshin Impact: End of the Line bow — upgrade materials, ascension materials, and fishing spots
    8. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series will debut on Netflix September 13
    9. Minecraft Legends is full of character, oozes authenticity, looks brilliant… and is a bit like Brutal Legend
    10. 6 years later, it looks like the System Shock remake was worth the wait
    11. World of Warcraft Lich King Classic's pre-patch is out, ready to do bad DPS again 14 years later?
    12. Quantic Dream has been acquired by Netease Games — will continue to "operate independently"
    13. FromSoftware may soon publish its own games thanks to new investments from Sony and Tencent
    1. Grand strategy society simulator Victoria 3 will be released October 25
    2. Back 4 Blood's Children of the Worm DLC releases today
    3. Rocksmith+ will teach you how to rock come September 6
    4. What if GTA 6 actually lived up to Take-Two's lofty expectations? Because it just might
    5. Double Kick Heroes, Gods Will Fall, Portal 2, and Thrillville are September's Xbox Games With Gold
    6. Genshin Impact Luminescent Pollen locations and Luminescent Pollen farming tips
    7. High on Life is actually funny, and is funniest when it leans into gaming humor – hands-on
    8. Next Assassin's Creed game said to be titled Assassins Creed Mirage
    9. Aliens: Dark Descent missions can take ‘anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour’
    10. Evil West is probably your favourite action game of 2022
    11. The Pokémon World Championships gave Sword/Shield the ending it deserved – and a game-changing look at the future
    12. Warner Bros. Discovery and Rocksteady Studios announce an all-new Games Academy in the UK
    13. 'All-new Mafia project' confirmed to be in development
    1. Netflix throws Resident Evil on the endless pile of shows it's cancelled
    2. Twisted Metal TV show has finished filming, moves on to post-production
    3. Splatoon 3 players are getting banned before the game is even out
    4. PlayStation now has a mobile division, as it acquires Savage Game Studios
    1. Leaked Xbox Game Pass branding suggests family plan can be shared with friends too
    2. Nintendo gives us a nice long look at Stardew Valley meets Final Fantasy game Harvestella
    3. Cult-classics Wild Arms' and Shadow Hearts' directors join forces for double Kickstarter
    4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is free next week on the Epic Games Store
    5. Atomic Heart's combat trailer looks a little Fallout, a little BioShock
    6. Microsoft wants Activision because of mobile gaming opportunities, says Phil Spencer
    7. Nintendo reaffirms it has no plans to increase Switch cost following PS5 price hike
    8. Knockout City goes semi-aquatic as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join in Season 7
    1. Petting dogs in games is old news: in boomer shooter Ripout, you can pet your gun
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. Amazon is reportedly acquiring EA, with an announcement set to drop today [UPDATE]
    3. The best Genshin Impact Collei build - Collei weapons, artifacts, and F2P options
    4. The Last of Us Part 1 will feature plenty of accessibility options
    5. The best Genshin Impact Tighnari build - Tighnari weapons, artifacts, and F2P options
    6. Aliens: Dark Descent is more than an XCOM clone - and feels surprisingly true to the movies
    7. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gameplay trailer shows fast-paced, high-flying action
    8. Elden Ring doesn't technically have input reading, but it might as well have
    9. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 2 releasing at the end of September, adds Flaming Espinas
    10. Ninja or Die is a genius indie, and Gamescom 2022’s best-kept secret
    11. The Netflix Bioshock film adaptation has found its director and writer
    12. Horror game showcase, EEK3, will show off scary indies - watch it here
    13. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.14: Best game you’d fire into space to prove the Earth isn’t worth saving
    14. Layers of Fears shares Gamescom trailer, revealing a 'new story chapter'
    15. Don’t worry, PS5 price increase isn’t going to affect Xbox
    1. Skull and Bones: PC specs, features, and anti-cheat software detailed
    2. Microsoft Flight Simulator City Update focuses on Germany, 40th Anniversary Update to add gliders, helicopters
    3. Battlefield 2042 Season Two releases next week, bringing with it some much needed new content
