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The best Zenless Zone Zero Anby builds

The right W-Engines and Disc Drives for Anby.

The best Zenless Zone Zero Anby build gives your team a strong daze fighter who’s easy to buff and fits into most situations. She’s one of Zenless Zone Zero’s free characters, and she even gets a free, useful weapon as part of the game’s tutorial. If you want to redeem your free S-rank on someone other than a Stun character, Anby’s a solid alternative to fill that slot and support whoever it is you do pick.

Our Zenless Zone Zero Anby build guide breaks down the best Anby W-Engine and Drive Discs to get the most out of the free Stun character.

Best Zenless Zone Zero Anby build

Anby is a swift fighter who deals electric damage and, as a Stun character, inflicts the daze status more quickly than others. Her skills are built around the impact stat, and she benefits the most from weapons and augments that increase impact and energy regeneration. Her kit is easier to wrap your head around than other Stun characters, such as Lycaon, but unlike other Stun characters, she relies primarily on her EX special attack to deal the most damage and daze – hence the need for energy.

Anby works best in a supporting role on a team with at least one other primary damage dealer, though you can build her to run as a main DPS if you need to.

Zenless Zone Zero: Best Anby W-Engine

Anby is a Stun-type character, which means you get the best results from using Stun-type W-Engines. Like withHonkai Star Rail’s Light Cones, a character can only use a W-Engine’s special effects if they match the Engine’s type, and the bonus effects usually outweigh any minor stat gains you might get for equipping an S-rank Engine from a different type.

You get a free W-Engine for Anby as part of ZZZ’s weapon tutorial, the Demara Battery Mk II, and it’s definitely worth keeping for a little while. It increases electric damage by 15 percent, has a nice little impact boost with its secondary stat, and it grants the equipping character a big energy regeneration buff of 18 percent when they successfully perform a dodge counter or assist attack. Almost all of Anby’s utility comes from her skill, so more energy is always a good thing for her.

The other good thing about the Demara is that you can buy extra copies from Suzie in New Eridu and max out its damage potential early.

If you want the best of the best, you’re looking for the S-rank Engine called The Restrained. Attacks that land will increase the equipping character’s damage and daze by six percent for eight seconds, and the effect can stack five times. Anby can quickly max out those stacks with her fast skills, and she benefits from the higher base stats as well.

Six Shooter is another solid A-rank option that doubles down on Daze. It gives the user charge stacks every few seconds, and when they use their EX special, they consume all stacks and deal additional Daze.

The current selection of B-rank W-Engines is a little less flashy, but also much easier to max out. My top pick at the moment on teams where Anby is the main DPS, or is at least on-field a lot, is [Vortex] Arrow. It has attack as its secondary stat and gives a flat buff to the equipping character’s Daze damage.

An alternative is [Vortex] Hatchet, which has energy regen as its secondary stat and increases the user’s impact – the stat that governs Daze damage – when they switch in. The downside is that the effect only pops every 20 seconds, so you’d need another main damage dealer while you wait, such as Billy.

Zenless Zone Zero: Best Anby Drive Discs

Anby has a few Drive Disc options and two combos in particular that suit her abilities almost perfectly.

The ideal set is:

  • Four-piece Shockstar Disco – Increases impact by six percent and causes basic and dash attacks and dodge counters to deal 20 percent more Daze
  • Two piece Swing Jazz – Raises energy regeneration rate by 20 percent

If Anby is your main damage dealer, you could swap Swing Jazz for the two-piece Thunder Metal set, which buffs electric damage by 10 percent. A sub-DPS Anby would benefit from a full four-piece Swing Jazz set, which increases the party’s damage by 15 percent after the equipping character uses a chain attack or ultimate.

Two pieces of Hormone Punk is another option, as it gives the user a 10 percent attack buff.

Zenless Zone Zero: Anby stats

Since Anby is a Stun character, she benefits more from mpact, pen ratio, and anomaly mastery or anomaly proficiency than she does from attack and crit stats. Energy regeneration is also important for her powerful EX special attack. In general, you’d want to aim for:

  • IV: attack or anomaly proficiency
  • V: attack, pen ratio, or electric damage
  • VI: energy regen or impact

Her best substats are:

  • Impact
  • Energy regeneration
  • Anomaly mastery
  • Anomaly proficiency

If you’re running her as your main DPS, though, consider swapping anomaly and impact for crit rate and crit damage.

If you're looking for other ZZZ characters to join Anby, check out our up-to-date selection of Zenless Zone Zero codes for some free Polychrome.

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