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This Elden Ring mod understands that a hunter must hunt with Bloodborne-style gun parries

Plus, a mod for some new Torrent skins, and another that reimagines some weapons.

A group of modders have worked together to bring Bloodborne's tight gun parrying to FromSoftware's latest, Elden Ring.

YouTuber and modder Garden of Eyes is collaborating with COTA Studios to create a mod that adds a touch more gunplay to The Lands Between than there used to be, namely Bloodborne's gun parrying system, as spotted by Eurogamer. As well as another mod adding in some skins for our trusty Torrent, and a third mod that restores and reimagines certain weapons.

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If you haven't played Bloodborne and experienced the joys of pulling off a gun parry, allow us to explain. In Dark Souls, you typically parry by swinging your shield at just the right time to stagger your opponent. Bloodborne doesn't really have defensive options apart from one crappy shield, however if you time your gunshot just right, you can stagger most enemies in the game.

It's a tough thing to get right, but incredibly satisfying to do once you figure it out, and while Elden Ring is predominantly about swinging cool swords and zappin' out magical spells, a bit of gunplay never goes amiss.

Obviously there aren't really any guns in Elden Ring apart from one particular shield which has more of a canon on it than a gun, so the system had to be built from scratch. Parries will work on enemies, bosses, and apparently even in PvP, though mods are banned for online play so be careful with that one.

At the moment, there's only one gun available to try from, which you can do so via Garden of Eyes' Patreon, but it's still impressive that this was achieved at all. More guns and bullet types are planned for the mod though, so definitely keep your eye on it if it's up your alley.

For Torrent, skins wise it's more that there are two new whistles to use, one which summons the draconic sentinel horse, and another that summons the knights cavalry horse, with other skins planned to be added too.

And weapons wise, some have had models made completely from scratch, and even some custom animations and attacks. And some boss weapons have been reimagined too to have attacks more like the bosses themselves.

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