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Tower of Fantasy Matrices Explained: How to get, use, and upgrade your Matrices

These small chips make all the difference for mid-late game players.

Matrices are an incredibly important part of Tower of Fantasy, allowing you to squeeze out a huge amount of extra damage, healing, health, and other amazing traits out of your weapons. However, earning more Matrices and picking the right ones can be tricky, especially for newer players.

To help you wrap your head around this feature, we’ve written up this Tower of Fantasy Matrices guide to take you through everything you need to know about them and how they work.

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What are Matrices?

Matrices are additional add-ons for your weapon that fall into four categories: Mind, Memory, Belief, and Emotion. Each Matrice is tied to one of these four categories, and can only be placed into the appropriate slot on a weapon. Each weapon has one slot for each of these, so you’ll be able to attach four in total onto a single weapon.

Each Matrice has their own stats attached - such as attack, resistance, HP, crit, and so on. They also each have set-piece effects - which mean if you attach three Matrices of the same set in a certain number of weapon slots, you’ll gain a powerful bonus.

See below an example of a Matrice - a Swamp Shadow Matrice in the Mind slot. In the top section, you can see basic info such as Matrice level, combat strength points, rarity, and what Matrice slot it fits into.

An example Matrice in Tower of Fantasy
In this window, you're given all the info you need about your Matrice.

Below that, you can see the base stats it provides simply by being equipped. Once you read below that, you can see the set bonus and its effect. Since I only have one of these equipped the set bonus is disabled, so it’s greyed out.

When you equip a full set, this glows up and provides the specific bonus unique to that set. You can see example of what that looks like below:

A Matrice set bonus in Tower of Fantasy
(See circled) An activated Matrice set bonus!

You can also develop Matrices to further increase the bonuses they provide. Doing so will increase the base stats the Matrice provides, further increasing the power of the weapon it’s attached to.

Developing a Matrice in Tower of Fantasy
Those stats when pumped up make all the difference.

How do I get more Matrices?

Now you know what Matrices are, how do you get more? Well, there are several sources. You can earn them from world bosses, Joint Operations, and the Choice Matrice banners.

Join Operations and world bosses are fairly simple group activities that have you and other players take on PvE enemies for a range of rewards, including Matrices, but Choice Matrice banners require a resource called Proof of Purchases. You can either earn Proof of Purchases through Clotho Supply Pods, or the store.

The Choice Matrice banner in Tower of Fantasy
You see that SSR Matrice on the right? That's the jackpot.

How to know which Matrices are best for you?

Starting out, you’re going to have a handful of Matrices that provide a range of different stats, and not many full sets either, so your best bet early on is to slot in Matrices that compliment the weapon type and the role it plays.

For example, check out my Scythe of the Crow set up I’ve listed below. Early in the game, I’ve not got many Matrices that help out too much, with the exception of two. The first is that lush SR Swamp Shadow piece, which boosts my HP and Crit. It also has a great set-bonus for King too as a powerful AOE DPS, so while I don’t have a full set yet, it’s a good piece to upgrade and hang on to.

Matrices attached to a weapon in Tower of Fantasy
Your weapons will likely start out as a mish-mash just like this.

In the emotion slot, I’ve got an okay blue which provides a little bit of attack and resistance, but the real prize is the set bonus. If I replace those useless blues in the Belief and Memory slots with Matrices with Self-explosive, I can boost the fire damage of my Scythe. As they’re blue, it’s not worth investing many resources into them, but for stand-in Matrices they do the job.

As you progress further into the game, you'll collect a large number of way better Matrices and full sets, which you can slap onto your weapons to devestating effects. As such, we recommend you don't dump too many resources into early game blue Matrices unless you really have to. Save them for those juicy purples and yellows!

That wraps up our guide on Matrices in Tower of Fantasy! For more Tower of Fantasy guides, check out our Tower of Fantasy codes page for August, as well as our explainer on Tower of Fantasy relics.

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