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ER Shadow of the Erdtree: How to leave the Land of Shadow

Back to The Lands Between with you

You finally made it past Mohg and into Elden Ring’s DLC, but now you want to know how to leave the Land of Shadow in Shadow of the Erdtree and get back to The Lands Between. There’s pretty good reason to leave the land of Shadow, since you can’t access Roundtable Hold and all its amenities in Messmer’s demesne, and since Elden Ring assumes you’ll figure it out on your own, you don’t actually get a tutorial for how to swap locations.

Our guide for how to leave the Land of Shadow in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree explains how to get back to the Lands Between.

ER Shadow of the Erdtree: How to leave the Land of Shadow

Elden Ring treats the passage to the Land of Shadow like any other teleporter in the game, which is to say it’s a one-way street. You enter via Miquella’s disgusting dead hand, and you can’t go back that way.

Before you panic and open your map, if such a notion were to take you, venture forward in the Land of Shadow until you at least reach the first Site of Grace. That way, you’ve got an easy point to return to without having to go back to Mohg’s palace and get through a few more loading screens.

With that done, open your map, and press “RB” or “R1” or whatever key you’ve bound the normal attack to on your keyboard. This will switch the map back to The Lands Between, and you can choose from any of your already-activated Sites of Grace to travel to, including the Roundtable Hold point.

Press the button again to switch the map back to the Land of Shadow. There’s no penalty or anything for leaving the Land of Shadow, but do remember that your Scadutree Fragments, Scadutree upgrades, and Revered Spirit Ash buffs do not apply in The Lands Between. You can take everything else – consumables, weapons, armor, new Ashes, the whole lot – back with you, though. You can also take stuff you get in The Lands Between into the Shadow Lands, so if you need to buy some items or what-have-you, you can do that too.

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