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Tower of Fantasy Multiplayer: How to play PvP and co-op?

Take on Aida with a friend!

As you jump into Tower of Fantasy, you'll find yourself both impressed and overwhelmed at just how much there is to see and do across the alien world of Aida. While much of the story sees you exploring various regions, the real rewards are reaped for exploring on your own.

That said, in this fantasy-fuelled MMORPG, you don't have to roam alone. In fact, you can team up with up to three other players or friends in co-op to take on bounties or simply explore together. If you want, you can even try your hand at PvP against each other, too.

How exactly does multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy work, though? Well, it can be a little confusing to set up, and even more confusing to find what you can actually do together. So, in this guide, we explain how to play co-op and PvP multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy.

How do I add friends in Tower of Fantasy?

Adding a new friend in Tower of Fantasy is easy. You just need to do the following:

  • Select 'Friends' from your escape menu in the top-right corner.
  • Select 'Search & Add' in the lower-left corner.
  • Scroll through the server's players to find your friend, or search for their display name.
  • Select the plus icon to send them a friend request.
  • Once they accept, they're on your friends!
The social networking menu where players can add friends in Tower of Fantasy.
You can add and accept friends here!

How do I create or join a team in Tower of Fantasy?

Much like adding a friend, creating or joining a team is simple, although the multiplayer menu sometimes feels obscured.

  • Select the multiplayer menu by clicking the flag icon (shown below) that's underneath your objective. If you can't find it, you may need to click your objective for it to appear.
  • In the top-right corner of the multiplayer menu, select 'My Team'.
  • You can then create a team, and select the plus icons beside your character to invite players to join.
The team menu where players can create their own team in Tower of Fantasy.
From this menu, you can create a team of your own or go to the multiplayer lobby and find one to join.

To join a team, you'll need to search for one in the multiplayer menu. You can search for them depending on their team objectives, such as free targets or world exploration.

How do I play co-op in Tower of Fantasy?

To play co-operatively with friends in Tower of Fantasy, make sure to add them as a friend and then invite them to your team. Once they're in your team, you can agree on a team objective to set, and can then embark on it!

If you find that you're having issues with this, make sure that you and your friends are in the same server, and in the same channel. To change channels, you can press the 'Channel' text in the top-left corner and input the same one as your friends.

If you're not in the same server, you will need to make a new character in a matching one; this does mean losing all your progress, however.

Once you successfully have a team together, it's time to commit to some co-operative tasks in Tower of Fantasy. The different objectives your team can set, and what they involve, are as follows:

  • Free Target - No defined target or goal.
  • World Exploration - Simply explore the world of Aida with your friends.
  • Joint Operation - You and your friends can participate in a chosen Joint Operation mission.
  • Interstellar Exploration - You and your friends can embark on an Interstellar Exploration mission.
  • Dimensional Trails - You cand your friends can take part in Dimensional Trials.
  • Roaming Boss - The goal is to find and defeat a World Boss together.
The Select Missions menu where players can choose missions to do solo or multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy.
Here are just a handful of the missions you can embark in co-op multiplayer!

If you wish to change your Team Objective, head back to the My Team area where you invited your friends from. Just below the button to go back to the Lobby, you'll see your Team Objective just beneath it; you can switch the objective by tapping it and choosing what you want to go and do!

Don't forget that some missions use energy; you'll earn plenty of this, but be sure to save a little rather than using it all at once if you want to do missions alongside friends each day!

How do I play PvP in Tower of Fantasy?

When it comes to PvP in Tower of Fantasy, you've two options. You can play ranked battles in the games Apex League and earn Black Crystals for your efforts, or you can engage in open-world PvP with friends or players on the same server.

Open-world PVP in Tower of Fantasy explained

Open-world PvP has some very huge issues at the moment in terms of both the top players simply paying to advance their weapons and win, and there's also some severe lag. Lag can certainly work out in your favour, as I've learnt first-hand, but ultimately, open world PvP needs some major fixes before it's a viable mode of play.

To engage in open-world PvP, you can simply click the portrait of a player who is in your server and channel, and challenge them to duel.

Ranked Apex League PvP in Tower of Fantasy explained

As for Apex League PvP, you can jump into the ranked mode once you reach Level 31. Head to the crossed swords icon in the top-right corner of your screen while in-game, and under the Challenge tab, you'll find Apex League.

PvP matches in Apex League are 1v1s in a shrinking battlefield, and the winner is whoever gets two points first. In the matches, all weapon resonance effects, Matrice effects, and Simulacrum traits are disabled, with the effect of healing items reduced by 50%.

These battles last for around five minutes at a time, and you'll be competing for stars to award you with one of seven ranks, which - from highest to lowest - are:

  • Grand Marshal
  • Battle Lord
  • Star General
  • Commander
  • Sergeant
  • Elite
  • Private

Winning battles will gain you stars, while losing them will see you lose stars. When it comes to rewards, the big ones come at the end of a season, and they depend on your rank. For example, rewards for having the highest rank of Grand Marshal are the title, the Dust Wheeler vehicle, and 500 Dark Crystals. Meanwhile, rewards for the lowest rank of Private are the title, a limited accessory, and 100 Dark Crystals.

So, if you can deal with the persistent lag and reported issues with other players cheating, it's well worth trying out Apex League a few times.

That's all there is to multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy. For more on the alien world of Aida and the happenings within it, check out our guide on the best Relics and how to use them, as well as how to farm for Nucleus so you can get the most from your gacha pulls.

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