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Tower of Fantasy Currency: How to farm Nucleus and Dark Crystals

Wondering where to find all the different kinds of currency in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is the latest RPG to grace the scene, and its people need your help. Dwindling resources and energy have forced everyone to leave Earth and make their way to Aida, a habitable and beautiful alien world. But, of course, this new world has come with its own new troubles.

Namely, Omnium, which is a very powerful energy that the people of Aida have tried to capture. Unfortunately, this has led to Omnium radiation, and now, catastrophe. This vast alien world can't be saved without some currency to get you by, however, and there's a lot of different types to wrap your head around before you dive deep into Tower of Fantasy.

A few of these currencies are straight forward, but the likes of Gold Nucleus, Black Nucleus, and Red Nucleus require plenty of farming if you want to get the most out of the games gacha system. So, in this guide, we've explained every main currency, as well as how to farm for Gold, Black, and Red Nucleus' in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy - Gold Explained

The description for Gold is shown in Tower of Fantasy.

As you may have already guessed, Gold is the most popular currency in Tower of Fantasy. You will often earn it as a reward for all your various activities across the world, and it similarly can be used to purchase a lot of items too. If you're low on Gold for whatever reason, you can purchase 10,000 of it from the in-game shop in exchange for 100 Dark Crystals; we talk more about the crystals as a currency below!

Aside from spending Gold on consumables or other materials, you'll primarily use it to upgrade your arsenal of weapons; this is pretty important if you want to take on enemies with ease.

Tower of Fantasy - Nucleus Explained

There are three different types of Nucleus currency in Tower of Fantasy, and these are primarily used for pulls, also known as Special or Limited Orders. These Orders play out like any usual gacha mechanic, and you'll be granted SR weapons, or SSR weapons (which are accompanied by an AI host, a Simulacrum).

Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus

Black Nucleus' (although, they're actually purple) are perhaps the most common Nucleus to find across Tower of Fantasy. You'll earn plenty of them via natural progression if you're working on your quests, and you can sometimes earn them from exploring the world around you, too. These Nucleus' are used for Special Orders, but there's no pity system involved in these particular pulls.

Sherli shows you how to use Anenome and Water Cores to acquire Black Nucleus at the start of the game, but in case you missed it, here's how to gather Black Nucleus in this way. First, locate an Anenome and look out for nearby Water Cores. Go over and pick it up, then throw it into the Anenome, which will then produce a Purple Nucleus for you!

In addition to this, you should also look out for Tar Pits. These are small brown and black mounds in the overworld, or they can take the form of tar-filled flowers. If you can attack the pit with fire, the tar will dissipate and you'll be rewarded with a Black Nucleus.

A player melts a Tar Pit using fire in Tower of Fantasy.
This Tar Pit was also in a really dark corner, but you get the idea! Fire away.

Last, but not least, the dandelions are not there to simply look pretty! If you see three dandelions bunched together, one of them will typically harvest a Black Nucleus. Attack away at both the stem and then the 'fluffy' part of the dandelion to grab it.

Player looks at a Water Core and Dandelion in Tower of Fantasy.

Black Nucleus' can also be found in various overworld chests!

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus

The description for Gold Nucleus is shown in the store menu, in Tower of Fantasy.

Gold Nucleus can be used for Special Orders, and with these, the pity system is in play. For every 10 pulls, you're guaranteed to unlock either an SR or SSR weapon, and for every 90 pulls, you're guaranteed an SSR weapon.

Fortunately, these Nucleus are acquired quite easily. You'll be able to regularly collect them naturally from exploring the overworld, killing bosses, opening chests, completing achievements, and through completing story quests. Additionally, you can go ahead and purchase one Gold Nucleus in exchange for 150 Dark Crystals in the in-game shop!

Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus

The description for Red Nucleus is shown in Tower of Fantasy.

Red Nucleus is the Nucleus that will probably cause you the most trouble, because right now, it's rather difficult to get without spending any money. This particular currency is used for Limited Special Orders.

There are three currently known ways of getting Red Nucleus. You can first simply buy one in the shop for 150 Dark Crystals. Alternatively, you can purchase the Daily Supply Box, but this costs Tanium, which is a currency that can only be bought using real money.

Finally, you can buy Gift Packs from the in-game shop with Red Nucleus in them; these will contain plenty of Red Nucleus, but they also cost Tanium.

Tower of Fantasy - Dark Crystals Explained

Dark Crystals are yet another currency that can be earned naturally and with ease, and in turn, it can then be used to purchase various items from the shop, including Nucleus!

To earn plenty of it, you need to go about completing story quests and earning achievements. There's also the opportunity to earn plenty of it by taking part in Apex League, a ranked PvP mode in Tower of Fantasy. You can additionally purchase Dark Crystals for Tanium, but this comes at the cost of real money.

Tower of Fantasy - Tanium Explained

Tanium is Tower of Fantasy's paid, premium currency. From the in-game store, you can buy Tanium using real-world money, and can then use Tanium to go about purchasing almost anything.

That's it for Tower of Fantasy's many currencies. For more on the RPG, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy codes to see if there's any freebies you may have missed out on, and how to reveal the world map.

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