    4. The Last Case of Benedict Fox videos go deep into the secrets of the Mansion, introduce you to the Tattooist
    5. Assassin’s Creed Origins, Football Manager 2022, more coming to Prime Gaming in September
    6. Marauders is a sci-fi survival FPS with space scavenging and spaceship dogfights
    7. The Devil in Me game director on creating impactful horror, serial killers, and The Dark Pictures Anthology
    8. GTA Online Weekly Update (August 25) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    9. Lies of P feels even more like Bloodborne in these 12 minutes of gameplay
    10. Resident Evil Village will be playable on PSVR 2 exclusively at Tokyo Game Show
    11. Why 13 years later, Arkham Asylum is still the best Batman game
    12. Dark Souls 3 has online features reactivated for PC
    13. You can play Steelrising’s first two levels right now – but there’s a catch
    14. The PS5 is getting more expensive
    1. Morty Smith now available in MultiVersus, check him out in this gameplay trailer
    2. Where Winds Meet is a lovely RPG set in the final days of the Ten Kingdoms era of Chinese history
    3. Under the Waves is a narrative-adventure about the "engulfing power of grief"
    4. The best Genshin Impact Collei team comps
    5. Gotham Knights reveal new villains trailer, and brings release date forward by four days
    6. New civilizations coming to Age of Empires 4, play the game for free on Steam now through August 29
    7. Evil West will let you remove spiders if you’re arachnophobic
    8. Goat Simulator 3 gameplay reveal shows off the herd wreaking havoc
    9. Atlas Fallen is not a Souls-like, compares itself more to God of War or Horizon: Forbidden West
    10. Lies of P will release day one on Xbox Game Pass
    11. Subnautica developer announces new turn-based tabletop tactics game, Moonbreaker
    12. Here's a new look at High on Life and its wise-cracking weapons
    13. The best Genshin Impact Tighnari team comps
    14. Former Bethesda and Obsidian devs form new studio, announce Wyrdsong as first game
    15. Genshin Impact 3.0: Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories — what they do and where to get them
    16. Splatoon 3 continues with an iterative approach - and it’s brilliant
    17. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game is an outlandish 3v7 horror experience arriving in early 2023
    18. Deck 13 explores new combat territory in upcoming action-rpg Atlas Fallen
    19. Hyenas actually looks like a pretty fun shooter – if you can get over Sega’s autoerotic love-in
    20. Open-world survival MMO Dune: Awakening announced for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC
    21. The Outlast Trials announced, here's how to sign up for the closed beta
    22. Telltale provides first look at gameplay for upcoming game, The Expanse
    23. Genshin 3.0 release time: When is Genshin Impact 3.0 coming out?
    24. Sony introduces DualSense Edge, a wireless customizable controller for PlayStation 5
    25. Everywhere from studio made up of former GTA devs gets a teaser trailer
    26. Dying Light 2 DLC Bloody Ties moved to October 13, new community update released
    1. The Callisto Protocol trailer takes you on a deadly trip through a sewage system
    2. Lords of the Fallen reboot coming in 2023
    3. Return to Monkey Island sets sail on PC and Switch September 19
    4. Sonic Frontiers release date confirmed, check out the new story trailer
    5. Dead Island 2 is back after eight years of silence with two new trailers and a release date
    6. New Tales from the Borderlands revealed at gamescom Opening Night Live
    7. How do Dendro reactions work in Genshin Impact?
    8. Destiny 2 showcase recap: Destiny 2: Lightfall, Season of Plunder, Epic partnership and no more sunsetting!
    9. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has sold over 4 million copies
    10. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in October
    11. How do you unlock signature abilities in Saints Row? Here's how to do a barrel roll!
    12. How do you unlock fast travel in Saints Row?
    13. Where do you get the best cars and vehicles in Saint's Row?
    14. Nexon's action-RPG shooter The First Descendant heads to beta in October
    15. PlayStation VR 2 coming in early 2023, says Sony
    16. MultiVersus has attracted over 20 million folks itching for a fight between superheroes and cartoon characters
    17. Gamescom Opening Night Live — When, how, and why you should watch it!
    18. "I want it now!" What do hardcore fighting game players think after hands-on with Street Fighter 6?
