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Tower of Fantasy vehicles guide: How to get very vehicle

A step by step guide to every vehicle in the game right now.

One of the more unique aspects of Tower of Fantasy in comparison to other titles like Genshin Impact are vehicles - methods of transportation that allow you to quickly traverse the world without warping to fast travel points or using relics. Whether it's the Chaser, Omnium Beast, Monocross or Traveller, each vehicle is very valuable..

To help you start your vehicle collection proper, we’ve written this guide on how to get all the vehicles in Tower of Fantasy.

You can watch the launch trailer for Tower of Fantasy here!

How to unlock additional every vehicle in Tower of Fantasy


The Falcon bike in Tower of Fantasy
Likely your first vehichle.

During the story quests in Astra - specifically Chapter 1-04 ‘Hykros’ - you'll be sent up to the airborne city of Hykros to figure out the problem with the Omnium Towers. Without spoiling anything, you handle a nasty situation there and Franz gives you your first vehicle: the Falcon Motorbike! This will allow you to quickly traverse the world of Tower of Fantasy, although you won’t be able to cross over water with it so bear that in mind.


2613 in Tower of Fantasy
The cube!

This floating cube was a prize for pre-registering for Tower of Fantasy prior to launch, and therefore as of right now is no longer available to players who jumping in after August 10! If you did pre-register, you should be able to collect this mount from the rewards page (the present located at the top right of your screen).

You might want to hurry though, as the opportunity to claim your reward will end August 17. Get a move on if you want the 2613 cube!


The Chaser in Tower of Fantasy
A weird hoover

This vehicle requires you to collect two separate parts, which can then be combined in the vehicle menu. The parts you need are:

Chaser Rod

Found at the top of the rustered sphere in Asta. Simply climb tot he top and unlock the tier II supply pod for the part.

Chaser Stalker

A rare drop from the Vermin Brothers. You can find them throughout Aria and Banges, but we’ve marked the location of three Vermin brothers on the image below so you can find them quickly and set up farm routes of your own. You can also find one brother in the Squeeky stronghold in Asta.

Marked locations for the Vermin Brothers in Tower of Fantasy
See red: One brother is in the stronghold, while the other patrols the road south.

Omnium Beast VII

The Omnium Beast in Tower of Fantasy
Who doesn't love big mechs

The Omnium Beast requires three separate parts to create. These parts are:

Omnium Beast Cockpit

To collect this part, you need to complete a hidden quest in banges, To start, use your jetboard to head over to the oil rig off the coast.

The location of the Hyena rig in Tower of Fantasy
You can see the base on the map, by some islands.

There, you’ll find a Hyena hideout. However, you’ll need a password to get in and the guard won’t budge. To get the password, head back to Banges town and find a NPC called Port Guard Lozwall. Talk to him, and you’ll get the password which you can then bring back to the rig to gain access.

Lozwall in Tower of Fantasy
This is Lozwall, found on the Banges docks.

Once inside, head up to the roof of the rig and you’ll find a chest. Inside, is the Omnium Beast cockpit.

Omnium Beast Left Arm

Found in a warehouse in the HT201 Shelter. There you will find a barrier. Enter the code 1647 to open the barrier and collect the part.

The warehouse found in Shelter H201 in Tower of Fantasy
Look for the old lady, who is standing outside the warehouse, for help.

Omnium Beast Right Arm

Has a small chance to drop from named Behemoths. We’ve marked a map below with their locations so you can track them down and farm this part.

See marked: three spots where Behemoths can be found in Tower of Fantasy
See marked, three behemoth locations in Banges.


Voyager in Tower of Fantasy
Space taxi

This fancy hover car requires you to collect four distinct parts from across Navia and Crown Mines. You can find instructions on how to find each part below:

Voyager Thruster

This part is dropped by Four Powers enemies spread around Navia, with a very low chance to drop. For a map of their locations, please refer below:

All four powers locations in Tower of Fantasy
See marked, all four locations of four powers enemies in Navia

Voyager Control Station

Head to the warehouse near the small stronghold north of Lucia in Crown Mines, then type in the code 3594 to get inside, loot the chest, and get the part.

The locations of the warehouse where the Voyager control station in Tower of Fantasy
You can find the warehouse here!

Voyager Engine

First, you need to complete the Hyena ocean rig side quest to gain access to the area off the coast of banges. For a walkthrough on that, check out our walkthrough on how to get the Omnium Beast Cockpit above.

Once on the rig, you need to read all the documents on the rig. The first - Hyenas Carnival - can be found on the 1st floor, on a wall next to a door and above some plant pots. The second - Hyenas Special Treat - is found to the left of the supply orb. Once you’ve read these, you’ll unlock the Hyenas’ Navia Base side quest.

This secret Hyena base can be found out in the ocean north west of Ruin C-03 in Navia. Head to the Rainwalker Island specerift near the ruin and go out to sea, to the point on the map below:

Map location of Hyena secret base in Tower of Fantasy
You can find the hidden base here, off the coast.

