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Battlefield 2042 Season One reveal coming today, and patch 1.0.0 is here to make Sundance less annoying

In preparation of the launch of Battlefield 2042's first season, a major update went live this morning.

This week is poised to be a big one for Battlefield 2042. The game's very late first season of post-launch content is finally close, and we're going to be taking our first look at it today. DICE is debuting a gameplay trailer for S1: Zero Hour today at 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm UK.

That's not all, there's also a big new update that released earlier this morning on all platforms. Update 1.0.0 includes a few balance tweaks and quality of life improvements.

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The patch adds smoother soldier animations that match those found on more recent Battlefield games, and does away with the clunky-looking third-person character animations seen all over Battlefield 2042. Bullet and hit registration is another major item addressed by this patch, and this comes alongside a balance pass for LMGs, DMRs, and shotguns.

Addressing criticisms that Battlefield 2042 is missing crucial XP events found in past games, today's update adds new ones for killing an enemy shortly after they kill or damage a squadmate, and gives credit when you deal damage to a vehicle that a teammate later destroys.

Speaking of vehicles, you should now notice more of them in Conquest, particularly transports. This only applies to in-world vehicles. There's also a list of changes for various Specialists, but the most meaningful affect Sundance.

Her wingsuit won't keep her in the air as long as it used to, but will be easier to control. Sundance also no longer has an EMP as part of her grenade kit.

Looking forward, DICE promised to overhaul Specialists, but the developer has yet to touch on the specifics, or really discuss the goals of this exercise at length.

You can see the full change log at the link.

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