    19. Sonic Frontiers ad prematurely reveals November 8 release date out of nowhere
    20. Here's how to watch the Destiny 2 showcase: Livestream time, Twitch Drops, and what to expect
    1. The best Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler build - Dendro Traveler weapons, artifacts, and F2P options
    2. Sorry, but Ubisoft isn't making a Blade game, says the developer itself
    3. Destiny 2 datamine shows off Fortnite crossover skins, zero mentions of best-fruit Peely
    4. Yakuza creator wants his next game to "be like a Tarantino film"
    5. Saints Row Review: Stripped-back shooter-focused sandbox feels aimless outside of super set-pieces
    6. Rockstar is taking down prototype Grand Theft Auto videos released by one of the game's creators
    7. Death Stranding's launch on PC Game Pass did not involve Sony
    8. TFT set 7.5: Everything coming in the new update
    9. New footage from HBO's The Last of Us TV show is out now and it's looking great
    1. The Pokémon World Championships revealed another motorbike lizard, and the future of the TCG
    2. Recent job listing suggests Netflix is diving into cloud gaming
    3. Just Cause's developer worked on an Iron Man game for two years before it got canned
    4. Sega is adapting two of its cult-classic titles into films
    5. One bit of farmland in Redfall is apparently bigger than all of Prey's whole map
    6. A recent MultiVersus patch reportedly stops the game from booting up if mods are installed
    7. High on Life sees a two month delay, apologises with uncomfortable dating ad
    8. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Steam alongside a juicy anniversary update
    1. Black Myth: Wukong gets a new trailer that shows off some lovely 4K gameplay
    2. Days Gone movie adaptation in the works
    3. A Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay overview takes a look at Amicia and Hugo's talents
    4. Sonic Frontiers seemingly releasing on November 15, according to retail leak
    5. Cult of the Lamb recruited over one million followers within one miraculous week
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. The best Genshin Impact Zhongli build - Zhongli weapons, artifacts, and F2P options
    3. What's old is new again: What the rise of 'Boomer Shooters' says about the FPS market
    4. MultiVersus Season 1 arrived with a whimper, not a bang – but I still can’t stop playing
    5. MultiVersus debut tops the chart, Switch and PlayStation 5 doing rather well at retail- July 2022 NPD
    6. Some people archive video games for a living – here’s what they feel about the state of game preservation
    7. Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone's fifth and final season has you playing the villain
    8. Kirby’s Dream Buffet review: When you want a tasty treat rather than a banquet
    9. Wave Race 64 is a true classic, and an essential play on Nintendo Switch
    10. Diablo is turning into Call of Duty – and that sucks
    11. Valorant announces new Champions bundle, event pass, and Twitch drops, here's how to claim
    12. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.13: Best game that was called a clone of another game
    13. Pokemon Go Challengers Teams: Where do you find challengers and what Pokemon do they have?
    14. Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass – but definitely not Xbox Game Pass