Once you’re on the rig, you’ll find a guard next to a supply cache at the top of the rig. Give this guard some sizzling meat, which you can cook up yourself, and you’ll be able to loot the chest and get the part.

Voyager Hull

To get the hull, you’ll need to continue the Hyena quest chain that you started for the Voyager Engine. Once on the secret rig where the carnival is taking place, talk to the large Hyena called Morgley. You need to give him Iced Strawberry Soda, which you can create by using 2 strawberries, 2 honey, and 11 carbonated water in the cooking creation menu.

Take this drink to Morgley, and he’ll give you console components. These are needed to unlock the Eco Park hovering over the lake at the centre of Navia bay. With the components head to the three towers marked on the map below:

See marked, all three towers around the Eco garden in Tower of Fantasy
There are three towers in total that you'll need to repair.

First off, you’ll need to restore the power to the East and West towers. To restore the power, you need to bring two tool sets to broken power boxes in the towers. You can get these from blue gift boxes, which are bought from the Points Store for 120 training points each. This means you’ll need 240 training points in total.

For the North West tower on Raincaller island, the code is 5972. Once all the towers are online, the shield around the Eco garden over the lake will go down. Head to the lake where the lazer under the eco park hits the water, and you’ll be able to head up!

The Eco Garden in Tower of Fantasy

Your reward for all this is the Hull from one of the supply pods, as well as a bunch of loot and the Colossus Arm Relic!


Monocross in Tower of Fantasy
Robot unicorn!

Unicorn Power Core

For this, you need to complete the hidden quest with Stoker in the Crown Mines. Starting off, head to the Miner’s camp in Crown Mines to the area on the map below. There, you’ll find a large weird crystal with a barrier around it. Near this barrier, you’ll be able to pick up a fragment.

Location of shiny residue in Tower of Fantasy
You'll have to scale the cliff, or drop down from below.

Then, you should go and find Stoker. You can find them south of Parliament on the East side of Goldrush Mountain. We recommend you glide down from The Lab spacerift, you’ll see a purple arrow pointing to his den.

Stoker location in tower of fantasy
Stoker can be found here, in the side of a ruined building.

Handing Stoker the fragment will cause him to crave pie, which means you’ll have to do some cooking. First, collect some brown rice. Head to the raincaller island spacerift East of Cetus Island in Nadia, you can find plenty of brown rice around the nearby ruin there. You only need to pick up 2 brown rice for this step.

Next, you’ll need to gather some fiddlehead. For this, we recommend heading to the Mt. Targus spacerift in Banges and jumping south onto the ground. In the grassy path towards and around Banges tech you’ll find plenty of fiddlehead. You’ll need to pick up 13 in total.

With these ingredients, you’ll need to cook Fiddlehead Pie. Head to a cook bot and swap over to the creation tab. You’ll want to combine two brown rice and 13 fiddlehead for a Fiddlehead pie. Once you’ve done this, head back to Stoker for the next step.

Fiddlehead Pie creation in Tower of Fantasy
It takes a lot of fiddlehead, but one pie is all you need.

Now for the final step. Head back to the giant strange rock where you found the fragment and you’ll see three energy conversion devices. These can be set to different gears. Starting with the device furthest to the west (near the pipe bridge), set the devices to gear 2, the central device to gear 1, and the final device close to the bush to gear 3.

All you have to do now is loot the ore chunk that comes out of the massive rock, and you’ve got the power core.

Unicorn Bionic Frame

For this part, you’ll need to start off at the Southern Naa fjord the Warren Snowfield. Looking north, you’ll see a giant facility in the water. Make your way over to it and use your jetpack to get to the roof. You’ll find a locked door at the top - enter the code 7092 to make your way inside.

In this facility, you’ll need to sneak past a bunch of guards. Once you make it past the stealth section, you’ll find a special pod with the part inside.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs

This part can be found in a chest in the Warren Snowfields. You can find it south of the Warren Snow Peak spacerift, in the spot marked below:

Location of map of Monocross Cyberlimbs in Tower of Fantasy
Since the Omnium Tower isn't unlockable yet, you're going kinda blind.

Once you reach this location, you’ll looking for a tower surrounded by guards. The supply pod locked on this tower contains the unicorn Cyberlimbs.

Unicorn Independent Head

This part can only be dropped by two named enemies, Devotee Noah and Devotee Eber. You can find them in the small strongholds marked on the map below:

Marked locations of Devotee's in Tower of Fantasy
See circled, both Devotees in the Crown Mines.

Dust Wheeler

Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy
Big PvP wheel for Pvpers

This is the one and only PvP mount available in the game right now. To unlock it, you’ll need to reach Grand Marshal Rank in the Apex League mode. Once you reach that rank, the vehicle will be sent your way and you can unlock it immediately.


Mechbird in Tower of Fantasy
It's a cool bird!

The Mechbird is made of four parts, all of which come from the Terrible Invasion event. This currently isn’t in the game, so you aren’t able to get it right now.

That concludes our guide on all of the mounts present in Tower of Fantasy right now. For more guides on the game, check out our Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list, as well as our guide on how to farm in-game currency.

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