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Battlefield 2042 Season One: Zero Hour arrives June 9 with a new map, Specialist, weapons and vehicles

DICE has finally unveiled the long-awaited first season of Battlefield 2042.

Our first look at Zero Hour, the first post-launch season for Battlefield 2042, arrived just moments ago. DICE shared a gameplay trailer, which shows off a new map, the new Specialist, and more.

Zero Hour arrives this Thursday, June 9 alongside the game's first battle pass. We're expecting a full breakdown of what we can look forward to in the new season later this week.

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The highlight of the trailer is, of course, the new Exposure map. Set in Canada, the new battleground features elevated, mountainous ranges that resemble Battlefield 3's Damavand Peak in some ways. The new Specialist, Ewelina Lis, is equipped with a rocket launcher that fires what's essentially a TV missile you can control during flight.

The two new vehicles - stealth helicopters, two new weapons - R10 Crossbow and BSV-M marksman rifle, and the smoke launcher gadget can be acquired for free as part of the 100-tier battle pass.

In preparation of the new season, Battlefield 2042 received yet another big update earlier today, in the form of patch 1.0.0. It brings tweaks to netcode, balance changes, more smoother animations, map changes, and rebalances some Specialists.

Zero Hour will kick off later than anyone anticipated, and you could argue it's long past anyone caring about the troubled shooter. Since its launch in November last year, Battlefield 2042 has been raked over the coals for its buggy launch, missing basic features, and unnecessary innovation.

DICE has been working on the game since, releasing regural updates, but progress has been small - and the changes made so far are simply trying to catch up to past titles. The game will be nearly seven months-old when Zero Hour launches, and many - including EA - have moved on.

Everyone's eyes in the Battlefield commnunity and elsewhere are instead on the next Call of Duty as this year's big shooter, making a potential comeback for Battlefield 2042 all the more difficult.

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