    15. Blizzard is extremely keen to tell us how Diablo 4 isn't like Diablo Immortal
    1. New Tales from the Borderlands coming in October, according to Amazon
    2. Marvel's Spider-Man PC update brings improvements to DLSS, ray tracing
    3. Pokémon World Championships: Full schedule and codes
    4. Thymesia tips - How to block, dodge and re-spec your way to victory!
    5. Midnight Fight Express review: the superb Game Pass brawler that taps into your inner John Wick
    6. To celebrate QuakeCon 2022 10 games from id Software and Bethesda are coming to PC Game Pass
    7. Elden Ring sales top 16.6 million copies worldwide
    8. GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises: How to get all new cars
    9. Pingu meets Elden Ring thanks to this fan-made Unity project
    10. Genshin Impact Kokomi build and best Kokomi weapons and artifacts to use
    11. Lord of the Rings, Killing Floor and more gobbled up by Embracer Group
    12. Dead Island 2 has a release date, according to Amazon leaks
    13. GTA Online Weekly Update (August 18) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    1. Images from the set of Amazon's Fallout series have leaked
    2. Bungie releases Destiny 2 trailer ahead of next week's showcase that teases what's to come in Season 18
    3. Dying Light 2's first story DLC, Bloody Ties, to be revealed at gamescom Opening Night Live
    4. Planet of Lana release moved to spring 2023, coming day one to Xbox Game Pass
    5. Overwatch players can now merge console and PC accounts in preparation for Overwatch 2's release
    6. I really hope Street Fighter 6 doesn’t get any guest characters
    7. Tower of Fantasy review: Genshin Impact’s newest rival will be lucky to survive the winter
    8. Old School RuneScape gets new Tombs of Amascut raid August 24
    9. Tower of Fantasy Dailies: What should you do every day?
    10. Grounded introduces Shared Worlds, making multiplayer much easier
    11. Tower of Fantasy World Bosses - how to form a group and take down world bosses
    12. Tower of Fantasy vehicles guide: How to get very vehicle
    13. Tower of Fantasy character tier list: Best weapons (August 2022)
    14. Wild West God of War with guns, Evil West, is the latest game to suffer a delay
    15. PC Game Pass teases a new game and people reckon it's Death Stranding
    16. Tower of Fantasy Matrices Explained: How to get, use, and upgrade your Matrices
    17. Tower of Fantasy: Where to gather Crystals
    18. Tower of Fantasy: Weapon types and how to upgrade them
    19. Tower of Fantasy Currency: How to farm Nucleus and Dark Crystals
    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 open beta and multiplayer reveal dated
    2. MultiVersus datamine suggests Beetlejuice and Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West are coming to the game
    3. Xbox Game Pass is losing some brilliant games soon
    4. Saints Row trailer gives you a taste of the story
    5. LEGO Bricktales coming to consoles and PC later this year
    6. Thymesia reviews round-up - all the scores
    7. Tower of Fantasy Multiplayer: How to play PvP and co-op?
    8. Tower of Fantasy Character Customisation: How to change appearance and gender
    9. NFL Blitz returns in a thrilling new package via Arcade1Up – but the league really needs to get over itself
    10. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers: don't miss out on your bonus MultiVersus perk in August
    11. Immortals Fenyx Rising, Commandos 3 – HD Remaster, Midnight Fight Express, more coming to Xbox Game Pass
    12. Genshin Impact best Ganyu build, weapons, Artifacts, and Ganyu F2P options (August 2022)
    13. Guild Wars 2 arrives on Steam this month, with new complete collection available
    14. First-ever Disney and Marvel Games Showcase will take place at this year’s D23 Expo
    15. Thymesia review: A bargain bin Bloodborne, for better and for worse
    16. Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event adds Goku Vegeta to the game today
