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Tower of Fantasy: Where to gather Crystals

You'll need to know where to gather Crystals if you want to complete the Prep Work side mission.

Tower of Fantasy is the latest MMORPG to capture the imaginations and attention of gacha fans. In the lush open world, you'll be tasked with playing the hero and rescuing the world of Aida from further catastrophe. You can also choose to do this alone or alongside friends, too!

That said, to get very far in Aida, you're going to not only need to complete story missions, defeat bosses, and deal with bounties, but you'll also want to gather resources from the alien world as you explore it. In fact, some side missions, such as Prep Work, will even task you with finding materials, including Crystals that can be harvested easily in the overworld.

In this guide, we've explained where to find Crystals in the Astra region of Tower of Fantasy for the Prep Work side mission.

Where do I gather Crystals in Tower of Fantasy?

Whether you've been tasked with gathering Crystals as a part of the Prep Work side mission, or simply are curious as to what those blocks are around the overworld, we've got you covered.

The Prep Work side mission in Tower of Fantasy, that needs you to gather crystals, is shown.
This is one side mission that'll task you with collecting Crystals.

While roaming around Aida, you'll have no doubt seen various blocks, mounds, and plants. Some, like Dandelions, can be farmed for seeds and Black Nucleus. Others, like the block pillar in the image below, can be attacked and farmed for the Crystals that you need!

A Crystal in Tower of Fantasy can be seen.
Here's what Crystals in the overworld look like; attack them!

Do note that not all Crystals in the overworld will look exactly like the one above. While they'll always be the same shape and structure, sometimes they will vary in colour.

When you find one of the above blocks, attack it with your weapon to break it and claim the Crystal. It's as easy as that, and there's over 900 of these scattered across Aida. However, sometimes your weapon may not do the job.

In instances where your weapons don't work, try to find a nearby Core - such as a Watercore, Firecore, or Icecore - and throw it at the large crystal. This should hopefully break the crystal apart so you can collect your resources!

In a pinch, these Crystals can also be purchased from a vendor in Banges. If you've already used Banges' vendors, the item description on Crystals will tell you that you can purchase them there. So, hover on over to Banges' docks if you're desperate for upgrade materials!

Where do I gather ten Crystals for the Prep Work side mission in Tower of Fantasy?

For the Prep Work side mission, however, you only need to gather ten Crystals. On the map below, we've marked just over ten Crystal locations across the south of Astra, so you can go about hunting and gathering without needing to spend too much time sprinting back and forth.

The yellow dots mark Crystal locations!

If you want to go about hunting for even more Crystals across Aida, and not exclusively in the region of Astra, then don't forget to check out the Tower of Fantasy interactive map for some help.

What else are Crystals used for in Tower of Fantasy?

While you only need to gather ten Crystals for the Prep Work side mission, you might be wondering what else the material can be used for. Well, Crystals themselves are an upgrade material, and when you break Crystals in the overworld, there's also a chance that they'll drop further weapon upgrade materials such as Magcore, Icecore, and more.

The description for Crystals in Tower of Fantasy is shown.

These resources can then be used for upgrading your weapons. So, if you're running low on resources and need to upgrade your weapon again, go gathering Crystals.

That's all for finding ten Crystals in Tower of Fantasy's Astra! For more on the RPG, take a look at our Simulacrum tier list, and how to get more of each currency!

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