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Lord of the Rings, Killing Floor and more gobbled up by Embracer Group

The industry ultra conglomerate will now be able create new projects in Middle Earth.

A ringwraith bearing down on the viewer in Lord of the Rings Online.
Image credit: Standing Stone Games

Embracer Group, known for an ever-growing collection of video game studios and IP, has swallowed up even more as news that Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth has now fallen under the Embracer umbrella. This means that any new games, television shows, or other types of media that release within Tolkien’s world will do so under the giant burning eye of Embracer Group.

The higher ups at Embracer Group have also shopped around and grabbed a handful of other notable video game companies, including Killing Floor developer Tripwire Interactive (who also published Chivalry 2 in 2021). The developers of Teardown — Tuxedo Labs — have also been acquired.

Speaking of Embracer, remember when they nabbed Lara Croft from Square?

They’ve also gone and grabbed Limited Run Games! That last one might sound familiar to those with a taste for fancy physical video game releases, as they’ve been creating limited special editions of titles for years now. All in all, it’s a big haul for Embracer, who seem to be inching closer and closer to swallowing up the entire industry every month.

Late last year, former president of Tripware Games, John Gibson, was the centre of controversy following their tweets supporting a Texas Abortion ban, leading to them stepping down from their position as well as several studios distancing themselves from Tripwire as a result. Since then, the studio has continued to update Killing Floor 2 with updates, as well as promote Deceive Inc which the company is publishing with Sweet Bandits Studios.

What are your thoughts on these acquisitions? Let us know below, as well as what you’re hoping to see as a result of these industry moves. For more Embracer-related news, check out our report on Embracer Group wanting "remakes, remasters, and spinoffs" of titles like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex following their previous shopping spree.

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