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Battlefield 2042 is hosting a Dead Space crossover event which would've been useful to both games a year ago

Dead game and dead franchise.

Battlefield 2042 - Dead Space event
Image credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042's post-launch content drops are ending with its seventh season after getting like three more than anyone was expecting when it launched riddled with bugs and broken promises back in late 2021. However, it's getting one last surprise before it bows out in the shape of... a Dead Space event.

The limited-time event will run from July 9 to 16, and the news is surprising for a variety of reasons. First, the ill-fated (but awesome) Dead Space remake launched more than a year ago to glowing reviews and seemingly lacklustre sales. Second, Battlefield 2042, in spite of its pretty decent current state, isn't relevant anymore, as the focus is now on the next entry in the military FPS franchise. And third, Battlefield has never been big on flashy crossovers, even with IPs under EA's umbrella. All that said, we'll take it.

For the most part, the limited-time game mode seems to be recycling the zombie-like enemies that were originally introduced in Season 6 of BF2042, but with a twist, as the new onslaught of enemies that squads will be facing seems to land closer to the classic, horde-like modes that made several co-op shooters famous more than a decade ago. It's nice to have one final off-beat event for this game, I guess.

Battlefield 2042 - Dead Space - Isaac skin
Dead Games. | Image credit: EA/DICE

Anyone jumping in and putting in the work against the not-zombies will be rewarded with a weapon charm, a skin, a tag, and a player background. And of course, if you'd like to support the development of more Battlefield (not 2042, sadly), you can grab that sexy Dead Space-themed bundle for 2200 BFC, which is like $20 unless I'm mistaken or there are some deals going. Given all the extra work that DICE has put into this game for way longer than anyone expected, and the largely generous free and premium battle passes, dedicated players might be rightfully tempted to put down the money, but we still believe these skin packs are overpriced.

Up next for the Dead Space franchise is... nothing, apparently. Some ideas were kicked around, but Motive Studio was ultimately put to work on their upcoming Iron Man game and more Battlefield instead. As for Battlefield, which seems to be expanding against all expectations, it's been suffering its fair share of drama, yet the next entry won't arrive until late 2025 at the earliest, giving it a longer than usual dev cycle that will hopefully help it reach past heights.

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