    17. Tower of Fantasy Relics Tier List: How to use and get new Relics
    18. Xbox Game Pass gets surprise addition with another indie hit
    1. Turns out Xbox One sales were less than half of the PS4's, says Microsoft itself
    2. Tower of Fantasy FAQ: Daily Reset Time, Level Caps, Crossplay, and more
    3. Surprise! Anime characters and Hitler dominate Tower of Fantasy's create-a-character library
    4. If Gollum and The Rings Of Power isn't enough, there’s a new Lord of the Rings game coming from Weta Workshop
    5. Spider-Man PC files reveal that co-op and PvP were once being developed
    6. God of War's story recap reminds you why everyone’s so excited about this year’s biggest PlayStation game
    7. Gremlins' Stripe and Black Adam are probably coming to MultiVersus
    8. Tower of Fantasy Suppressor: How to get Potent Omnium Crystals
    9. Tower of Fantasy map - how to unlock world map
    10. Tower of Fantasy Constellations: all smart telescope locations
    11. Tower of Fantasy: How to fix Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error
    12. What time does MultiVersus Season One start?
    1. Nintendo has no plans for a Nintendo Switch price hike "at this point"
    2. Gotham Knights trailer shows off Red Hood and his definitely non-lethal fighting style
    3. Taking down PT from PSN store was "an awkard conversation" says the person who had to do it
    4. Microsoft makes bold claim that Sony pays "blocking rights" to stop games appearing on Game Pass
    5. Saints Row gameplay overview shows off all the factions out to get you
    6. SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake gets a wonderfully colourful first gameplay trailer
    7. Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a mobile only open-world RPG
    8. PUBG has raked in "80,000 new users per day" since going free-to-play
    1. Outcast 2: A New Beginning trailer gives us a story background and a look at gameplay
    2. Final Fantasy 14 Online patch 6.2, Buried Memory, has a release date
    3. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC - recommended Optimized Settings provided by Digital Foundry
    4. Gothic Remake trailer takes you on a visit to the Old Mine
    5. Nightingale’s Early Access release moved into next year
    6. THQ Nordic teases in-development South Park game
    7. What are you playing this weekend?
    8. Cult of the Lamb FAQ - Platforms, multiplayer, and Game Pass
    1. An Alone in the Dark reboot is coming from the Soma and Amnesia: Dark Descent writer
    2. Save data from Splatoon 2 can be transferred to Splatoon 3
    3. Attention all Netflix subscribers: Please, use your excellent free games before they’re taken away from you
    4. Remember PT? Kojima definitely does
    5. Tower of Fantasy: How to change language options for text and voice
    6. League of Legends 2023 preseason jungle changes are coming with... pets?
    7. PS Plus Premium’s August update is good, bad, and ugly
    8. Here's how Pokemon GO trainers can get exclusive bonus items from Prime Gaming
    9. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.12: Best game that you hated for a very specific reason
    10. MultiVersus Season 1 start date confirmed for next week, Morty coming later
    11. When is the Genshin Impact 3.0 livestream: What date and time?
    12. Kirby's Dream Buffet is all about inhaling sweet treats, and releases next week
    13. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ascension quest guide: How to reach class rank 20
    1. EA reveals FUT chemistry overhaul for FIFA 23 and single-player FUT Moments in deep dive
    2. Resident Evil Decades of Horror Bundle is available now at Humble
    3. NBA 2K23 The Jordan Challenge returns - here's what to expect.
    4. THQ Nordic 2022 Digital Showcase time and date, and how to watch
    5. HBO's The Last of Us will star Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Woodard
    6. Call of Duty Black Ops 4's scrapped campaign has leaked online
    7. Lego is a video game force to be reckoned with – but I miss its early, experimental gaming age
    8. GTA Online Weekly Update (August 11) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    9. PS Plus August Extra and Premium lineup revealed, and it’s packed with Yakuza
    1. "It doesn't surprise me, but I'm still pretty upset" – MultiVersus modders lose momentum after DMCA strikes
    2. Apex Legends season 14 patch notes round-up: Hunted buffs, nerfs, and map changes
    3. Forspoken has an ad so bad it's becoming a meme
    4. Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit is a free fan-game – and a worthy successor to Sonic Mania
    5. Iron Galaxy on how Rumbleverse isn't just another battle royale Fortnite wannabe
    6. Zenless Zone Zero Characters - Full roster and all Ultimates
    7. How to migrate GTA online characters to the PS5 and Xbox Series X
    8. Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 promises 30+ games, here's the start time and where to watch
