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Tower of Fantasy character tier list: Best weapons (August 2022)

A one-stop guide for the best characters in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has been out for some time now, bringing with it a range of characters - known in game as Simulacrum - with their own unique weapons, traits, and of course incredibly low drop rates.

So before you go ahead and dump loads of in-game currency of banners, praying for certain super rare drops, you’ll want to find out what the best characters in Tower of Fantasy are with our Tower of Fantasy character tier list for August 2022.

We’ve broken down each Simulacrum into their respective section, and written a quick break down of each character so you know what the deal is with each rare drop.


Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum tier list

  • S: Samir, King, Shiro
  • A: Nemesis, Tsubasa, Crow, Huma
  • B:Zero, Meryl, Cocoritter, Echo
  • C: Pepper, Ene, Bai Ling, Hilda

Tower of Fantasy Weapon tier list

Each Simulacrum comes with their own weapon, so we’ve ranked them here in line with our Simulacrum tier list above:

  • S: Duel EM Stars, Scythe of the Crow, Chakram of the Seas
  • A: Venus, Icewind Arrow, Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2
  • B: Negating Cube, Rosy Edge, Absolute Zero, Thundering Halberd
  • C:Staff of Scars, Pummeler, Nightingale’s Feather, The Terminator

Tower of Fantasy Best Simulacrum - Samir / Duel EM Stars

Samir 2 Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Electric. Shatter 6.00 / Charge 10.70

Samir is the best damage dealer in Tower of Fantasy full stop. With their Duel EM Stars pistols, they’re able to deal ridiculous damage to enemies from range consistently, with a decent amount of mobility to boot! When awakened, she gains a concentration trait, increasing her damage as long as she doesn’t get hit, making her a great bet for skilled players.

Tower of Fantasy characters

King / Scythe of the Crow

King Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Fire. Shatter 12.50 / Charge 5.0

King is a brilliant AOE damage dealer, and their scythe has in-built AOE potential with wide, sweeping blows. Unparalleled at dealing fire damage, breaking shields, and clearing rooms of enemies. King is 2nd best only to Samir, but if you manage to pull them from your gacha - especially in the early hours of your adventure through Tower of Fantasy - it’s time to celebrate.

Shiro / Chakram of the Seas

Shiro Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Physical. Shatter 10.00 / Charge 6.00

A damn good AOE damage dealer - with the added boon of pulling enemies close together for elevated amounts of hurt and crowd control if your discharge attack is up. Shiro - paired with their weapon Chakram of the Seas - are excellent at taking out big enemies, small enemies… all enemies! A great pick you can take with you everywhere.

Nemesis / Venus

Nemesis Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Healer - Electric. Shatter 6.00 / Charge 8.00

Nemesis is an odd ball. First off, they’re brilliant. If you get them early on, you’re probably set for the majority of the game. Their weapon, Venus, allows you to deal wild ranged damage with powerful laser beams, with skills and discharge attacks that further enhanced your at-distance potential. You can also summon electrodes that continue to attack after your discharge. Fabulous character - fabulous weapon.

Tsubasa / Icewind Arrow

Tsubasa Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Ice. Shatter 4.00 / Charge 11.50

An ice-based character with a brilliant bow, just brilliant. With some incredibly useful weapon skills and discharge attacks, you’re set up to freeze enemies with ease which in turn lets you charge up powerful shots where the character really shines. Not the best ranged character, sadly, but throwing your upgrade material on Tsubasa is a great option.

Crow / Thunderblades

Crow Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Electric. Shatter 6.00 / Charge 8.00

Lots of blades and lots of electrical damage, Crow is a fast-paced melee damage dealer able to throw out their blades and slice through enemies with exceptional prowess/ They’re also pretty good at breaking shields too, meaning no matter who you run into, you’ll be able to cut right through them.

Huma / Molten Shield V2

Huma Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Tank - fire. Shatter 10.00 / Charge 10.00

Huma - and their weapon Molten Shield - is dope. Using stance switching, you can swap between the axe and shield form of this weapon, the process of switching coming in the form of a devastating slam that leaves a pit of fire and ravages nearby enemies. They’re a tank too by the way, able to taunt enemies with their discharge skill and manage multiple monsters at once. Lovely pick, lots of fun.

Zero / Negating Cube

Zero Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Healer - fire. Shatter 5.00 / Charge 13.00

Zero is a character with a bit more substance behind them, Zero is all about using your cubes - and gaining more cubes via his regular combo - to enhance your party-protecting weapon skill. This skill, the moment where the support aspect of Zero comes to play, has you shield you allies and deal substantial damage to surrounding monsters. Still not the best support Simulacrum, but good enough to dump resources into if you get ‘em!

Meryl / Rosy Edge

Meryl Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Tank - Ice. Shatter 12.00 / Charge 4.00

A great shield shatterer with icy flair and awesome AOE potential, Meryl is about slow, heavy strikes that deal decent 1 vs 1 damage, which in turn lead to a pair of attacks that can wipe out full packs of foes surrounding you. Their skill is especially fun, and swing for the fences wave of glacial slashes. Lots of fun.

Cocoritter / Absolute Zero

Cocoritter Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Healer - Ice. Shatter 4.00 / Charge 12.50

Another healer, and a great replacement for Pepper if you manage to pull her from the in-game gacha, Cocoritter is all about charged attacks, freezing, and keeping yourself and your team alive with your AOE weapon skill. A nice option, although admittedly, the weakest SSR healer available right now.,

Echo / Thundering Halberd

Echo Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Electric. Shatter 11.00 / Charge 7.00

The first character you’ll get is tragically not an amazing one right off the bat, but Echo is still able to deal decent electric damage with their Thundering Halberd and its slick aerial combos. Also, they fill an important slot in your loadout, as the first shield breaker you’ll earn. As such, when coming across enemies or bosses, keep them around early on.

Pepper / Staff of Scars

Pepper Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Healer - Electric. Shatter 4.00 / Charge 10.00

Likely your first healer, Pepper is a decent pick for early game players, especially those looking to play cooperatively. They heal their allies based on the weapon’s ATK stat, so while you’re dashing around hitting enemies, using your weapon skill and so on, you’ll be keeping the rest of your team topped up!

Ene / Pummeler

Ene Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
Tank - Ice. Shatter 10.00 / Charge 6.00

A big hitter when it comes to weapon size, but not to tier list placement. Ene is a decent pick early on for those who who like to charge massive powerful attacks that lead to meaningful increases in damage output. With their ability to freeze enemies relatively easily, they make for a good crowd control character if nothing else.

Bai Ling / Nightingale’s Feather

Bai Ling Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Physical. Shatter 6.00 / Charge 10.00

With Bai Ling, you’ve got another character that’ll join your ranks very early on in the game. However, while it’s handy to have a bow on hand and ranked up a bit in the early game regions, you’ll want to swap this out for a different ranged weapon ASAP. That being said, their weapon skill and Discharge attack can be handy at clearing out packs.

Hilda / The Terminator

Hilda Simulcra page in Tower of Fantasy
DPS - Ice. Shatter 10.00 / Charge 10.00

It’s a tragedy that a gun so big and cool doesn’t really pull off incredible numbers in game, as Hilda with their cannon The Terminator is up there as one of our favourite Simulacrum. However, if you’re still making your way through the early stages of the game and fancy trying out the character, they’re all abou shattering shields and freezing foes. A fine pick for beginners.

That wraps up our Tower of Fantasy tier list! For more Tower of Fantasy guides, check out our pieces on how to upgrade weapons in Tower of Fantasy, as well as our Tower of Fantasy codes page (August 2022).

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