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Battlefield 2042's latest patch introduces first map rework and player stats

Battlefield 2042 continues to add more missing features as DICE revises original content.

DICE rolled out a new patch for Battlefield 2042 this morning, making it the second since the launch of the game's first season in June. Update 1.2 will also be the last one before the new season begins in September.

Much of the patch's content was revealed ahead of time. The headline is undoubtedly the map rework of Kaleidoscope, which the developer showed a work-in-progress version of a couple of months ago.

The rework improves the flow of the map by adding a lot more cover, changing the flag arrangement, and altering train elevations. The map also looks different, exchanging the pristine look for a war-torn face.

Another aesthetic change in patch 1.2 is the new look for various Specialists, which also realigns them to better fit the grim nature of the world. This is only a visual overhaul, however.

One other feature that's been missing from Battlefield 2042 since its launch has been a consolidated player statistics page. DICE previously said that player stats were being collected since day one, but the developer has now delivered a profile page that keeps track of them all.

As you'd expect, the page lists an overview of your personal performance as far as kills, deaths, top mastery levels, and level progression.

A major fix in this patch addresses the aim assist bug plaguing controllers, which should result in a smoother experience when tracking moving targets.

Beyond the new additions, the patch also brings a few balance changes, most notably for the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal helicopters, which were added with the Season One launch. The choppers' 30mm cannon has been tearing it up since then, and will now overheat much faster to make it less effective against infantry.

Likewise, the new BSV-M has been nerfed. Its full auto mode specifically now incurs an accuracy penalty, and its High Power rounds lose damage faster over ranges.

For the full update 1.2 change log, check the official website.

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