    9. Tower of Fantasy release time, date, and pre-load rewards explained
    10. Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to Fall Guys
    1. Dragon Quest Builders 2 showed us the potential of Minecraft clones – so where's Dragon Quest Builders 3?
    2. Udyr rework revealed in full, as League of Legends' beloved shaman gets a visual and kit upgrade
    3. Two Point Campus review: A zany management sim that lovingly develops its predecessors’ legacy
    4. Pac-Man munching his way onto the silver screen with a live action movie in development
    5. Valorant nerfs Chamber and updates its engine in patch 5.03
    6. GTA 6 to set "creative benchmark for all entertainment," says Strauss Zelnick
    7. The Diofield Chronicle hands-on preview: Good tabletop vibes feel slightly plastic
    8. ARC Raiders also won’t be coming in 2022
    9. MultiVersus Perk guide: How to unlock perks, and which perks are the best?
    10. MultiVersus Reindog Guide: Combos, strategies, and matchups you should know
    11. Elden Ring patch 1.06 brings gifts for heavy weapon users, and White Mask Varre fans who don't care for PvP
    12. Sonic 3 movie is set to launch December 2024
    13. Marvel’s Midnight Suns no longer has a release date, and last-gen versions are probably dead
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes: All Heroes and how to unlock them
    2. Resident Evil Remakes are fine and all - but I’d trade them for more Dead Rising
    3. Two Point Campus: How to train staff
    4. Two Point Campus: How to increase thermal comfort
    5. Two Point Campus: How to unlock new items with Kudosh and the Research Lab
    6. Two Point Campus: How to increase staff and student happiness
    7. Two Point Campus: How to Prestige Rooms and raise campus attractiveness
    8. EVO was dominated by rollback netcode announcements, and I couldn't be happier
    9. If you want rollback netcode, you’re going to have to play Dragon Ball FighterZ on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC
    10. This Elden Ring mod understands that a hunter must hunt with Bloodborne-style gun parries
    11. Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s release feels like the Switch is teetering on the cusp of a real piracy problem
    12. Splatoon 3 gets a beefy 30 minute-long Direct later this week
    13. Blizzard says that $45 skin survey isn't "indicative of final pricing"
    14. Bridget joins Guilty Gear Strive as part of Season 2 DLC
    15. Dead by Daylight leaks reportedly reveal Albert Wesker's power and perks
    16. Over 20 years later, we're getting a new Fatal Fury game
    17. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Warzone 2 reveal finally happening in September
    18. Street Fighter 6: New Evo 2022 trailer reveals Kimberly and Juri
    19. Tekken 8, or whatever's next for the series, teased at EVO 2022
    1. Redfall is making a 30 minute-long appearance at QuakeCon
    2. Cancelled Warcraft point-and-click game gets a fanmade remaster six years in the making
    3. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is getting rereleased... as an arcade cabinet
    4. PlayStation is asking players about NFTs they like to collect at Evo
    5. Square Enix sold off Western studios due to concern of Japanese game sales being "cannibalised"
    6. Beyond Good and Evil 2, despite all odds, is still kicking as it takes on new lead writer
    7. Zenless Zone Zero's beta test shows some flashy looking gameplay
    8. MultiVersus' hitbox and hurtbox system is getting a "big overhaul"
    1. Support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers added to Steam
    2. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak stream to provide news on Title Update 1 next week
    3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe datamine reveals list of potential tracks coming in future DLC
    4. Krafton's on a hiring spree for its game based on Korean fantasy series The Bird That Drinks Tears
    5. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best classes and how to unlock them
