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Josh Broadwell

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Josh is a full-time freelancer that has mastered news and features for GLHF, Game Informer, GI.Biz, Rolling Stone, Variety, Polygon, Inverse, and NPR. He provides guides, reviews, features, and more for VG247 – and is a big fan of a good strategy game, the next indie darling, and a nice, in-depth RPG.

Hades 2's Melinoe standing at her altar of meditation, preparing to use Moon Dust

Hades 2: How to get Moon Dust

Moon Dust helps buff your Arcana cards, which means you have a chance of surviving longer
Hades 2's Melinoe illuminated by blue flames

Hades 2: How to get bronze

Bronze is the only way to get the fishing rod in Hades 2, but finding it is a journey in itself