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How do Dendro reactions work in Genshin Impact?

The forest is waking up

Genshin Impact Dendro reactions are a significant new part of the new Genshin Impact 3.0 update, introducing more ways to deal damage and potentially shaking up the RPG’s meta as well. Dendro reactions branch in several directions after the initial reaction, depending on which element you follow up with. However, it also has no interactions with a couple of key elements, which means if you plan on incorporating Dendro into your party, you’ll need to rethink your usual strategies.

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What does Dendro react with?

Dendro only works with

  • Hydro
  • Pyro
  • Electro

Early indications are that it doesn’t Swirl with Anemo – so bear that in mind when deciding between the Tighnari banner and the Zhongli banner – and it has no interactions with Cryo. Whether Denro will crystallize with Geo and form shields is also still up in the air.

It’s also not certain if HoYoverse will eventually add reactions with Anemo and Cryo, but for the Sumeru patches at least, it seems unlikely.

How do Dendro reactions work?

These are the Dendro reactions.

Quicken (Electro + Dendro)

Earlier leaks called this reaction catalyze, but HoYoverse changed it back to Quicken for the element’s official release. The reaction makes the afflicted enemies more susceptible to the elements involved.

Genshin Impact Dendro: A young woman throws a fireball at a man dressed like a bandit

Spread (Dendro + Quicken)

Use Dendro on a Quickened enemy to deal more Dendro damage.

Aggravate (Electro + Quicken)

Attack a Quickened enemy with Electro to deal more Electro damage.

Burning (Pyro + Dendro)

You may have seen Burning already, since it’s been present in Genshin Impact from the start. Burning deals continuous Pyro damage and, if the target is on grass, it will set the nearby grass on fire.

Bloom (Denro + Hydro)

Bloom is where Dendro reactions split. The initial Bloom reaction creates Dendro Cores, small sprouts that linger on the battlefield for a short time. Five Dendro Cores can exist at one time. If you generate a sixth Core, they all explode and deal Dendro damage.

Burgeon (Pyro + Dendro Core)

If you use Pyro on a Dendro Core, it triggers Burgeon, which deals heavy Dendro damage in a broad area of effect.

Hyperbloom (Electro + Dendro Core)

HoYoverse’s Dendro blog didn’t name this reaction, but in the beta and leaks leading up to Genshin 3.0’s release, this reaction was called Hyperbloom. Using Electro on a Dendro Core creates a homing arrow that tracks a nearby foe and deals additional Electro damage.

What is the Dendro elemental resonance effect?

Having two Dendro characters in your party will increase each character’s elemental mastery by 50. Since Dendro and the first batch of Dendro characters center so firmly on elemental reactions, mastery is a stat you will likely want to focus on for any Dendro-oriented party you build.

There are other ways to boost it, though, including the new Gilded Dreams artifact set, so if you don’t have or don’t want two Dendro characters, you aren’t missing out.

How will Dendro fit in the Genshin Impact meta?

Genshin Impact Dendro: A young man creates a reaction with electricity and Dendro

It’s tough to say until people get a chance to experiment with Dendro setups. At this early stage, though, a few facts about Dendro seem to stand out.

There’s not really a place for Dendro as any kind of support on traditional meta teams dedicated to Freeze, Melt, and Vaporize. There is, however, possibly room for Collei if you want to switch things up and introduce Dendro reactions alongside your usual routine.

Collei’s passive talent Floral Sidewinder creates the Sprout effect if a Dendro reaction triggers before the skill ends. Sprout deals Dendro damage that scales with her attack, so it could be a useful setup to run while you wait on cooldown timers or for your energy to recharge.

Since Dendro doesn’t react with Cryo or Anemo, any Dendro setups you run will obviously be based on the new Dendro reactions. It’s still early days, but so far it seems like Quicken has the most potential just because it deals additional damage, making your Electro or Dendro main DPS more powerful without having to rely on bursts.

Who are the Dendro characters in Genshin Impact?

Outside of the Dendro Traveler, HoYoverse has only officially announced two Dendro characters, with a few more unofficially confirmed.

  • Dendro Traveler (sword)
  • Tighnari (bow)
  • Collei (bow)

The Dendro Archon, who may or may not be Kusanali, is also rumored to be a Dendro catalyst user. There’s also Alhaitham, a Dendro sword user, who will debut at some point after the 3.1 update.

HoYoverse has teased Yaoyao, another Dendro catalyst user, almost from the time the game launched, and Baizhou – yet another Dendro catalyst user – is lurking in plain sight in Liyue. Assuming he isn’t an unplayable enemy, he may turn up as a playable character too.

In short, you won’t have too many choices until later in the Sumeru updates

If you're looking to build some Dendro teams, check out our recommendations for Tighnari teams, Collei teams, and Dendro Traveler teams to get started.

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