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Genshin Impact Clorinde build

The best weapons and Artifacts for Clorinde

Putting together the best Genshin Impact Clorinde build is pretty straightforward depending on what role you want the 5-star Electro character to fill. It even comes with some easy F2P options you can craft in Fontaine regardless of where you’re at in the story.

Our Genshin Impact Clorinde build guide explains which weapons Clorinde makes the best use of and the Artifact sets that complement her kit. If you’re wondering how it stacks up to her version 4.7 banner compatriot, check out our Alhaitham build guide while you’re here.

Genshin Impact Clorinde build

Genshin Impact Clorinde: Best weapons

Clorinde’s kit might look a bit convoluted, but what it boils down to is essentially that she needs attack, elemental damage, critical rate, or critical damage buffs more than anything. There’s a pretty wide range of 5-star and 4-star swords in Genshin Impact that fit the bill, but Clorinde’s signature sword, Absolution, is the best choice, as you’d probably expect. Absolution raises the equipping character’s critical hit damage outright and then again by 20 percent with its passive skill. When a Bond of Life increases in value, the equipping character also gets a 16 percent damage buff, which can stack three times. How effective that buff is depends on how well-planned your rotations are, since her skill and burst can grant a Bond of Life.

The Primordial Jade Cutter is another solid choice and one you might have rattling around already if you’ve played for a long time. It raises the user’s critical rate, buffs their HP, and increases their attack based on their max HP. Clorinde’s attacks don’t scale on HP, but her Bond of Life gain does. Gaining more Bond, faster, means you’re able to pull off her most powerful attacks without as much fuss.

Several other 5-star weapons work for Clorinde to varying degrees. Mistfsplitter Reforged gives her a critical damage and elemental damage buff. Haran Geppaku Futsu is even better. It buffs crit rate and offers a nice little elemental damage and normal attack increase. Even Skyward Blade works decently, thanks to its energy recharge, small critical rate buff, and extra damage dealt during normal attacks. It just depends on what you have available, but the point is, if you have any of these, you’re fine to save your Primogems and avoid rolling for her signature.

On the 4-star side, the easiest and best choice is Finale of the Deep. This excellent sword increases the user’s attack with its secondary stat and then again with its passive skill after the equipping character uses their elemental skill. Finale also gives the user a Bond of Life equal to 25 percent of their max HP that, when cleared, buffs their attack even further. You can use that Bond to meet some of Clorinde’s skill requirements, so it’s a big help all around.

There’s also the Black Sword. You can get this one from the battle pass – the $9.99 tier, so you don’t have to unlock the more expensive one unless you want to – without fooling with any gacha nonsense. The Black Sword increases the user’s critical hit rate and grants them a 20-40 percent buff to normal and charged attacks. Most of Clorinde’s damage counts as normal attack damage, thanks to how her skill works, so this is a hassle-free way to get a big buff. It also restores the user’s HP by a set amount when they land a critical hit – useful if Clorinde needs healing and also for bumping up her Bond of Life.

The Flute is another solid choice if you have it. It brings a sizeable attack buff to the metaphorical table, and then after you hit use five normal or charged attacks, it triggers an effect that deals 100-200 percent of the user’s attack in a small area of effect.

Clorinde F2P weapon

Your best bet for Clorinde’s F2P weapon is Finale of the Deep. Even if you’re new to Genshin Impact, you can get to Fontaine, purchase the weapon’s blueprint, and find the items needed to craft it without making significant story progress.

Genshin Impact Clorinde: Best Artifacts

Clorinde has a few Artifact choices that work effectively. One is the Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy set, which fits well with Clorinde’s Bond of Life mechanics.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases attack by 18 percent
  • 4-piece effect: The equipping character deals 18 percent more damage when a Bond of Life increases or decreases, and the effect can stack three times

Clorinde’s Bond of Life will increase pretty often, so it’s an easy way to get big buffs without much investment.

Or you could try the Chasm set Echoes of an Offering, if you have some good ones in your inventory.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases attack by 18 percent
  • 4-piece effect: Normal attacks have a chance of activating the Valley Rite effect, which increases normal attack damage by 70 percent of the user’s attack

An easier set to put together, especially if you’re early in the game, is Gladiator’s Finale.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases attack by 18 percent
  • 4-piece effect: Normal attack damage increases by 35 percent if the equipping character uses a sword, polearm, or claymore

Some players are recommending Thundering Fury, which is a strong choice – but only if you’re using Clorinde in a Dendro team. The set’s reworked four-piece effect only buffs Electro attacks if they’re used in Bloom or Quicken Dendro reactions.

Genshin Impact Clorinde: Best stats

Clorinde works like most characters in the main DPS category and needs attack, critical hit rate, and critical hit damage. If you’re using her in a Dendro team, make sure to put some elemental mastery in the mix as well, especially if you’re running her with the Thundering Fury set.

What that boils down to is:

  • Sands: Attack or elemental mastery
  • Goblet: Attack or Electro damage
  • Circlet: Critical rate or critical damage

Those all work for Clorinde’s substats as well.

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