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The unlikely is happening: Battlefield 2042 is getting a new season in March 2024

DICE has confirmed Season 7 is coming to Battlefield 2042 in March next year.

Image credit: EA, DICE.

It seems writing off Battlefield 2042, even this many years after its release, would not be wise. After the release of Season 6, no one expected any more seasons in the game's future, but DICE clearly had other ideas.

The developer announced that Battlefield 2042 will be getting a seventh season, and even confirmed it will be kicking off in March, 2024.

The news is obviously quite surprising; 2024 would be Battlefield 2042's third year, which is beyond the typical Battlefield support cycle. What's more interesting, however, is that in the announcement, DICE said that the "massive" season will include maps - plural.

Every previous Battlefield 2042 season launched with a single new map, as well as one or two reworks to the game's launch maps where viable. If we're reading this correctly, it means that Season 7 will introduce two or more.

It's obviously not clear whether said maps will be entirely new or remakes from earlier games. From the way DICE is teasing this one (calling it "packed with a whole load of fresh content," etc.) it doesn't sound like a Season 7 will be a small, end-of-life type affair.

This is especially noteworthy because everyone assumed Season 5 will be the game's last. Then Season 6 was released, and players also felt that was going to be the extent of DICE's support for the game.

Perhaps the massive rise in popularity Battlefield 2042 achieved, breaking its all-time Steam concurrent records - and even managing to keep players interested beyond the sales/free weekends - has aided in the making of this decision.

It is worth noting, however, that Battlefield 2042's player numbers have fallen, and they're now back to their usual, pre-Season 6 state. At the time of writing, Battlefield 5 is the most popular game in the series on Steam.

As we head into the holidays, Battlefield 2042 is hosting its own in-game event with Holiday Protocol. The event includes four modes that unlock over four weeks: Rapid Strike, Attack of the Elves, Infantry Conquest Chaos, and Pondhawk Superiority. Each week also has unique rewards for players to earn.

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