    2. Blizzard won't host a third Overwatch 2 beta test ahead of its October release
    3. Family Plan currently in testing for Xbox Game Pass
    4. Diablo Immortal: How to solve the 9 Lamps and Mirror Puzzles in the Lost Runes quest
    5. Diablo Immortal Gems & Runes Guide | How to get the best Legendary Gems
    6. Diablo Immortal Best Class: What is the best starting, solo and PvP class?
    7. How do you unlock Hell difficulty in Diablo Immortal?
    8. Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster locations and uses
    9. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.11: Best game that you were ridiculously hyped for as a teen
    10. Mario Kart 8 Wave 2 of DLC brings back one of the series' best tracks
    11. This Lord of the Rings Unreal Engine 5 game trailer is outstanding
    12. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max review: small tweaks add up to a big improvement
    13. Play Far Cry 6, and its DLC for free this weekend
    14. Fastest Cars in GTA Online (Summer 2022) | What are the fastest cars?
    1. Genshin Impact Glaze Lily - Where do you find Glaze Lilies in Liyue Harbor?
    2. Pokemon Go Fest: Sapporo will feature a Global Challenge and Ultra Unlock
    3. Assassin's Creed is getting its own whiskey
    4. Meet Your Maker is first-person building-and-raiding game from the creators of Dead by Daylight
    5. Tencent looking to become the "the single largest shareholder" in Ubisoft - report
    6. MultiVersus season one has been delayed
    7. The Ascent expands its cyberpunk chaos with melee combat and new missions in story DLC
    8. Albert Wesker and Ada Wong are coming to Dead by Daylight in new Resident Evil chapter
    9. The Sims 4 patch gets rid of aging bug and incest after accidentally adding them
    10. GTA Online Weekly Update (August 4) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    11. Leaked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lobby images confirm rumoured Tarkov-like DMZ mode
    12. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 arts guide | The best arts for each build
    1. Switch sales fall 23% due to shortage of semiconductor components
    2. Blizzard and NetEase have canceled development on a World of Warcraft mobile game
    3. Logitech G and Tencent are bringing a cloud gaming handheld to market later this year
    4. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet stream details Terastel forms, ridable Legendaries, and Tera Raids
    5. NBA 2K23 gameplay changes have been revealed - improved accessibility, new techniques, and better AI
    6. MultiVersus Shaggy Guide: Combos, strategies, and matchups you should know
    7. This week's Sea of Thieves update lets you be the captain of your very own ship
    8. Stardew Valley creator shares unseen screenshot of upcoming project, Haunted Chocolatier
    1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners trailer shows off the Netflix animated series
    2. Don't expect a Mortal Kombat 12 announcement at EVO 2022
    3. The Last Of Us Part 1 isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay
    4. Is MultiVersus crossplay?
    5. Activision revenues declined in Q2 due to "lower engagement" in the Call of Duty franchise
    6. After Namco makes changes, there are major problems with the Tekken World Tour
    7. If you pre-purchased Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on Steam in these regions, you will want to cancel and re-order it
    8. MultiVersus’ best mods, and how to use them
    9. Ghost Recon Wildlands, Two Point Campus, and more coming to Xbox Game Pass
    10. MultiVersus players are making a stunning Daffy Duck concept character
    11. Life is Strange: True Colors is set to receive a prequel novel
    12. The Sims 4's latest policy update cracks down on paid custom content and mods
    13. MultiVersus has a Velma x Jake combo that is straight up broken
    14. Battlefield 2042's latest patch introduces first map rework and player stats
    1. Genshin Impact best teams for Yoimiya
    2. Project L will be free to play, with Illaoi joining the roster
    3. MultiVersus Toasting: How to get more Toast
    4. Let's be honest, Stray would have worked much better with a dog
    5. Sony is shutting down the PS5's Accolades feature because no one used it
    6. Respawn wants cross progression in Apex Legends "sooner rather than later”, working on in-game gifting
    7. Wo Long – the new game from Nioh devs – is getting a demo “in the near future”
    8. Upcoming games of 2022 that must not be delayed (because the rest of the year isn’t looking great)
    9. Evo Lounge announced - featuring developer reveals and curated show coverage
    10. You can now play Stray as Spyro the Dragon
    11. Pokémon Presents airing later this week featuring Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and more
    12. Elden Ring's Malenia used to slice and dice you a whole lot more
    13. Masahiro Sakurai's Smash Ultimate screenshots to run out sometime in August
    14. MultiVersus is ahead of the curve tech-wise on PS5